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Product • By AngoMy Chrysalis

My Chrysalis

The table light design forms an early part of Ango’s story of fusing nature and technology, with the diffuser design an early example of the use of natural silk cocoons assembled on a matrix of hand soldered wires. A magical light quality comes from each cocoon having an aura of ultra-fine transparent silk fibre around it which subtly refracts and diffuses the output from the light source.   TYPE: Mains voltage ceiling light MATERIALS: Silk cocoon + hand brushed stainless steel base DIMENSIONS: Ht - 380 mm (15 in) x 520 mm (20.5 in) x 520 mm (20.5 in) More

Product • By AngoInfinite Flow no 4

Infinite Flow no 4

Infinite Flow no 4 by Ango is a rattan handcrafted sculptural floor lamp. The elemental designs within the Infinite Flow series can be seen as archetypes, that are emblematic of perpetuity, where a continuum of flowing translucent light rises up from the floor. In Infinite Flow no 4, the liquid lines of the floor light describe a kind of finite infinity and are created in rattan with a copper-plated base for use in your interior scheme. With its sculptural look, the piece proposes an optimistic vision of onward movement and openness. Production of all pieces by Ango is centred on a hybrid of modern technology coupled with Thai hand-crafted techniques, and this unique approach to design was highlighted in Future Paradise Exhibition within... More

Product • By ARRELARTStone Sculpture Koral

Stone Sculpture Koral

€1,250 The Stone Sculpture Koral is made with natural stone native to the Island of Java. Its pink color is completely natural. Height 152 cm x Width 52 cm x Depth 20 cm Exclusive piece. The whimsical game of nature has designed this stone sculpture with a natural shape that reminds us of a Harp. Polished and treated by artisans. All our sculptures are handmade and are unique pieces. We can make custom designs on request. More

Product • By Amoretti BrothersBrass and White Kitchen Range Hood - BISTRO

Brass and White Kitchen Range Hood - BISTRO

Elegant yet durable, the Bistro Brass Range Hood is designed for both functionality and decoration. This custom brass range hood is designed with a cool white base and gold toned details. Inspired by New Orleans French elements, this antique brass range hood brings an old-world charm to any kitchen. Equipped with a 1200 CFM ventilation system, our custom brass range hood keeps your kitchen smoke and odor free. Two LED lights are included to provide you with a well-lit cooking space. Our custom vent hood is made to order. Select from copper, brass, or other quality metals you would like your hood to be made from. More

Project • By AngoResidential Landscape

Ango Home Studio

Ango home studio building in the Ari district of Bangkok was designed by architect / Ango chief designer Angus Hutcheson. The venue acts as Ango’s head office where brainstorming, experimental processes, and testing take place, while also doubling as a residential space for living. @kitchen magazine The building very much cross-refers to the Ango values of creating lighting designs with purity and truthfulness and embraces the use of natural light, open space, and natural cross-ventilation. The front garden is at the core with nearly every space opening directly into or looking onto this, and the main areas within the building are the front garden, kitchen & dining area, working studio, living room, meditation space, and bed... More

Product • By AngoUnit (pendant-C)

Unit (pendant-C)

In these pendant lights, an atomised structure of silk cocoons is created in an ovaloid form.   Assembled, on a core structure of hand soldered wire, the silk cocoon material magically refracts and reflects the light from the light source especially in the case of the natural white colour material. Also offered are the same designs in ebony colour and in scarlet colour. Lamp base type: E27/E26 screw fitting, Lamp type: LED Filament 8W A17, Diffuser material: Silk cocoon, Size 300 mm W x 300 mm D x 240 mm H or 12 in W x 12 in D x 9.5 in H   More

Product • By LZFBirdy


A member of LZF’s Life-Size family, Big Bird joins the happy adventures of Elephant, Fish and Koi. Hovering vertically with fluttering wings, Big Bird has the agile appearance of a gentle hummingbird.  Created by the illustrator and designer Isidro Ferrer and built using a traditional craft technique called vareta, Big Bird is a masterly feat of wood craftsmanship. While light radiates from Big Bird’s wooden plumage, a wood veneer globe hangs from its beak, like a ball of glowing nectar. With Big Bird, LZF is once again dreaming big, re-engineering the concept of what a lamp can be, in both shape and scale. More

