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Project • By CCHEApartments

La Toula

The city of Bulle and the Mobilière have carried out a parallel study mandate for the development of the Toula site, the last unbuilt site bordering the old town. It is qualified by its location at the crossroads between the old town, the new railway station of Bulle and the commercial zone to the north. The project was selected for its urban approach, its relationship to the landscape environment of the region and its integration into the built environment. Hiris Images The "A la Croisée des Chemins" project is integrated in a complementarity between the lively street of the city center which animates the district and the more intimate spaces of an inhabited district. Indeed, two urban spaces are defined, the square an... More

Project • By CCHESocial Housing


The proposal is designed to adapt to the surrounding context in a precise, simple and respectful way to the existing topography. Situated between a natural and an urbanised landscape, the shape closes to the north, extending the alignments of the surrounding buildings and protecting the housing block from the noise coming from the limits of the road. On the contrary, it opens to the south to approach the scale of the central park, allowing its extension within space, reducing the impact of the urban density planned for the site. The volume is distributed to generate attractive collective spaces based on three spatial concepts that correspond respectively to three different scales: a central patio for students; several garden terraces on a... More

Project • By CCHEApartments

Quartier La Suettaz

The urban rehabilitation of the Suettaz district in Nyon includes the replacement of a dilapidated housing complex that no longer meets current standards and comfort by 4 new residential buildings with efficient and modern apartments. CCHE Designed for its inhabitants, the new district will offer affordable housing in a quality living environment. A great deal of attention is paid to the quality of the outdoor amenities, in order to establish the site in a green neighbourhood, offering numerous landscaped and car-free spaces to the public and the inhabitants. CCHE CCHE CCHE     More

Project • By CCHEStudent Housing

Résidence étudiante du Grand Morillon

The Grand Morillon residence houses the students of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studeies - IHEID. Located un the Natioons district of Petit - Saconnex, this nuilding is composed of two bars facing each other, connected by a footbridge. The residence offers accommodation for international students with services totalling 670beds as well as a set of common spaces and activities. Gérald Sciboz Gérald Sciboz Gérald Sciboz A gradual walkway carved into the façade connects the buildings from bottom to top. A true meeting place dedicated to the occupants, this walkway in wood tones contrasts with the façade entirely clad in aluminum and glass. Along the promenade, there... More

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Les terrasses du Bois de Chênes

This project of 4 Minergie apartment buildings is located on a steeply sloping site with an optimal orientation and view. The terraced construction allows each level to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Bois de Chêne, the Jura, the lake and the Alps or the 4. CCHE The sober and contemporary volumetry ensures a harmonious implantation in the ground, and the vegetated roofs are in close connection with the environment. CCHE   The vast terraces or generous balconies extending from each unit, as well as the entirely glazed facades to the south, enhance natural light and distant views. The residences are heated by air/water heat pumps. CCHE   The project was carried out by Perspectives Construction, which, as a... More

Project • By CCHEApartments

Bella Vista

To make Bella Vista an eco-district, the seven four-storey buildings will use renewable energy. CCHE The project provides for 286 apartments along with 800 m2 of commercial space to be built and aims to ensure a social and intergenerational mix with apartments designed for families, couples or singles as well as for pensioners. In addition, the housing will meet the latest Minergie criteria CCHE CCHE More

Project • By CCHEApartments

Le Grand-Chemin Nord

Situated on the edge of a forest and a river, this currently unbuilt site marks the end of a residential area in Epalinges. The upper planning identifies this area as a site to be densified by mixed uses. The issues at stake include the creation of an urbanization that complements the existing neighbourhood and protects the natural environment. Hiris Images After an assessment of the site and its context, CCHE developed a project that combines the objectives of the higher planning and the natural assets of the site. The programme contains housing supplemented by premises for complementary activities for about 100 inhabitants and jobs. CCHE CCHE The careful urban integration of the future constructions limits the impact on t... More