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Project • By Cartelle DesignOffices

Coworking DELO

Modern comfortable interior - lots of light, natural materials, timeless solutions. We tried to create a project with a modern interpretation of the Dagestan identity. To create a fusion of contemporary design, technological solutions and local culture. Office for young professionals who have gained freedom thanks to information technology Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitectePrivate Houses


The house is located in a slopy terrain which has the virtue to be localised in a fairly high topographic altitude, due to this, with visual orientation to the litoral mountain range, the urban center and the sea. It also takes part in the formation of Vallpineda residential area, one of the first urbanisations that were developed in the city of Sitges. Jose Hevia Jose Hevia Not only the initial observation of the site revealed that the original topography of the empty plots had been modificated notoriously in the past, but also they had been disagreed with the urbanistic regulations about the land movements that were allowed to do. In fact, both neighboor’s adjacent plots had land increseaments because it was wanted to hav... More

Project • By MBH ArchitectsHousing

Woodside Priory

Just minutes away from the heart of Silicon Valley, Woodside Priory School is a Catholic Benedictine, independent college preparatory school nestled in the picturesque hills of Portola Valley, California. Founded on the values of spirituality, hospitality, integrity, individuality, and community, Woodside Priory sought the design expertise of Alameda-based architecture and design firm MBH Architects to conceptualize an on-campus housing building for their growing institution.  Caption Situated atop a hill overlooking the 50-acre Woodside Priory Campus, the new residential building boasts filtered views of Windy Hill and Russian Ridge. Tucked among the existing grove of redwood trees and other on-campus residential buildings, the... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerHousing

Village im Dritten – Eurogate Vienna

Urban context Village im Dritten (Village in the third district) is a newly developed quarter between Landstraßer Gürtel and Otto-Preminger-Straße in the north-east, with a park for everyone in the middle. The Gürtelbogen, a two-storey commercial building, shields the residential complex behind it from the heavily frequented Gürtel. The guiding idea of “climate-resilient district development” focuses on parks, façade greening, roof gardens and percolating pavements, but also on social sustainability. Site 7, which was developed by Dietrich | Untertrifaller together with Artec, is located in the middle of the Quartierstrasse, exactly opposite the passage to the Gürtel. Our project owes its... More

Project • By OFFTECOffices

Open City Palermo

New Administrative Centre of the Sicilian Region in Italy More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Objective Paradigm

Objective Paradigm (OP) connects technology industry talent with Fortune 100 companies and startups. Their new Chicago space supports the fast pace of the technology industry and the hustle required to be a successful recruiter, while infusing warmth and life. More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Feeding America

Feeding America offers help to those in need through a nationwide network of food banks. Their mission is simple: to feed America’s hungry and engage the country in the fight to end hunger. Branded elements in their updated office bring Feeding America’s stories to life, showcasing their brand patterns, extensive color palette, and beautiful photography. More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerOffices

legero united campus

The legero united campus near Graz consists of two differently sized rings. Generous glazing, the facade of bronze-coloured anodised aluminium that changes in sunlight and the lushly planted inner courtyards blur the boundaries between inside and outside. The larger office ring can be topped up by an additional floor at any time. This meets the customer’s desire for a ‘growing’ corporate headquarter that can be extended in stages without producing a temporary measure. The result is a campus, a place with identity and great charisma, a dynamic and yet harmonious composition, at any time and in all stages of construction. The innovative campus translates the corporate philosophy of development and community into an overall a... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAResidential Landscape


The bathroom facilities have been converted into objects of desire, which is why we allow ourselves to be surprised by the high sophistication that can be achieved in some designs such as the suite from the interior designer Alexey Aladashvili for residential housing in Rostov, Russia.   Following an exotic line, dark and vibrant colours of the furniture and decorative coating were combined into aguamarine, blue and pink tones with the elegant XLIGHT LUSH White, wood and black-finished tiles.   Eclectic, bright and vibrant. In the room, the classics are reinvented by mixing textures and colours into an incredible pattern of carefully thought-out combinations.   The key to the selection of materials was the ease of maint... More

Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitecteApartments


A growing family sets out the necessity of enlarge their home of three rooms and 85m2 by adding a second apartment, originally with two rooms and 60m2. The main premise to keep in mind is that the family has to be able to keep on living in their own home during the construction course.   The morphologic analysis of the original apartment emphasize that the night space presented a functional distribution of three rooms and two bathrooms, with minimum circulation area and a suitable size. Furthermore, day space presented an excessive fragmentation and a smaller size. That’s why it is chosen to keep the night space and remodel and enlarge the day space, excluding the kitchen.   Second apartment was divided in several tiny r... More

Project • By ellement architectsOffices

Pilana Karbid Company Building

The manufacturing and administrative building for a rapidly growing family company. The construction with a green roof and transparent spaces support contact and communication within the company. The new building complies with the strict norms of manufacturing.  Pilana Karbid is a young family company manufacturing carbide tools. The company is settled in an industrial area near Hulín with 85 year-long tradition of manufacturing cutting tools. In eight years of their existence, there was a development of production and today the firm employs 45 people. Thanks to the development a need to build a new factory building arose. Therefore, a new manufacturing hall and an administrative building were built in two phases. Despite t... More
2022 April

Project • By GBa Studio_Gianluca Brini ArchitettoHospitals

Nuova Villa Bellombra_Healthcare Building

The Private Hospital Nursing Home Villa Bellombra is a hospital that deliversperformance in continuous hospitalization for post-acute care, with rehabilitation function.In particular, it is a health facility entirely dedicated to intensive rehabilitation ofneurological and orthopedic, recovery and functional rehabilitation. The "definitive" project essentially starts with a FABRIC scheme, mostly of just oneplan, already assessed initially but on different assumptions (for example, wards to body quintuple), developed by compacting the part of the wards around the vast garden, in so that you have a direct visual relationship with the outside and the green both outside and "inside" (green that also enters the building, and that beyond its use... More

Project • By Carazo ArquitecturaHousing


Natú is considered a hybrid project due to its horizontal as well as it´s vertical composition. The design is based on the idea of creating a building that adapts to the terrain, thus modifying the natural topography as little as possible, which creates views towards "Parque del Este". Likewise, it is proposed to incorporate green areas to each housing unit through garden slabs. The aesthetic value and functionality of the building is favored by the presence of its natural counterpart, seeking to provide a particular experience through the integration of natural ecosystems as circuits within the project. The location of the project is highly regarded, due to the qualities of “Parque del Este”; This park is a green area with steep slope... More

Project • By David Ito ArquiteturaApartments

AML Apartment

Meeting the residents' desire to obtain large spaces in a light atmosphere, using delicate colors, this project seeks to value two important characteristics of the apartment: its great natural light and its large social area.The dining, living and television rooms are arranged in a single environment that is integrated to the gourmet terrace and kitchen. The 12 meter long ripped panel acts as a backdrop for all the social area. The hinged doors are camouflaged in the same panel, connecting the kitchen, the dining room and the door that gives access to the intimate area of the apartment, sheltering the entire wooden-clad entrance hall.  The predominance of white walls, slatted panel, metal shelves, ceramics, corian countertops, cur... More

Project • By IMA InteriorsApartments

Parisian apartment

This pensive space is a perfect balance of design and function. IMA Interiors imagined a place that boasted confident, original taste where shades of green compliment each other endlessly. The unity of natural colors and original materials within a palette of wood and glass creates a soft, relaxing atmosphere.      More