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NewsNews • 12 Jan 2022

Dramatic pyramidal roof peaks define Foster + Partners’ Datong Art Museum

Featuring four interconnected pyramidal roof peaks that appear to emerge from the earth below, the Datong Art Museum by Foster + Partners offers a new cultural destination for China and a new cultural hub for Datong region. In addition to its cultural program, the museum includes learning areas, a children’s gallery, a media library, an archive, and art storage facilities.  Yang Chaoying Visitors are guided to the museum’s entrance by diagonal paths cut into the landscape. Winding ramps then lead down to a sunken plaza, which doubles as an amphitheatre for outdoor performances. Visitors enter the building via a mezzanine level, which overlooks the Grand Gallery. Serving as the social heart of the museum, the Gallery m... More

NewsNews • 15 Dec 2021

Foster + Partners unveil Narbo Via Museum - a contemporary building inspired by the Roman antiquities it houses

Narbonne, France: British architectural and engineering firm Foster + Partners (in collaboration with museography design specialist Adrien Gardère Studio) have unveiled Narbo Via Museum – a contemporary building inspired by the Roman antiquities it houses. The museum site is adjacent to the picturesque Canal de la Robine waterway and was conceived both visually and thematically as a landmark of and monument to the region's rich archaeological history.   Nigel Young / Foster + Partners The 8000 sq. m building sits on a raised podium and is surrounded by landscaped areas. Gardens inspired by Roman courtyards and traditional French formal gardens offer tranquility and botanical learning opportunities, a large amphi... More

NewsNews • 2 Dec 2021

Apple at the Grove by Foster + Partners embraces the progressive spirit of Los Angeles

Adjacent to Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, this latest Apple store by Foster + Partners is situated in The Grove, a famous open-air shopping and entertainment complex that is one of Los Angeles’ most popular visitor destinations.  Nigel Young / Foster+Partners Exceptionally spacious and light-filled, the design brings together the spirit of the film and entertainment industry and the art of illusion within a soaring store volume that is amplified by a feature mirrored ceiling. The mirrored ceiling is made from a special fabric that gives the illusion that the 60-foot height volume is taller than its already impressive height.  Nigel Young / Foster+Partners Alongside this, five-foot-wide linear roof lights allo... More

NewsNews • 20 Aug 2021

Foster + Partners complete the future-minded Edmond and Lily Safra Centre for Brain Sciences

Featuring a perforated aluminium screen façade with a pattern derived from neurological brain structure, Foster + Partners has unveiled the Edmond and Lily Safra Centre for Brain Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A future-minded research facility for the scientific exploration of the brain, the building has been carefully situated in the naturally rugged centre of the campus and marks a gateway to the university.  Studio Harel Gilboa The building is arranged as two parallel wings around a central courtyard. The ground floor hosts teaching facilities, a 200-seat auditorium, a library, a café, and a publicly accessible gallery for the display of art related to the brain. The upper levels accomodate twent... More



Together, Foster & Partners and Porcelanosa Bathrooms have strived to develop an uncommon collection, in which all individually produced components work simultaneously in a holistic, harmonious way. Tono is defined by the options and flexibility that it offers. Almost any configuration is possible. Unified by a common, simple language of design and a palette of complementary materials and colour tones, the minimalist aesthetic highlights the honesty of the material, the simplicity of the form and the art of manufacturing. It is a full, integrated bathroom with a limitless selection of finishes and materials. More

NewsNews • 27 Apr 2021

Foster + Partners completes the RCC Headquarters in Russia

Marking their first project in Russia, Foster + Partners has completed the new headquarters of RCC, one of the world’s leading producers of copper. Located in the centre of Ekaterinburg, a main industrial and cultural hub, the 15-storey building’s innovative modular office units are enveloped in an energy-efficient enclosure that draws inspiration from the chemical structure of copper. Methanoia Courtesy of Foster + Partners The office layout is conceived as a ‘house for ‘ staff’ and deviates from conventional communal workspaces with rooms and spaces more intimate and domestic in scale. Each two-storey module comprises a pair of offices, stacked one on top of the other. This is expressed externally throu... More

Project • By Foster + PartnersShops

Gabriela Hearst store

Gabriela Hearst, the sustainable global fashion brand with an uncompromising commitment to the environment, has opened its first London outpost, designed by Foster + Partners. Having created a pioneering model for ecologically responsible clothing and accessories, the New York-based label’s first London store is underpinned by a similar sustainable ethos and care for the environment in its materiality and operation.   Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman, Foster + Partners said: “I was inspired by Gabriela’s tireless commitment to sustainability, which fits perfectly with our own enthusiasm for design that demonstrates concern for the environment. The store echoes this approach by using local and recycled m... More

Project • By Foster + PartnersShopping Centres

The Old Spitalfields Market

The Old Spitalfields Market is located in the historic heart of East London, on a site that has had a market for over 350 years. The Victorian structure, built by Robert Horner in 1875 as a wholesale market, is now a popular fashion, arts and crafts, and food destination. The focus of a major restoration in the early 2000s, the new revamp of the market stalls and food units by Foster + Partners enhances the quality and reinforces the unique identity of one of London’s most vibrant and long standing covered markets. Given the variety of products on offer, following a different theme each day of the week, the challenge was to offer a sense of coherence to the market stalls. They also needed to be flexible and versatile to display the d... More

