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Project • By kobi lighting studioApartments

City Oasis Apartment

Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city, an old building has been transformed into CITY OASIS: an ensemble of 27 rooms of a serviced apartment that are different in size (24 - 45 m2).  Since Ho Chi Minh city is the largest metropolis in Vietnam, pollution, in general, is inevitable. It is not hard to notice the light dome hanging above the city. The high density of population, transportation, and modern buildings trap the city lights, which then results in light pollution. Also, urbanization makes green and calm spaces rare to find in the city.  Such a crowded, lack-of-shade, and light-polluted city can cause bad effects on the well-being of hard-working Saigonese who barely have enough time to take a vacation to somewhere furt... More

Project • By Bennetts Associates ArchitectsOffices

Meta HQ

The contemporary building provides 400,000 sq ft of modern office space with flexible floorplates and is now the primary office location for Meta employees in the UK.  Hufton + Crow The development is divided into four large facets that follow the curve of the site. It is heavily influenced by the industrial heritage of the extensive railway development on its western boundary. The building’s distinctive façade features two layers: a cladding of bronzed anodised aluminium panels sits behind bronze anodised aluminium louvres that are perforated. Together, they reflect the building’s scale and emphasise the curved perspectives along Canal Reach in both distant and near views. Hufton + Crow Sustainability ha... More

Project • By BergmeyerShops


Do we like to partner with socially conscientious brands that are raising the bar in the retail industry? Yes, we do. Everlane, known for exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency, has begun to selectively open more brick-and-mortar locations. When invited to work with their team on several new retail stores, our response was, “when do we begin?” Caption Initially brought on as Architect of Record, we also collaborated with Everlane on design decisions, executing their brand identity and aesthetic at new locations in Seattle and Georgetown. While there is recognizable brand consistency at every store, aspects of each location are also woven into the experiences. Both stores, for instance, were uniqu... More

Project • By Baumschlager Eberle ArchitektenBanks

Montagne du Parc

Sustainability in large format It is simply said our largest building we have completed in Europe. It also shows which means of sustainability can implemented even at the early stage of the architectural competition. Cyrille Weiner Old site, new build BNP Paribas Fortis’ new HQ building was to reposition the bank in planning, design and infrastructure terms as well as finding its place in a disparate neighbourhood and opening up to the city. Other requirements included the careful handling of the ground and resources, energy efficiency and high amenity values. Sustainable from A to Z. The careful, storey-by-storey demolition of the old building provided valuable resources thanks to material separation and recycling. The huge... More

Project • By Yuji Yamazaki Architecture PLLCHotels

Lepogo Lodges

On the banks of the Palala River in the Waterberg region of Limpopo province in South Africa lies Lapalala Game Reserve. Comprising 45,000 hectares of breathtaking natural beauty. Lapalala’s vision is to continue to protect and conserve it's biodiversity, uplift the neighbouring communities and create a responsible and sustainable model to secure Lapalala’s conservation status into the future.Lepogo. Lodges will consist of 3 separate lodges. Noka Camp will be the first to open in March 2019. Lepogo Lodge and Melote House will follow in September 2019. Each lodge sleeps 8.  Lepogo Lodges Lepogo Lodges Lepogo Lodges Yuji Yamazaki Architecture PLLC More

Project • By P2PASwimming Pools

Swimming pool in Piaseczno

The design of the swimming pool in Piaseczno is a continuation of the concept selected in the architectural competition in 2020, which was organized by the Piaseczno Commune with the participation of the Association of Polish Architects. The fundation of the project was to create a building in the form of a park pavilion, which in essence will differ from the commercial characteristic for this type of facilities. The main goal was to create a place emanating peace, which will contribute to building appropriate realations among its users. Caption The volume of the building has been designed as withdrawn in relation to the neighboring streets, which enables the creation of a landscape buffer emphasizing the character of the pavilion. Th... More

Project • By superspaceParks/Gardens


the world's temperature is a few decades away from turning our lives into misery.we are already facing the consequences of concrete jungles and deforestation in urban areas. it is not a solution to run away!do we still have the chance to save the world? or is it too late?   cities are getting warmer day by day. The effects of urban heat islands will probably be equivalent to about half the warming caused by climate change by the year 2050 which is assumed to affect about two-thirds of the world population that lives in urban areas. An easy solution like planting a tree for shade is not as simple as it seems. The Emirate’s water resources are also under 'extreme stress' which has depleted over recent decades due to economic... More

Project • By superspaceWatch Towers


a medieval complex of churches, palaces, museums, and governmental buildings, in between a mountain on the north and a river on the south, over the river and through the woods, Zagreb is in the perfect place for a city to sustain and last, a blessing and a curse. and now it needs to expand to the south and densify the existing modern urban area. an observation tower will remark this new city and be the symbol of this endeavor.will ascension capture the heart of the city?   with a new center emerges an iconic new gate: ascension, functioning as an observation tower, literally at the heart of Zagreb, set in the midst of the old and the new city, gets inspired from the city’s historical and natural iconic landmarks, facing th... More

Project • By superspaceFarms


a predominantly urban nation since 2011, china challenges with the problems of dense urbanization, industrialization, air pollution, and climate change.  a declining farming population with implications to food security is not doing any good. uplife makes the most of urban and rural living in a strong and happy vertical farming community with the help of technology blended into architecture. uplife is a prototype hybrid project for a “vertical intelligent community” that embodies digitally enhanced technologies integrated into architecture in response to an ongoing phenomenon of climate change, air pollution, and thus life expectancy in densely populated cities in Asia. in this respect, the first ten floors of this 28... More

Product • By RENSONFixscreen Solar

Fixscreen Solar

With the Fixscreen Solar, Renson® has developed a wind-resistant, surface-mounted screen on solar energy. A solar cell mounted on the front of the box ensures autonomous control of the screen and therefore does not require any electrical cabling. Therefore, these wind-resistant screens can be easily mounted to your window without any demolition work being required for electrical work. This makes the Fixscreen 100EVO Solar the perfect renovation solution, whereby a maximum surface area of up to 10.8 m² can be achieved. This dynamic sun protection also ensures that during summer the indoor temperatures are kept under control and therefore remain comfortable, while still being able to enjoy your solar gains to the utmost during winter... More

NewsNews • 29 Oct 2021

Reuse, Renew, Recycle: Recent Architecture from China

The Museum of Modern Art highlights a new generation of Chinese architects with commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Eight projects are presented, ranging from the adaptive reuse of former industrial buildings, the recycling of building materials, and the reinterpretation of ancient construction techniques, to the economic rejuvenation of rural villages or entire regions through non-invasive architectural insertions. Shengliang Su Chi She Gallery by Archi-Union ArchitectsLocated in Shanghai’s West Bund area, this 2150-square-foot (200-square-meter) gallery is the result of a rehabilitation of an old warehouse into an exhibition space for the Chi She artistic group. When Philip Yuan and his team at Archi-Union A... More