Product • By LZFEstela


Estela is a captivating capsule of light. In Estela, Mayice Studio designed a clean, clear, single piece of borosilicate glass. Hand-blown by the accomplished artisan Eduardo Garuti, the glass envelopes a cylinder-like wood veneer diffuser. The wood veneer houses a dimmable LED light source, and a straight opening on one side emits downward light that is softened by the glass. Offering a seamless connection between both glass and wood, Estela is a radiant lamp with a celestial-like quality. Similar to Dune, Estela’s natural imperfections, a characteristic of hand-blown glass, add to its warmth and elegance. Each lamp is signed by the artisan, Eduardo Garuti.   Estela’s new vertical formation is available in small, me... More

Product • By LZFEris


Eris has an abstract and ethereal beauty, similar to the planet of the same name. Designed by Mayice Studio, Eris is made up of several components: an original borosilicate glass orb, hand-blown by master glass-blower Eduardo Garuti, a wood veneer tube (that contains the LED light source), and a metallic base. Available as both a table lamp and a suspension lamp, Eris is sublime. Radiant when the light is on and ornamental when off, Eris has an ethereality that captures the perfect symbiosis of glass and wood. More

Product • By LZFDUNE


Dune is a sculptural light whose shape is intriguingly amorphous. Designed by Madrid-based Mayice Studio, Dune is a single piece of hand-blown borosilicate glass, enveloping a wood veneer diffuser with a seedpod-like opening on one side. The glass is hand-blown by Eduardo Garuti, an accomplished artisan. With mastery and great dexterity, Garuti is able to reveal the natural beauty found in glass. Dune’s distinctive shape is made up of two symmetrical ends, and an irregular, bulb-shaped centre. The wood veneer diffuser houses the lamp’s dimmable LED light source, and downward light from the seedpod-like opening is softened by the glass. Each Dune lamp is unique: the beauty found in the imperfection of hand-blown glass, with... More

Project • By LZFRestaurants


Koi, the impressive lighting tour de force designed by Inocuo The Sign and Mariví Calvo, cuts a striking figure at the new Kohakinho sushi restaurant in Lugano, Switzerland. Kohakinho sushi restaurant is the brainchild of Rogerio Matsumoto Figueiredo. A chef from São Paulo, Brazil, Figueiredo has been cooking up a storm with his sushi and fusion flavours. Figueiredo’s cuisine is influenced by his heritage: with a Japanese mother and a Brazilian father, his cooking blends Japan’s penchant for precision with Brazil’s colourful culture. With it ethereal-like beauty, Koi has a magnetic presence, one that captures the eye. An enchanting sculpture, Koi is part of LZF’s Life Size collection of lamps that enc... More

Product • By ILANEL Design StudioSaturn


Saturn is inspired by the planet of the same name with its surrounding rings. It is handmade with FSC solid timber, carefully selected by its characteristic wood grain. This cosmic pendant features a central faceted acrylic ring, through which a ring of light is projected onto its surrounding, and casts a spotlight below. Also available as a table lamp. More

Product • By HESSENTIA | Cornelio CappelliniSpinnaker


The shapes of dining table Spinnaker take inspiration from elegance and lightness of the sails of the boats that are unfurled to the wind during the sailing. The marble top is available in one unique piece or it can be cut into three curved parts following the structural base with two arches that recall the typical geometry of architecture of the Thirties.The melted bronze parts of the base are realized by casting liquid metal into a mold made of special sand.The White Beauty marble creates a very strong chromatic contrast with the bronze shades of the metal, enhancing the refinement of all the materials used for this table. More

Product • By TerzaniGaia


In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth and the mother of all life. Looking to capture the mythical and natural beauty of this Earth goddess, designer Jean-François Crochet has created the Gaia pendant light. Consisting of geometric frames of brass or raw metal reminiscent of the mountains Gaia created, the pendant uses led light to push light through the “cracks” formed. The resulting light creates a magical feeling, as if the lights peaking through were alive themselves. Available to custom configurations, Gaia adds a vibrancy and sacred light to any space. More

Product • By Amoretti BrothersHammered Copper Range Hood with Dark Patina

Hammered Copper Range Hood with Dark Patina

Amoretti Brothers hand-hammered copper range hood with dark patina. Designed for farmhouse kitchen designs. Available in different sizes and finishing. A powerful ventilation system with 2 LED lights available. 36" x 21.6 x 24", this hood can be custom made. ‍ More