Project • By Foster + PartnersShops

Apple Marunouchi

Apple Marunouchi, located in the 1973 Mitsubishi Building adjacent to the busy Tokyo Station, opened to the public on Saturday, 7 September. Inspired by the expressed structural grid of the building, its refined aesthetic embodies an honesty of materiality, with the beautifully cast aluminium vitrines blending the inside and outside.The design is the result of a close collaboration between Apple’s teams led by Sir Jonathan Ive, chief design officer and the integrated engineering and design teams at Foster + Partners.Sir Jonathan Ive said: “I love the simplicity of the space. There is an honesty in terms of how the structure of the building, the green bamboo, and the transparent vitrines all come together to form a light-filled volume that i... More

Project • By Foster + PartnersShops

Apple Fifth Avenue

Apple today reopened its landmark Fifth Avenue store, located on the corner of Central Park, one of the greatest public urban spaces in the world. Set against the backdrop of the famous General Motors Building by Edward Durell Stone, the site has a long history; a sunken urban plaza in the 1960s that was filled-in at turn of the Millennium, it was later transformed in 2006 into one of the most photographed attractions in the city with the insertion of the iconic glass cube, Steve Jobs’ defining symbol for Apple Fifth Avenue.Through the careful peeling back of layers of history and the sensitive restoration of the cube, Apple Fifth Avenue seeks to revive the plaza by making it more accessible from three sides, reinforcing the progressive and... More

Project • By Foster + PartnersShops

Apple Iconsiam

Apple Iconsiam has opened in Bangkok, welcoming visitors to experience the best of Apple in Thailand for the first time. Elevated above the “River of Kings” – Chao Phraya River – in the heart of Bangkok, the design provides a direct visual connection to the river, which has a special significance in Thai culture.The project is the result of the close collaboration between Apple led by chief design officer, Sir Jonathan Ive and Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of Retail and Online Stores and architects Foster + Partners through its local entity F&P (Thailand) Ltd and A49.Seamlessly connecting the new mixed-use ICONSIAM Center to an outdoor roof terrace, the store’s clean, trapezoidal design lines and glass surfaces accentuate the n... More

Project • By Foster + PartnersShops

Apple Xinyi A13

Apple’s newest store in Taipei, Apple Xinyi A13 opened to the public on Saturday, 15 June. Situated on the eastern edge of the city, Xinyi is a young, cosmopolitan and vibrant area filled with cultural attractions, shops and entertainment spaces. Alongside Taipei 101, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. Apple Xinyi A13 draws on the vitality of the neighbourhood to create an inviting new plaza with a delicate pavilion that provides a new destination for learning and creativity in the heart of Taipei.Foster + Partners worked in close collaboration with the design team at Apple led by chief design officer, Sir Jonathan Ive to create this new icon of creativity.Located on the corner of Songshou and Songren roads, A... More

Project • By Foster + PartnersShops

Apple Aventura

Apple Aventura embodies Miami’s spirit of openness and generosity, bringing people together under an undulating vaulted roof that is reminiscent of the city’s nautical and architectural roots. The materiality and flowing spaces are inspired by the region’s Art Deco buildings, with the new two-level store creating a dynamic destination that nurtures creativity and innovation.Foster + Partners’ integrated design team of architects and engineers worked in close collaboration with the design team at Apple led by chief design officer, Sir Jonathan Ive to build Apple’s latest store, which responds to the light, culture and climate of Florida.Sir Jonathan Ive said: “This store is very ‘Miami’ to me – its special trees, the light and the new roof.... More

Project • By Conran and PartnersOffices

200 Gray’s Inn Road

International design studio, Conran and Partners, have completed the redesign of the ground floor of one of London’s most prominent office buildings, 200 Gray’s Inn Road. Originally designed by Foster + Partners and opened in 1991, the building is currently occupied by a number of high-profile media organisations including ITN Productions, ITV and Warner Bros. Great Portland Estates plc (GPE), owner of 200 Gray’s Inn Road, sought to adapt the space to respond to the changing work culture of modern occupiers; one which blurs the edges between work and leisure time. The design exudes the feel of a private members’ club in the office reception area, blended with café culture and a hotel experience all within a single space. As a result, t... More

Project • By Foster + PartnersMuseums

Bilbao Fine Arts Museum Extension

The winning proposal for the expansion and remodelling of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum was revealed today by the president of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum Foundation Board. Chosen from a shortlist of six, the entry by Foster + Partners, and LM Uriarte Arkitektura S.L.P, under the pseudonym “Agravitas” was unanimously declared by the jury as the one that “carefully respects the existing, recovering the historical values of the museum and projecting it towards the future with a new grand gallery that rises over the constructions of 1945, 1970 and 2001 to write a new chapter in the life of the institution.”   Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman, Foster + Partners, said: “We are delighted to have th... More