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Project • By All ArquitecturaShops


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Project • By Fondation Louis VuittonMuseums

Foundation Louis Vuitton Museum

« A Dream Come True » by Bernard Arnault The Fondation Louis Vuitton opens an exciting new cultural chapter for Paris. It brings the city a new space devoted to art — especially contemporary art — and above all a place for meaningful exchanges between artists and visitors from Paris, from France, and from the entire world. By encouraging spontaneous dialogue, the new Fondation seeks to inspire both emotion and contemplation. This is a distinctive cultural initiative because the Fondation is private. It has been made possible thanks to the corporate patronage of LVMH and the Group’s companies, notably Louis Vuitton, reflecting the values shared by all the people of LVMH and its shareholders. The Fondation tran-scends the ephemeral pres... More

Project • By Aoki & Shinagawa + AssociatesShops

Louis Vuitton Matsuya Ginza Renewal

Louis Vuitton Matsuya Ginza Façade Concept The new façade of Louis Vuitton Matsuya Ginza is inspired by the history of Ginza, the city that used to be known for its art deco design. Ginza was the entrance of Tokyo, adjacent to Shimbashi, from which the very first railway station of Japan stretched to the port and led to the foreign Country. The “modern” atmosphere the forefront Ginza acquired derived from art deco patterns in relation to edo-komon, the pattern of traditional Tokyo and the highly abstract and stylizedgeometric pattern in repetition. Based on Louis Vuitton’s damier, which also is a repeated geometric pattern, the façade of Louis Vuitton Matsuya Ginza becomes our first softer version of damier, imbued with delicacy and r... More

Project • By CARBONDALEShops

Longchamp Maison Canton Road Hong Kong

CARBONDALE designed this three-story façade of folded glass and engraved limestone as well as the 400 sqm boutique interior for Longchamp in Kowloon. The art installation created by Eric Carlson lines the 3 level circulation core with projecting vertical fins of multi-colored translucent glass. The luminous bands of color overlap and blend as visitors climb and descent the stair More

Project • By Safdie ArchitectsPavilions

Crystal Pavilion (the Louis Vuitton Island Maison)

Completion of Four-Year, $5.5 Billion Marina Bay Sands and Unveil of the Design for Large-Scale Mixed-Income Housing Complex in Singapore Crystal Pavilions at Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort To Open September 18 and 22, 2011 Bishan Residential Project Design, Evolved From Habitat ’67, Is Unveiled Marina Bay Sands, the $5.5-billion integrated resort in Singapore designed by architect Moshe Safdie for the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, is celebrating its completion after only four years with the opening this week of the two Crystal Pavilions, one of which will be home to two luxury night clubs and the other to Louis Vuitton’s first Island Maison in southeast Asia. The 9-million-square-foot resort and urban district anchors the Sing... More

Project • By i29Shops

Shop 03 - FrameStore 2.0

Having successfully opened a temporary store earlier this year, Frame Magazine decided to continue at a new location. i29 interior architects where asked again to design their retail environment. At Felix Meritis, the monumental 'Zuilenzaal' was transformed into a mirrored universe to reflect and intensify its grandeur. There could not have been more contrast with the new location at Herengracht 178, a serene completely white space. Again, the Frame Store should offer a three-dimensional experience of the magazine – a creative and innovative universe that surprises and inspires. Working within a totally different context, i29 interior architects proposed a radical concept; two shops in one, two contradictory experiences in one space. On... More

Project • By FIELDWORK Design + ArchitectureOffices

NIKE Brand Walls

Designed in collaboration with the Nike Workplace Brand Design group, the design approach was to create a three dimensional architectural branded wall language using timeless and re-purposed materials. Placed at the main entry lobbies to buildings that are part of the Nike expansion, these walls create a branded, meaningful statement of arrival. The walls have been designed to accommodate any configuration and project scale, depending on the site specifics. The branded artwork is custom to each site, while remaining part of a larger whole. The wall is constructed of salvaged maple gym flooring. Applied in an atypical flooring or salvaged installation, the flooring is turned on edge. By exposing the tongue side of the flooring, the contou... More

Project • By AtmosShops

Top Shop

Regent Street has over 1.2million visitors a week. Oxford Street is the busiest shopping street in Europe, with over a million visitors over some weekends. At its peak, 11 people flow through Oxford Circus every second - 40,000 an hour, or more than 80 million a year - more than the population of the UK. Top Shop Oxford Circus alone attracts 30,000 people a day - a daily deluge of people. We have invited this river of humanity to carve a new pattern through the great Portland stone of its host building, etching deep sinuous canyons overflowing with the finest and freshest fashions. The window plinths melt into molten shapes that ooze onto the pavement, and flow into furniture, arraying into long benches that invite the visitor to rest am... More

