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Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Beaconsfield Parade House

Designed for a changing family circumstance, Beaconsfield Parade House is a considered design outcome dedicated to togetherness, cooking and entertaining.A contemporary addition to the existing heritage frontage makes a positive contribution to the Middle Park streetscape. The varied topography of roofscape forms mirror an engaging sequence of interior spaces. Derek Swalwell Derek Swalwell The extension recognises the programmatic requirements of three generations including a young adult, a grandparent and between-generation parents, finding their own space and identity in the one home. Derek Swalwell Battened timber curves form the interior volumes, creating fluid spaces that connect and integrate the old and new and insid... More

NewsNews • 4 Oct 2022

Minus workshop instils awe through its milk-lake-inspired Dabpa Artisan Restaurant

Following the artistic and evocative interior design of Peking & Szechuan Cuisine restaurant, Dab-pa in Shatin, Minus workshop completes a new one in K11 musea, a shopping arcade in Hong Kong. The Milk Lake concept-inspired artisan restaurant exhibits geological formations across the space. Steven Ko A harmonious colour palette attracts people from the outside, distinguishing it from the other Szechuan restaurant. Encompassing the entire interior, the entrance evokes a sense of wonder as one enters. The configuration presents a diversified yet amicable unity of form, which welcomes the guests into a serene environment. Steven Ko Irregularly shaped windows give away a hint of surprise to the outsiders while carving ou... More

Project • By Jaime Sepulcre ArquitecturasApartments

Renovation Fluid Domestic

The idea of this reform was, on the one hand, to relocate the living room and turn it into the heart of the house along with the kitchen and dining room, generating a single large common space that would open completely to the garden and, on the other hand, generate a vestibular space of arrival and circulation that will work in a very fluid way. Both ideas are formalized with a set of curved walls that in the case of the large common space zoning their various functionalities and, in the case of the lobby, gently and dynamically direct towards the bedrooms located at the ends or towards that main space of the house in the center. Finally, the master bedroom has also been conceived as a unique space whose protagonist is a central piece of c... More

Project • By Tommaso Giunchi ArchitettiApartments


This project is made in collaboration with Atelierzero Architects. The appearence is that of a small city loft in which the space of 53 square meters has been extendended thanks to a mezzanine that hosts the bedroom, the guest/study room and the walk-in closet. These spaces live in separate volumes. each characterized by peculiar architectural and structural qualities. On the lower floor there are the living area with a Vitra dining table, the kitchen and a secod bathroom that are organized around a central customized wooden element, a sort of a large piece of furniture with different useful compartments.   Material Used : 1. Floor finish - Kerakoll white resin2. Mezzanine floor finish - Smooth Rubber floor Sustem by Artigo3. Wall f... More


effebi house

Modern architecture is above all a freedom conquer! Freedom from mechanical lifes-style inherited by our cultural evolution, freedom from the systematic reasoning that industrialized of life, from the alienation and fragmentio of our time and our spaces.So, how to be faithful to these high principles working inside a simple architectural box?In other words, as architects, how to be respectful to our duty to create poetry despite the heaviness and the prosaic daily-life constraints? Physical limits, money, client's will.We think the answer could be a fluid space capable to comunicate on a deep level of perception; following the Edward Wilson's ideas about human evolution, we refer to an environment capable to call to memory the feeling of a... More