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Project • By Architectural WorkshopUniversities

LynxConnect at the Tivoli

LynxConnect is a one-stop shop for student resources and individualized support encompassing career opportunities and experiences outside the classroom by housing four university offices; Career Center, Experiential Learning Center, Global Education: Study Abroad, and Undergraduate Research. The old abandoned movie theater was sitting mostly unused with seating still in place in some theaters  and a concession counter, the only exceptions were for storage and makeshift meeting areas. Because of its central location on campus, in the Tivoli Student Union, this location is ideal for student support departments. Ed LaCasse At the beginning of design, the department heads and design team toured and gathered information on other campu... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsUniversities

Cleveland Institute of Art

To showcase the work of the institute’s students, architect Stantec installed GKD Mediamesh on the façade of the George Gund Building. The product’s long-term durability and sustainability were key to the specification in addition to the many creative uses of the large-format media façade. More

Project • By ANA DESIGN STUDIO PVT LTDUniversities

Leh Satellite Campus Kashmir University

“Breath-taking” is a double edged sword… in Leh.  There are tomes written about the majesty, grandeur and the raw beauty of Ladakh, and for those who have travelled, and had a bout of “mountain sickness”, it’s quite something else.   The mountains, and the shadows cast by clouds in different seasons create a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colour and texture. And yet, for those who live there, the weather and the altitude are a formidable companion to live with. And if that was not enough, it is a highly unstable, seismically active geology!  How does one, then, create a built environment, that is …“suitable”!? A simple word.. which sets off a whole area of research. Arm... More

Project • By Conarch ArchitectsOffices

JK House

Located in an uber dense Delhi locale, JK House forms a distinct urban landmark. The building design is both functional and expressive in nature, its lively sculptural facade is rich in simplicity and proportions. The backlit geometrical surfaces transform a mundane building corner on a busy street into a point of interest and heighten the excitement of the onlooker.   Built on an urban infill site and situated within four minute walking distance from a transit hub, the project is appropriately sited to benefit from the city's growing mass public transit system. Building design takes advantage of the proximity to the available alternative transportation system by minimizing the onsite area dedicated to parking.  For a building a... More

Project • By Mert Uslu MimarlıkCommercial Landscape


Shaped by the hands of humans, the deformations experienced in the natural environment are transforming today's living conditions.  Therefore it has become a necessity to develop new strategies and techniques related to life sustaining activities (such as nutrition and shelter) that can adapt to these transformations. Undoubtedly, the negative and positive effects of such technological developments on a necessity that appears on a global scale are quite high. At this point, perhaps it would not be wrong to compare these technological developments to a negative and positive-faced medallion. Although it is clear that the rapid technological developments experienced after the 2000s has had a negative effect on the natural environment, it... More

Project • By Motto ArchitectureResidential Landscape

OKU Rectorate Housing

As the building is expected to serve both institutional and private functions, the design focuses on the potential relations between of these two uses of different requirements. The first mass to be recognized upon approaching the building houses the reception chamber of the rectorate. The reception unit, designed for meetings and other public activities, is located closer to the street border, and thus provides improved privacy for the rector’s residence. The reception unit and the house are connected via a bridge that houses a private study room for the rector.The structure provides separate open spaces both for the reception unit and the house, and allows spontaneous use of both. Both units are contained in modest masses to allow a spaci... More

Project • By Motto ArchitectureUniversities

METU ArchLabs: PCLab

Roots: A Modern Inheritance to Foster InnovationAs a pioneering example of modernist architecture in Turkey, the Faculty of Architecture building holds an important place both in the tradition of the university and in the architectural history of the country. The building is designed by Altuğ and Behruz Çinici with their competition winning project in 1961. The design stands out with its courageous attitude to merge work space with social life in order to foster innovation.Re-Claiming VersatilityThe significance of the building led to a conceptualization of the architectural intervention as a "stripping-down-to-basics" operation, leaving the concrete structural elements as thetabula rasa. Starting from this naked state, the spaces are re-in... More

