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Groupon Hongkong Concept Store

Groupon Hongkong Concept Store Causeway Bay, Hong Kong More

Project • By Head Architecture and Design Ltd.Shops


HEAD created a new brand for Shamwari in this 1500 sqft luxury store. Large displays illustrate the process of diamond prospecting, mining and cutting. Incorporating the history of South African diamonds the concept authenticates the brand and tradition of diamond production. Custom-built display cases incorporate LED lighting to reduce cabinet temperature while retaining correct display lighting levels. More

Project • By Head Architecture and Design Ltd.Shops


Location: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Designer: Mike Atkin, Mark Panckhurst, Robert Weller Size: 15,000 square feet Graphic Design: Kactus Design Ltd. Photographer: Graham Uden This 15,000 square feet foodhall is situated in the basement of Causeway Bay’s high end Lee Garden fashion district, the design fully utilising the dramatic impact of a five storey sunlit atrium to illuminate the central part of the new store. This is given over to five individually designed concession ‘pods’, that are located in front of five equally spaced structural columns. The rest of the store has been carefully planned to create a flowing but logical shopping experience in calm neutral colours, with an additional ‘food street’ offering a variety of int... More

Project • By Head Architecture and Design Ltd.Shops

ISE Jewellery by HEAD - Human size mannequins designed for Jewellery showcase

ISE Jewellery was an existing family business that approached HEAD for a re-branding exercise and move of location within the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. The traditional serve over counter style was retained but the rest of the store was modernised. By developing the existing logo into a repeat element, this simple effect was then used on double sided glass throughout the store. The exterior of the store was treated with strong matching grooved glass and one-off male and female mannequins were designed for the show window to specifically showcase individual pieces of Jewellery. More

Project • By Head Architecture and Design Ltd.Shops

Manchester United Experience, The Venetian, Macao

Award IC Award International interior Design 2009 Gold Award @ Exhibition Category Project Information Lead Architect and Interior Designer: HEAD Architecture and Design Limited Project Director: Mike Atkin Project Team Leader: Max Cheung Location: Level 3 and Level 5, Grand Canal Shoppes, Venetian Macao Brief From this research, a brief began to define itself and a rental approach was decided upon. Take an expensive area on the main retail level and then a larger (but much cheaper in terms of rent) area on the level above and draw customers in at the lower retail level, feed them up to the experience and return them through the retail. Hence, the Manchester United Mega store was built on Level 3 of The Venetian Cotai... More

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Lotus Fresh

Lotus is a well established brand in China with 70 supermarkets across the country. In an effort to appeal to discerning shoppers in the Pudong area and to compete with the many new luxury food brands moving in to the Shanghai, Lotus commissioned HEAD to develop a new flagship store transitioning from 100% local brands, toward a larger component of foreign products and services. The store has been re-planned around two main areas. Firstly a fresh section, followed by the dry area which encompasses non-food, beauty and preserved items. Many demonstration areas feature tables and customisable columns. New chilled display counters are combined with back wall super graphics and timber canopies. New low-level shelving and counters across t... More