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Project • By Studio Arthur CasasHotels

Emiliano Rio

The Emiliano Hotel arrives at Rio de Janeiro, and like the one from São Paulo, it bares the signature of Arthur Casas Studio with an initial project conception coauthored by the American architect Chad Oppehnheim. The contemporary architecture of the building, located in front of Copacabana beach, gives priority to natural light, valorizes the view and connects the guests to the Marvelous city. To meet the client’s expectations established in their briefing asking for a project that could satisfy the standards of a five-star hotel whose ground floor could be enjoyed by clients who were or were not guests, a bar was installed right at the entrance. Then, the flow of people was redirected in two different ways: one takes to the restaurant... More

Project • By Hariri Pontarini ArchitectsOffices

7 St. Thomas

“We see this project as representative of the quality we see globally, in cities such as London and New York, but built locally”, stated David Pontarini, Founding Partner of Hariri Pontarini Architects. “It is a testament to the willingness of Patrick Quigley, President of St. Thomas Commercial Developments, to push the City and the boundaries of design in Toronto.”Located around the corner from the busy Bay/Bloor intersection at the corner of Sultan and St. Thomas Streets, the design was born from a desire to seamlessly integrate into the existing fabric of the neighbourhood and to contribute to the urban environment.“It’s such a difficult process with the city,” Quigley explains. “But you end up with a much better project when you take co... More

Project • By TerroirUniversities


The United Nations affiliated World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmo, Sweden has been completed. In collaboration with Kim Utzon Arkitekter we won the project in 2011 after a 3-stage international competition. This collaboration continued throughout all stages of the project to completion. In urban terms the building was conceived as a spatial "hinge” that marked a transition point on the street extending from the old town of Malmo to the harbour area where the building is sited. The conception of the building as a “hinge” prompted us to explore a folded plate language for the new building such that it could act as a hinge in the city and also a hinge between itself and the original “Tornhuset”. The form of the project emerged... More

Project • By TriptyquePrivate Houses


Situated in the Jardins, a neighborhood that is undergoing radical change, in an avenue of intense traffic, this building, facing north, appears as an organic incarnation of the urban and natural “aggressions” suffered by a tropical city. The noise, the insulation and the intense traffic are the building materials that feed this project. In spite of its important aspect, the building is not blind or deaf, but was born from the energy of its context, and uses it to re-qualify itself, as if in a boomerang effect . The impossible transparency between the building and the street, was originated from the dematerialization of the facade: the wooden filter, forms an organic membrane that reflects and follows the flux of the cars. Besides provi... More

Project • By Daluz Gonzalez ArchitektenPrivate Houses

Casa Forest

The southward-sloping plot not far from basel is framed to the east and south by a beautiful deciduous forest. Breathtaking views into the dense, deep- green foliage in the summer and the leafless and airy branch structure in the winter were a decisive factor in calibrating the daylight and arranging the spaces in this home in interplay with the natural surroundings, becoming the leitmotif for the architecture. The wishes and the spatial programme envisaged by a family of five nature enthusiasts and art lovers could thus be strategically integrated into a compact crystalline sculpture – utilising the plot right to the boundary line. The differentiation between bedrooms and private areas on the one hand and airy open areas on the other (entr... More

Project • By Studio weavePavilions

Midden Studio

Perched on the edge of Britain, Midden Studio is a surreal atavistic building that reveals its secrets slowly. The spiky zinc-clad artist’s studio nestles by a stream on the west coast of Scotland. The building sits on top of a Victorian midden wall (formerly the depository for dung from the nearby stables). The artist has a long connection to the site and much of her practice is associated with peoples’ relation to places, so the architects have enmeshed the studio with the landscape. The artist’s work often includes themes of tracking changes, focusing on art which leaves marks at once permanent and delicate. Recalling simultaneously the vernacular agricultural buildings nearby, the granite rocks that punctuate the landscape, and th... More

Project • By Vincent Parreira Atelier Architecture AAVPPrimary Schools

Louis de Vion school group in Montévrain

Design of a new elementary school in France Louis de Vion school group in Montévrain, near Paris Once across the threshold of this school complex near Paris delivered by the architect Vincent Parreira, the child enters a non-standard world, one that evokes the troglodyte houses, vernacular architecture… or a pupil’s escape. Luc Boegly In the 21st century metropolises, as urbanization has continued to expand, there are still some areas that have remained virgin territory. The site chosen for building the school was such a case. At the time of the competition, it was an empty lot bordered by vast farming concerns, the famous caricature that seemed a thing of the past, the “beet fields” that saw new towns... More

