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Project • By Alexander Gorlin ArchitectsApartments

Chelsea Loft

This renovation to a classic Chelsea loft space upends the typical distinction between a home’s public and private realms to create a continuous space designed for pleasure.  Eric Petschek The space flows freely from the entrance, through the living, dining and kitchen areas at the front of the apartment to the master bedroom and en suite shower at the rear. Only the toilet and two guest bathrooms are enclosed.  Eric Petschek We contrasted the space’s raw unfinished elements —exposed brick, piping, and ceiling beams—with sleek finishes for the built features: marble in the bathrooms; a zinc- clad kitchen countertop; and a large rotating mirrored wall at the entrance to the bedroom.  Eric... More

NewsNews • 15 Apr 2022

Raul Sanchez Architects strips slender house down to exposed brick facades and inserts modern interior

Raul Sanchez Architects stripped a 19th century property in a ruinous state, located in Barcelona’s Borne district, down to its facades, dividing walls and roof. What was left is a 15 meter high void revealing a composition of all kinds of bricks and stones arranged without apparent order or composition. Inside this void, Raul Sanchez Architects inserted a modern interior. José Hevia Three new floors are organized by a spiral staircase that runs the entire height of the property without touching its walls at any time. The stairs are painted white in search of a certain material  abstraction. White lacquered wood ceilings further enhance this. José Hevia The floors are supported by beams that run between... More

NewsNews • 19 Jul 2021

Firm architects transforms unusable attic space into minimal loft

Firm architects transforms a previously unsuitable attic space in Amsterdam into a stylish loft. A few years before, a previous owner raised the roof some fifty centimeters. After that the space was sold as a renovation project. Studio de Nooyer The client desired an "honest, masculine and architectural space" with as much usable area as possible. Firm architects interprets this into the concept of ‘a new elevation on an old basis.’  Studio de Nooyer The entire space exhibits a cut at a height of 95 centimeters above the floor. The height has both a practical and a more poetic reason. On the one hand, it is the height of kitchen cabinets and handrails, and on the other hand, it is the central point of the male b... More

Project • By Space Group ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Old Spratts Factory

Space Group proudly present this refurbished 3,000 square feet residential unit within a converted dog biscuit factory, originally built in 1890. The exciting building complex, called The Old Spratts Factory, falls within a Conservation Area.  This particular building used to contain the grain & flour warehouse and two bakeries. It was originally converted very poorly and some of the original features suffered as a result of that, plus the functionality for residential use was also compromised. The task was to catapult this amazing space into the 21st Century. This was achieved thanks to a real team effort of a crafty contractor with clever ideas and appreciation for details, visionary clients which very conveniently work in the t... More

Project • By Peldon RoseOffices


Creating an international client for lifeTomTom are the leading independent location technology specialist, committed to the vision of creating a safer, cleaner, congestion-free world. TomTom’s non-stop innovation keeps the world moving forward – freely, efficiently, safely. Their global team create the most innovative location technologies to improve driving today and completely change it tomorrow. Caption Our relationship with TomTom started in 2010, we were introduced to leading technology giant to work as a framework partner on their global property portfolio and went on to deliver three projects in Euston Tower and Whitfield Street in London. TomTom were keen to work with a single point of contact and partnered with... More

Project • By MVRDVOffices

Concordia Design Wrocław

MVRDV completes Concordia Design Wrocław, transforming a heritage building into a dynamic creative hotspot MVRDV has completed construction of Concordia Design, a mixed use building containing co-working spaces, an event venue, a food hall, a café, and a rooftop terrace on Słodowa Island in Wrocław, Poland. The project is a renovation and extension of a 19th-century listed building, retaining the façade of the existing building and adding a contemporary extension to create a focal point for the neighbouring park and a destination that will enhance the experience of the island for visitors.   Słodowa Island has a complex and important history – the existing building is the only structure that remained on the islan... More

NewsMaterialization • 20 Jul 2020

Three Stories North house fosters strong links to its original industrial character

Three Stories North is an untraditional home in Australia that embraces its layered history, including an industrial heritage. Designed by Splinter Society Architecture, the project’s primary objective is to realise its existing potential rather than replace it with something entirely new. Credit: Sharyn Cairns Key to the overarching design objective was revealing the existing masonry construction that gives the home its ‘warehouse feel.’ Other original details such as arched doors and fireplaces were also retained, along with timber ceilings and imperfections in the brick walls. In several locations, glazing is used to fill gaps in the masonry and clearly distinguish what is original from what is new. Credit: Sha... More

Project • By Ace AssociatesPrivate Houses

The Urban Villa

Context and ClimateThe L shape form of the residence respond the context and climate. The form allows the core area of residence to open out in north & east lush green landscape, pool and water bodies with semi covered veranda, balconies and open sitting platforms. Same times it screen harsh south and west sun by solid exposed brick and RCC façade. The space planning is simple and functional spread all around the north & east side garden and stand alone temple. The Philosophy “THE DREAMS CAN NOT BE BLACK AND WHITE”Steeping out of obvious contemporary minimalism, the interiors and landscape eclectic the space vibrantly. Blend of exotic art work, antiques, customise furniture, finishes gives unique identity to... More

