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NewsNews • 2 Feb 2022

BLOCO Arquitetos completes off the grid house and studio located inside world’s most biodiverse tropical savanna

The house and studio for a landscape architect and her family are an experiment about how to live inside Brazil’s second-largest biome while leaving a small ecological footprint. The two buildings designed by BLOCO Arquitetos are 120 meters apart on opposing sides of a hill.  Joana França The structures are suspended from the ground in order to minimize ecological intrusion and at the same time prevent small wild animals from entering. The buildings are made up out of an exposed concrete core, solid brick walls, and a Glulam roof.  Joana França The aim for the structural design was to combine local labor and traditional building materials with a lightweight structure. The elements are prefabricated... More

Project • By Hemsworth ArchitecturePrivate Houses

1 Lonsdale

The property at 1 Lonsdale has been owned by a local family for three generations.  When the existing building was reaching the end of its lifespan, the family chose to use this as an opportunity to develop a new three storey, Passive House building that would serve as a sustainable benchmark for the fast changing Lower Lonsdale District. Ema Peter The intent of the design was to create a contemporary interpretation of the brick clad, heavy timber, warehouse buildings that formed the backbone of the working waterfront. Along with the sustainable ambitions for the project, the new building presents the Lower Lonsdale District with the familiarity and ‘grounded’ feeling of a dark, glazed brick building that reads as a &... More

Project • By StructureCraftOffices

T3 Minneapolis

T3, the largest modern mass timber building in the USA at completion, is finished - installation of the 180,000sqft timber superstructure in only 9.5 weeks. With the successful launch of T3 Minneapolis (timber, technology, transportation), tall wood construction in North America continues to reach new heights. Replacing traditional structural systems such as concrete and steel, prefabricated solid wood panels, such as Nail-Laminated Timber panels, create a construction method which is fast, clean, and sustainable–not to mention aesthetically pleasing. More

Project • By StructureCraftCultural Centres

Tianfu Agricultural Expo

The Tianfu Agricultural Expo Main Hall is part of a major development program in the greater metropolitan area of Chengdu, which aspires to compete with other major economic hubs in China. Located on the west border of the Sichuan Basin, where up to 5000m high mountains meet Sichuan’s great plains, the wide views of waving rice fields and mountain peaks on the horizon inspired the architect Cui Kai with the concept for the curved timber enclosures. At over 75,000m2, the new Tianfu Agriculture Exposition is the largest timber structure in Asia, and one of the largest timber structures in the world. This series of five vaults (G1-G5) use unique Vierendeel-inspired trusses which are a hybrid of timber chords and steel webbing, achieving... More

Project • By StructureCraftParks/Gardens

Taiyuan Botanical Garden Domes

The new Taiyuan Botanical Garden Domes complex in Taiyuan, China features 3 domes ranging from 43m to 88m in diameter and from 12m to 30m in height. The largest of the three domes is the longest clear-span timber gridshell (non-triangulated) in the world. All three parabolic gridshells comprise light doubly curved glulam beams, arranged in two or three crossing layers. Through the cooperation of all team members on three different continents in less than a year, a unique series of long-span timber structures was delivered to the city of Taiyuan, providing a beautiful, world-class attraction that emphasizes both sustainability and structural integrity. More

NewsMaterialization • 27 Jul 2020

Finnish Forest Chapel a showcase of wood construction and volunteer spirit

Located in Finland, the Forest Chapel is a new addition to a popular campground called Tervajärvi. Hosting confirmation camps, small weddings or christenings, the chapel is a showcase of wood construction and volunteer spirit. Credit: Essi Nisonen As the assembly of the chapel was carried out by volunteers, professionals prepared in advance to ensure ease of assembly with glulam parts, for example, coming prefabricated from a factory. Credit: Essi Nisonen The single most important component of the chapel is the glulam timber roof truss. The truss design was based on structures found in nature, with a cross-section of the components in a harmonious proportion to their height. In the final design, beams curving along with the... More

Project • By Neumann Monson ArchitectsOffices

111 East Grand

The project is the first multi-story office building in North America to employ dowel laminated timber (DLT), a mass timber system relying on a friction-fit bond between softwood dimensional lumber and hardwood dowels. The 65,000-sf building anchors a high-visibility 265’ x 65’ site two blocks from the river. Retail spaces activate the street level with three floors of office space above.    Spruce glulam beams and columns frame the 40’-0” x 6’-8” DLT panels that serve as floor and roof decks. The system facilitates quick erection time and a smaller site crew, minimizing disturbance to the neighborhood during construction. A precast concrete service core buttresses the south of the building fu... More

Project • By Fribul ArchitectsSports Centres

Multifunctional sports hall ELSchool

The hall provides a multi-functional sport field 55 per 25 meters in size. Laminated timber beams with steel turnbuckles are used in the main structure ensuring full use of the hall for handball, mini football, volleyball, basketball. Compact two levels block on the norden site provides the necessary storage areas, locker rooms, a lobby, service and coaching facilities. Connection to the school building is provided by a passage on second level. More