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Project • By Skidmore, Owings & MerrillOffices

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, formerly Burj Dubai, at the center of a large-scale development, is the tallest building in the world. The design combines cultural influences with cutting-edge technology to achieve a high-performance building. Its massing is manipulated in the vertical dimension to minimize the impact of wind on the tower's movement. The design for the 270,000 square meter Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai) combines historical and cultural influences with cutting edge technology to achieve a high-performance building. Some of these technologies are: * High performance glazing with Low E coating: A low-emissivity glass provides Burj Khalifa with enhanced thermal insulation against high ambient temperatures of Dubai. *... More

Project • By Paul Cha ArchitectExhibitions

Lucet Mundi Pop-Up Shop

The project is a collaboration with Ema Popaya Design. The program calls for a re-usable pop-up shop for a new jewelry line, Lucet Mundi, to be executed with tight construction budget & schedule. The idea is that of a gift wrapped precious geometric gem faced with display cabinetry, to be perceived as a glowing object from a distance, yet inviting & personal at a more intimate scale. Unfinished laminated plywood hexagon display cabinet was used for its inherent structural strength, as well as construction efficiency. The pink glass radiates a warm glow over the jewelry display behind, and the black gift ribbons exemplify the romance of gift giving. More

Project • By Mission & Associates LimitedPassenger Terminals

Heliport VIP Lounge

A)Overview The spirit of helicopter service were uplifted by using of hexagonal shapes in different appearance progressing in a radial pattern to the centre of the site, where all the shapes and forms meet and diverse. A1)The angular shape of the envelope were wisely adopted by combination of angled and round circulation path interlocking each other in a radial master plan. A2)Hexagonal and circular zonings were well united into a windmill shaped layout with high tech image ceiling feature composed of honey comb patterns aimed to direct passengers’ perception to advanced and comfortable aviation service. B)Brief & Concept Stage B1)Design Brief B1.1) The Task The designer was appointed to tailor a progressive design for the lou... More

Product • By Comme dadaHexagone revival

Hexagone revival

Heigh: 54 cm Width : 60 cm The Hexagone Revival can be used as a modular furniture. It can be used as a single shelf to put under your desk or next to your couche, or it can be used (due to the hexagonal design) as a modular shelf system in your office or in the living room. More

Project • By Sparch ArchitectsPassenger Terminals

Shanghai International Cruise Terminal

Sparch won the appointment to master plan the site for Shanghai’s new International Cruise Terminal in early 2004 and are now delivering the architecture in two phases. This 800-metre long riverfront site is conveniently located north of the historical ‘Bund’ centre of Shanghai, and will become a new gateway into the metropolis, accommodating three 80,000-tonne cruise ships at any one time, with an expected passenger flow of over 1.5 million people per year. This is in response to numerous cruise companies competing to include Shanghai on their South East Asian routes. Shanghai municipality has an estimated population of 20 million (registered 16.74 million, floating population of 3.5 million) which is nearly equal to the population of... More

Project • By Shift ArchitecturePavilions

DIY Reykjavik Pavilion

DIY Reykjavik is a Do-It-Yourself, non-profit design experiment initiated and designed by Arnaldur Scram and Simon Stigsby of New York-based design firm Shift, in collaboration with Angelica Biddle and Dr. Sigurður Gunnarsson. The pavilion is a temporary installation situated in front of the Nordic House in Reykjavik and coincides with the 2009 Reykjavik Design Days and 2009 Reykjavik Art Festival. The structure is declared ownerless and represents a stepping stone for the local community to question Iceland’s future. A major portion of the Icelandic building industry was paralyzed after the recent economic collapse. Regardless of the downturn, Shift has been compelled to initiate and seek out new opportunities, exploring the potential... More

Project • By MAD ArchitectsOffices

Sino-steel International Plaza

Sinosteel International Plaza is a new organic landmark for the redeveloped city of Tianjin. The design concept combines shape, structure and cultural symbolism in one repeated motif: a hexagonal façade, multiplying and growing across the building. This façade is made up of five different sizes of hexagonal windows, a traditional element in Chinese architecture. These windows flow across the building in an irregular, naturally occurring pattern, like cells multiplying. This device animates the façade, creating an ever-changing image of the building from each different perspective. The façade also forms the structure of the building, like an exoskeleton, a sheer solid surface. This removes any need for internal columns beyond th... More

Project • By Vaillo + IrigarayRegionals

Bratislava Čulenova - New City Centre

1. URBAN SCENE The project implies an optimum opportunity to propose a solution that works as a link between the historical city and the contemporary city. Where old industries were settled, new spaces of opportunity appear to generate the city, but mainly to join, to stitch… In too many occasions, new urban evolutions propose metamorphosis that scorn past time as well as his connection with existing city and all the basic essentials in the town itself, so new developments are planned as landmarks, jumps or breaks. Our proposal is fairly based on the contrary principle; in cultural, social, formal, structural continuity… not as a slash, but as a link space between the new and the old. HINGE URBAN SPACE It is not an isolated... More

Project • By manuel villaIndividual Buildings

Polyhedron Habitable

The project, meant for a family house back yard in the suburbs, aimed at designing a small park or opened area where the young parents and their newborn child would enjoy a independent space from day to day house activities, a space for reading, playing, etc. Having in mind this objective, and considering the usages of the space in the long term, it was proposed the project incorporated a small building to complement and support outside activities. That way the building would serve as a shelter for the child to share with his parents and, later on, as his own personal activities and hobbies setting. To begin with, the project wants to recover the natural space, to rebuild its original vocation, the native woods. Thereof, the notion of “p... More

Project • By LACE FENCEParks/Gardens

Bycicle Apple

In collaboration with KuiperCompagnons architects. Lace Fence is applied around the bike parkade at the city's railway station in Alphen a/d Rijn. Construction and mounting by Bersselaar Constructie BV. In total 216 panels. Each triangle panel is unique in size. More

Product • By KDLNHexagon


Wall and ceiling lamp with thermoformed diffuser in satin opal Plexiglas and colored frame. More

Project • By Realities UnitedArt Galleries


The winning competition entry for the “Espacio de Creación Artística Contemporánea” by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos proposed the integration of a low-resolution light and media façade on the building surface facing the Río Guadalquivir. Subsequently realities:united was commissioned to further develop the conception and the design for this media skin in close cooperation with the architects. The starting point for C4 was an analysis of the significant inner structure of the building, which is made up of a tessellated (self-repeating) pattern of polygonal rooms. The inner motif is translated to form a characteristic outer topography on the façade. The surface is made of fiberglass-reinforced cement (GRC) and shows a system of irregular shap... More