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Project • By Urban Soul ProjectShopping Centres

Ergon Agora East

ERGON Agora East is located in Pylaia, a few kilometers outside the city of Thessaloniki, and re-uses an old industrial shell of 1970s, of 2500 sq.m. Redefining the supermarket experience, ERGON Agora East is organized in such a way that many different activities take place at the same time. The supermarket offers an extensive variety of fresh products, refrigerated and on shelves, and also has a wine cellar, a coffee roastery, and co-exists with the restaurant, the bakery and the patisserie. The unique element of the surrounding space with a total area of ​​6000 sq.m. that reaches the sea, gives the opportunity to expand the experience outside, with a new type of vegetable garden, where among others there are canteens, a beach bar, a play... More

Project • By X+LivingShops

White Rabbit Global Flagship Store

The White Rabbit Global Flagship Store locates at the JKS Arts and Cultural Center, famed as “the first forest theater” in Fengxian district of Shanghai. The designer was invited to reorganize and rethink the spatial experience and visual design for this national brand with 60 years of history, connecting memories of three generation ranging from the 1970s, 1980s to the 1990s.    As a long-established brand, White Rabbit has been adhering to its business philosophy of embracing constant changes in line with the rapid development of modern business. While maintaining good memories and keeping pace with the times, White Rabbit, titled as “guochao”, or Chinese fad, has forged numerous cross-border cooperatio... More

Project • By StudioMB ArchitectsCommercial Landscape

Washington Fish Market

This new development by PN Hoffman/Madison Marquette, designed by StudioMB, includes six new “land-side” structures at the historic Washington Fish Market—the oldest continuously operating open-air fish market in the U.S.—in Washington, D.C. Envisioned as a new retail precinct to support The Wharf—DC’s premier waterfront development—the design is focused around food and highlights StudioMB's restoration of a greatly altered historic structure while bringing the funky character of currently operating barges back to this urban space. More

Project • By Suchánek, Architectural OfficeRestaurants

Gastro Passage

The idea of the new food court in Avion Shopping Park stems from significant changes in the market, most notably reduction and renovation of the original hypermarket and a need to expand the capacity of existing food court which is overcrowded during peak hours. The position of the new food court emerged from various studies done between 2014 and 2016. And an invited architectural competition was held in the first half of 2016. The area of the new food court is approximately three times larger than the old one. The new location was in the place that was previously occupied by Hypermarket.The new location had few disadvantages which needed to be addressed with an appropriate architectural solution. It was mainly access from the sec... More

Project • By CORE architecture + designHotels

Hilton Headquaters - The Social

CORE spearheaded a major renovation for Hilton Worldwide to create a new public gathering space at their global headquarters in McLean, VA. Mirroring the experience of the hospitality provider’s hotels, CORE designed 10,000 SF ground-floor interiors and 6,300 SF of exterior space to become “The Social.” With the amenity of food and beverage, The Social encourages formal and informal meet-ups among Hilton Team Members and guests alike. Connecting spaces and people, CORE’s design uses pathways, edges, and moments of discovery to create a delightful, simple experience; creates a space that evokes emotions, adventure, and a sense of connection to other places; and uses furnishings, lighting, and environment to accommodate various types of eatin... More

Project • By 3XKOShopping Centres

Vadistanbul Shopping Centre

The Vadistanbul Retail Centre Interior Design, which was a project collaboration between international design firms 3XKO and Benoy, sits in the heart of the Cendere Valley Masterplan. The project is acting as the main destination of the Valley, which was a former industrial area and now being regenerated.3XKO were appointed to deliver the entire public retail interior and street retail frontage design execution and tender documentation along with the coordination of all sub consultants and suppliers for the 100,000 m² retail scheme. Vadistanbul AVM is a 3 storey 4th generation retail center which consists of 250 shops, a foodcourt with a roofterrace with views to the forest of the Cendere Valley. In addition 3XKO also de... More

Project • By Avi Oster StudioRestaurants


Convert an Old Gas station to an Italia Food Court More

Project • By Head Architecture and Design Ltd.Shops


Location: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Designer: Mike Atkin, Mark Panckhurst, Robert Weller Size: 15,000 square feet Graphic Design: Kactus Design Ltd. Photographer: Graham Uden This 15,000 square feet foodhall is situated in the basement of Causeway Bay’s high end Lee Garden fashion district, the design fully utilising the dramatic impact of a five storey sunlit atrium to illuminate the central part of the new store. This is given over to five individually designed concession ‘pods’, that are located in front of five equally spaced structural columns. The rest of the store has been carefully planned to create a flowing but logical shopping experience in calm neutral colours, with an additional ‘food street’ offering a variety of int... More

Project • By Head Architecture and Design Ltd.Offices

Lotus Fresh

Lotus is a well established brand in China with 70 supermarkets across the country. In an effort to appeal to discerning shoppers in the Pudong area and to compete with the many new luxury food brands moving in to the Shanghai, Lotus commissioned HEAD to develop a new flagship store transitioning from 100% local brands, toward a larger component of foreign products and services. The store has been re-planned around two main areas. Firstly a fresh section, followed by the dry area which encompasses non-food, beauty and preserved items. Many demonstration areas feature tables and customisable columns. New chilled display counters are combined with back wall super graphics and timber canopies. New low-level shelving and counters across t... More