Project • By savioz fabrizzi architectesNurseries

pre/post-school childcare unit, crèche, nursery

two buildings are set into the naturally-sloping site. the first building, to the south, accommodates the pre/post-school childcare unit and the nursery, while to the north, the second building houses the crèche. access is from the ruelle du collège, via sloping paths that run along the length of the site, allowing easy pushchair access to the different buildings. the spaces between the buildings are reorganised into a yard for the different groups of children: to the south is an area for the pre/post-school childcare unit, the central area is for the crèche, with a public space to the north. to the east of the site, off the rue du moulin, there is a drop-off point for users arriving by car. project the ground floor of building acont... More

Project • By Farming studioRestaurants


- The aim of the construction is a café space combined with KOI aquarium, a kind of fish known as the Japanese national fish. The construction is based on a three storey house with a front yard having a total area of 88m2 (5.5m x 16m), with the requirement of designing steel structure easy to install and remove. In addition, the entire interior from the ceiling to the furniture is reused from the wood pallet material available from the owner. - KOI CAFÉ space makes an initial impression by using the Batrang double traditional tile for the facade of the building. The roof is like a layer of film that covers the entire facade, creating an impression and attracting attention by the difference with the surrounding buildings. - The centralalso... More


Studio Guilherme Torres Headquarter

ABOUT Studio Guilherme Torres is a company of talents, composed by his founder and by his enfantterribles – the architects Rafael Miliari and Enrico Beer Boimond, and managed by the luxury industry specialist, Debora Atsuko. It was founded in 2001 in the city of Londrina. Ten years later, it moved to São Paulo and, nowadays, is currently crossing an important renewal phase. CONCEPT This project was born in parallel with the renovation of the company’s framework. The main idea reflects the spirit of the 21stcentury, that is to be multidisciplinary and go beyond the architecture and design that Studio Guilherme Torres is already known for. Therefore, the space was designed to allow new creations and projects. STRUCTURE "Architecture... More

Project • By Biasol StudioBars


Craft, harmony and a delicate balance between built form and natural material underpin our design for Hinoak, a modern but authentic interpretation of the traditional Korean barbecue in Melbourne’s south-east. Our studio was commissioned for the project’s interiors and branding, inspired by traditional Chinese iconography. Our concept for the project took design cues from the elegant work of Japanese architect KengoKuma, exploring the relationship between humanity, nature and design. The result is an interior that is warm, cosy and intimate, filled with the intriguing play of light that filters through the slatted exterior. Our branding for the restaurant focused on the Chinese symbol for ‘fire’ – commonly used in Korean culture, this c... More

Project • By KawneerSwimming Pools

Noorderparkbad Amsterdam

After forty years, the Noorderparkbad in Amsterdam is the successor of the Floraparkbad. Round and wavy shapes dominate in the swimming pool. These shapes make the surrounding park and the building flow smoothly together. Just like the former bathhouses in the neighborhood, the Noorderparkbad is supposed to be a meeting place. The swimming pool is the most sustainable one in the Netherlands, but that is not all: in May 2016, the Noorderparkbad was named winner of the Amsterdamse Architectuurprijs 2016. Both jury and audience were in complete agreement that the Noorderparkbad is the best Amsterdam building of 2015. And to make it all complete, the swimming pool received the prestigious title ‘most beautiful swimming pool in the world’ at poo... More

Project • By Studio Vacchini architettiSports Centres

Mülimatt Gymnasium

The sports complex of Windisch-Mülimatt, Aargau, has been designed as one big bright room, with no attachments or secondary service units. All playing fields receive light from each building side and when the covers are lifted they have a dual external view. The carrying structure is strong and important, however the architectural richness of the building is given by the transparent or translucent elements. The gymnastic halls is at the same level as the natural ground; a great view is seen throughout the landscape. The building structure is compact, the footprint is minimal, the height is limited. The access to the gymnasium is made on the square side, the central point where pedestrians, bicycles and cars arrive. The landscaping concer... More

Project • By CO ArchitectsIndividual Buildings

Health Sciences Education Building in Phoenix

The program and building design were developed by CO Architects to support an independent and collaborative health sciences education and research campus on a 28-acre urban setting in downtown Phoenix.  The design for the Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB) draws inspiration from Arizona’s mountains and canyons and responds to the desert climate, characterized by intense sunlight and extreme temperatures.  The siting of the building originates from the master plan by Ayers Saint Gross that establishes a north-south central campus green connecting the historic buildings to the south with future research facilities to the north.     The Arizona desert climate and need for reduced energy consumption informs mu... More

Project • By Zaha Hadid ArchitectsResearch Facilities


KAPSARC (King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Centre) is a non-profit institution for independent research into policies that contribute to the most effective use of energy to provide social wellbeing across the globe. KAPSARC develops policies and economic frameworks that reduce the environmental impact and overall costs of energy supply and enable practical technology-based solutions to use energy more efficiently. Collaborating with international research centres, public policy organisations, worldwide government institutions and global industry, KAPSARC brings together leading experts from around the world to tackle energy challenges; freely sharing its knowledge, insights and analytical frameworks. The 70,000m² KAPS... More