Project • By studioataPrivate Houses

A window on the Langhe

The small town of Ciglié is a village of few houses perched on the hills of the Langhe, between Ceva and Carrù, chosen by a married couple of Rotterdam, to get a place in Italy where they could go to live some months of the year.The medieval castle of Ciglié, vineyards, nut and hazel trees, and the great views over Mondovì and the whole of the Alpine arc are some of the elements that inspired this small architecture. The house of 110 m2 built on a 2000 m2  steeply inclined slope   consists of  a living area, including two bedrooms,  two bathrooms, one storage room, and a long portico.  A holiday home specifically conceived for the proprietors and their guests, where the spaces have been... More

Project • By Isidoro Mastronardi ArchitetttoOffices

Merrild Training Center and offices - Denmark

In 2015, Lavazza acquired the Danish group Merrild, a leading coffee manufacturer in the retail industry in both Denmark and the Baltic region. With the take-over came a desire to reorganise the company’s structure and image and to undertake the much-needed refurbishment of the Danish offices. So, the main intent was to draw attention to the fusion of the two conglomerates, although still granting visibility to Merrild and its respective culture. The refurbished building has typical Northern-European features, with 1800 sqms set in extremely pleasant and quiet surroundings. The client’s main requirement was to integrate, from the standpoint of style and image, the distinctive brand identities of Lavazza and Merrild, by combin... More

Project • By Isidoro Mastronardi ArchitetttoWorkshops

Training Center - Warsaw

In 2019, Lavazza opened their Training Center in Warsaw in a converted historic army barracks, which was once part of the city’s fortified wall. The space is located on the ground floor and can be directly accessed from the street, underneath a walkway. The Training Center consists of two adjoining rooms with barrel-vaulted ceilings. From the street you enter the main room of the Training Center. Here, on a large central island there are several workstations, joined to form a long bar counter facing the visitors and complemented by a series of coffee makers as well as ancillary workstations placed along one of the walls. The ambience is warm, the gleaming high-tech equipment is in sharp contrast with the clay brickwork of walls and... More

Project • By Architect Rajith Malaka Jayawardana - RMJAPrivate Houses

Personalised Residence in Nugegoda

This House is built on a 32 perch land in a residential environment in Nugegoda – Sri Lanka, based on the theme of Tropical Modernity. The design caters to the environmental and climatic conditions and modern lifestyle. About 50% of the total Land is used for construction. The rest of the land is kept as open space. Geography of the land had been utilized effectively to position the utility zones of the home to maximize free area. Further the Living Areas, Bed rooms, Voids, central courtyard, and openings are positioned very sensitively to receive natural light and ventilation into the home. In addition to the volumes created, Detailing and selection of the materials, furniture and other accessories enhances the theme which needed t... More



The Project is located in Bharuch, Gujarat, India within the carpet area of 500 Sq. Ft. and was Completed in the year 2018.The major project requirements were waiting area for 3-4 people, workspace for 3-4 people, main cabin, store and pantry.  The idea was to design a flexible work environment to cater the modern creative workforce, which differs from a conventional office. The concept was to move out of the cubicles and making use of the curvilinear form in a square shaped space to create adaptive fluidity. The area was zoned into sections and was further developed with the help of space formation into a curvilinear pattern. Also, it creates a healthy working environment which is much more natural and pleasing. This allows a conveni... More

Project • By Architectural WorkshopExhibition Centres

Archetype Distillery

Archetype Distillery is a new neighborhood destination offering tastings, tours and a unique event and gallery space. The Design Team strived to evoke an emotional connection between patrons and the distilling process through materials. Implementing the design concept of “Elegant Industrial” by using steel, concrete, and brick alongside natural materials, rich textures and simple profiles that add the elegance. Contrasting the new space with existing features is predominantly achieved by bookending the space between exposed brick walls on the North and South sides, while the original trusses unify the space. Preexisting masonry walls were no longer adequate for new roof load requirements.   As a result, original trusses a... More

Project • By Correa Granados ArchitectsShowrooms

CHANTECLER Milan Showroom

The new Chantecler showroom at Via dei Piatti opened in 2015, in the beating heart of Milano, in a historical building  characterized to elegant cross vaults at the ground floor and a suggestive barrel vault with exposed bricks in the basement.   The visitors are welcomed in the Capri’s atmosphere of the entrance room, with a scenografic front wall cladded with silk Bougainvillea flowers. The white wrought iron furnishings give the space a romantic and fresh touch. Through a small door on the bougainvillea wall you enter the main showroom, with 4 sale tables and freestanding display with a backdrop of two windows covered with vine leaves from the outside.   The ground floor hosts also the offices, both the directio... More