Project • By Freeland BuckShowrooms

Nike Union Square Flagship Installation

As part of Nike's overhaul of their flagship store on Union Square, our two-story lobby installation is a dynamic array of over 600 reclaimed bleachers which cantilever out over the escalator leading into the store. The well-worn bleacher board, a material Nike has used in numerous stores to convey familiarity and use, is organized here as a set of vectors that flow through the lobby. Ideally, the anomalies of the material are enough to disrupt the smoothness of the geometry, while the unstable, precarious array disrupts a purely nostalgia reading of the bleachers yielding a wider range of associations. The installation was conveyed to the contractor through a spreadsheet of widths, lengths and angles, fabricated offsite and installed in... More

Project • By Architecture DisciplineShowrooms

NEELSUTRA: The India Fashion Store

Designed as a first in a series of multi-designer pret stores, where the collections are themed and curated, Neel Sutra- the India Fashion store is emblematic of Indian Design ethos. Sited at The New Oberoi Hotel in the suburban abode of NCR- Gurgaon, the hotel spawns a high-end luxury international experience. The brief was to create a unique and distinct design ambience that would be conspicuouswithin the context of other established global hi-design brands at the hotel and elsewhere in the vicinity.The customized and curated storeis conceivedwithin this international collective constructas a step ahead of conventional high street retail to showcase a motley bunch of Indian fashion designers.Contemporary design in India usually express... More

Project • By ARCHIPLANExhibitions


The concept store is characterized by the presence of a long display wall covered with oak herringbone that is shaped like the bottom of the exhibition space, a large skeletal desk made in oak sawn and a ceiling system consisting of bars that mark the extent of the space. More

Project • By OMAPavilions

Prada Transformer - Asian Pavilion for Prada

When Italian fashion brand Prada approached OMA to design its stores, it was looking to experiment with new environments that would enhance the appeal of its brand, but what AMO quickly recognized was that a label was not enough to guarantee authenticity. The projects for the Italian fashion company Prada span from research on shopping and new concepts for Prada as a brand to the creation of three big stores in the United States. But beyond restructuring the physical reality of the brand, Prada‟s virtual presence is simultaneously defined through extensive in-store technology projects and the creation of a website. The combination of these aspects generates an integrated service structure that enables Prada to provide a new sense of exclusi... More

Project • By PiuarchOffices

The Dolce & Gabbana office building

The long, narrow shape of the lot and the volume of the pre-existing building have led to a compositional solution involving three parallel buildings. The building on Viale Piave and the one farther back rise seven floors above ground. The central body, connected to the rest of the construction by means of a system of stairs and skyways, has three floors and is suspended over a body that connects the three buildings, perpendicular to Viale Piave and rising four floors above ground. This way a large, deep inner courtyard is created, overlooked by all the buildings. The complex structure of the building reflects the variety of uses of the spaces, with offices, areas for receiving guests and entertainment and coordination areas for the pre... More

Project • By Space and MatterArt Galleries


What are the stories behind mass produced clothes? How are they produced? Who was involved? And was the production fair? What do we actually know about the world behind what we wear? All these questions have very little answers due to lack of transparency in the clothing industry. The white t-shirt, a very generic mass produced fashion item, is selected as the central element of the exhibition’s design. It symbolizes the current humanitarian problems that are affecting the fashion industry. Everyone has a white t-shirt and therefore feels connected to this story. The white T-shirt is abstracted, repeated, enlarged and turned into a temporal interface, which forms a fragile curtain made of 650 secondhand t-shirts donated by KICI and... More

Project • By Studio FuksasShops

Armani Ginza Tower

It is always difficult to crystallize someone’s image, and all the more so when it comes to Giorgio Armani, one of the most popular man in the world. In the Tokyo’s flagship store, it was necessary to make his mood come to light alongside his own designer’s creativity; it was about recreating the atmosphere of the famous Italian fashion designer’s atelier as well as his aesthetics and image. In Tokyo, for the first time, the entirety of his production is contained within the same building. How to translate these elements into architecture? How to combine the idea of splendor with a sober elegance, the idea of modernity with the permanence of a style…… the Armani style? His image, the ceaseless research about material combined with luminous,... More