Project • By Petra Gipp ArkitekturWorkshops


MARIN EDUCATIONAL CENTERRibersborgsstranden, MalmöThe marine educational center stretches out along Ribersborgsstranden shore, where city and landscape meet. A concrete floor is laid out level with the sand. Sand from the shore is mixed into the concrete to give it the same color and reflecting qualities. From the floor a constellation of solid volumes rise up to lift the room underneath the massive, reed-covered roof just above the horizon.The interstitial spaces created between the floor, the roof and the volumes open onto the surrounding nature, transmit light and provide visibility through towards the horizon. The activity of the marine educational center unfold for anyone who dwells on the shore, while at the same time this activity fr... More

Project • By Kjellander SjöbergUniversities

Campus Sköndal

Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College is located in Stora Sköndal, southern Stockholm. The informal campus has evolved gradually over time in this green environment of rich cultural heritage along the shore of Drevviken. The college specializes in social work and health care, integrating education and research with opportunities for work training. Being a part of an ongoing urban development initiative, the aim is to expand the campus over a ten-year period.The campus as a social meeting placeThe starting point of the design was to create a series of spaces inducing casual encounters within the school’s diverse users; providing an environment that enables people to meet in an informal setting. A wide range of functions is accommodated and... More

Project • By Schmidt Hammer Lassen architectsUniversities

City of Westminster College

The new flagship Campus for City of Westminster College by schmidt hammer lassen architects is designed to support new ways of teaching and learning. The 24,000m2 College, won in a competition in 2006, provides much greater amounts of open learning spaces than typical colleges in the UK and holds state-of-the-art facilities for both students and staff. The building is designed to embrace interaction and diversity and allow students to learn from each other, both formally and informally. “The learning spaces of City of Westminster College are adaptable and flexible so that, in addition to the integrated technology, the students’ development is supported by the diverse architectural spaces of the very building they are in. It is a design... More
Auckland University Atrium
Auckland University Atrium

Project • By Kaynemaile LtdUniversities

University of Auckland Atrium

Installed to the atrium of a busy inner-city campus Kaynemaile Armour connects two buildings and transforms a previously underused space into a beautiful vibrant meeting area. Spanning three floors and installed as single screens of mesh Kaynemaile Armour gives protection from wind, rain and sun.Spanning three floors gives protection from the wind, rain and sun, creating a beautiful, breathable space in a previously under-used area. More

Project • By grv arquitectesLibraries

Library and Adults School

Location: Cunit, Tarragona. Spain Built area: 2.107m² Date: 2003-2008 Project: estudi grv arquitectes (Cristina Gastón, Isidre Roca, Xavier Vidal) Project Team: Fabián Coutiño, Juan Pablo Ortiz, Leonardo Moad Structural Analysis: Jaime Pastor Facilities: SURIS Promoter: Ajuntamiento de Cunit Construction Company: TAU ICESA Project Management: Roc Isern Photography: Aviotec, Cristina Gastón, Lluis Casals More

Project • By Contrarian Metal ResourcesLibraries

Mansueto Library

New Library links to existing Regenstein Library via Bridge & Knuckle The University of Chicago celebrated the formal dedication of the Joe & Rika Mansueto Library in October 2011at Harper Memorial Commons. The new library houses a state-of-the-art automated retrieval system that accepts requests from anywhere on campus or across the world. The stacks are located under the library and the depth of the storage area is fifty feet underground. It takes a few minutes to retrieve an item and when it is ready an email is generated to the requestor notifying them that the article is ready for pick up. In 2003 the University commissioned a task force to review library space and shelving capacity. The University Library needed room to grow and afte... More

Project • By Kasian ArchitectureUniversities

UBC Arts and Science Buildings Okanagan

This multi-purpose academic and research facility includes classrooms and teaching labs, offices, student commons, research labs, a theatre, and an animal care facility. It embodies the values of UBC Okanagan’s Academic Plan in its response to place, community and connectivity within an adaptive, flexible and sustainable centre for innovation. A significant aspect of this project is that it involves tackling one the of most energy intensive types of building – laboratories/educational facilities. Due to their nature and use, these buildings present challenges in achieving significant energy reduction. Code issues were addressed relating to the implementation of low flow fume hoods and a displacement ventilation delivery system designed to... More