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Project • By Tuncer Cakmakli ArchitectsPrivate Houses


After serving as a customs building constructed on rocks in Kurşunlu-Gemlik, it was reconstructed as a weekend resort. The stone building was reinforced with steel structures on the rocks and small and large terraces and the wet area were hanged on the rocks. All cupboards and davenport were specially designed and produced. More
Casa Mesura  by Buhoblanco Arquitectos with the Stromboli Light of Cerámica Mayor for the terrace and swimming pool
Casa Mesura  by Buhoblanco Arquitectos with the Stromboli Light of Cerámica Mayor for the terrace and swimming pool
Casa Mesura  by Buhoblanco Arquitectos with the Stromboli Light of Cerámica Mayor for the terrace and swimming pool
Casa Mesura  by Buhoblanco Arquitectos with the Stromboli Light of Cerámica Mayor for the terrace and swimming pool
Casa Mesura  by Buhoblanco Arquitectos with the Stromboli Light of Cerámica Mayor for the terrace and swimming pool

Project • By Cerámica MayorPrivate Houses

Casa Mesura

Temperance and minimum expression to achieve a house with maximum functionality and efficiency. Casa Mesura is a single-family house on the ground floor, seeking maximum comfort and energy efficiency, in short, a comfortable house to enjoy. Caption Caption The neutral and silent façade, without wanting to be the protagonist of the neighbourhood, maintains the premise of the architectural studio Buhoblanco Arquitectos of maintaining a quiet, harmonious architecture that makes a town or city. An architecture that makes a city with the sum of many over individualities and outlandish designs. Caption Caption In the courtyard, a white gravel walkway together with the same paving tiles give personality to the entrance... More

Project • By Bas Vogelpoel ArchitectenApartments

Pied-à-terre Keizersgracht

This Pied-à-terre apartment had to contain a multifunctional room in the middle that is at once part of the living room, a study and a guest room. It’s a very deep space which has the unique feature of having windows on three sides, but not a lot of them. It also has the entrance all the way at the back-corner.  Caption As the position of the entrance made it necessary to make a pretty long hallway, we made a couple of interventions to alleviate the longitudinal space. First of all we treated the division between the hallway and the rooms behind it as an architectural object. It is materialized as a furniture piece, differently from the outer shell of the apartment, thus emphasizing the apartment as one hole. We also... More

Project • By Atelier RZLBDPrivate Houses

Out(side)In House

As nature seeps through a crack of a stone, or as from a wound of one’s heart blooms a new, unforeseen joy and peace, a nameless empty room becomes a sanctuary, a small universe, where one’s soul can truly rest. Located near Scarborough Bluffs, the panoramic horizon of Lake Ontario, Out(side)In House offers a void that leads the inhabitants to see the inner horizon, suggesting life in its deeper meaning. Borzu Talaie   The house is broken indentedly at its center into two volumes, which are pulled apart and shuffled so that the breakages face the outside and the exterior walls face the central void. In this double-height atrium, natural light falls from the sky through a series of stepped clearstories, oriented to so... More

Project • By DREAMERPrivate Houses

Terrace House 1

Terrace House 1 is a two-story rear addition to an existing terrace house driven by the desire for connectedness to family, the outdoors, and the creation of a retreat for a frontline medical worker. Context & Brief The project began when the client – a nurse – expressed a desire to upgrade her single-family detached residence to better meet her needs. Located in Ascot Vale, an inner-suburban locale approximately 6kms north-west of Melbourne, the existing home had been previously upgraded in the 90s but offered poor thermal comfort, little connection to the backyard, and a series of dark, under-utilised interior spaces.  As a frontline medical worker, often required to work nights, the client hoped for a nature-fille... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Home Partners of America

Home Partners of America (HPA) provides a path to home ownership that is more accessible than the traditional home purchasing process. Their sophisticated corporate brand is articulated through branded elements which nod to the residential real estate market. More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Help at Home

Help at Home offers skilled care, support and services for families with elderly and disabled individuals in their homes. Their new office showcases carefully curated moments inspired by those they serve and reflects the company’s mission and core values. More
house interior
interior of a residential building
the interiors of houses photo
interior of a private house
стили интерьера загородного дома

Project • By Chado Architectural studioIndividual Buildings

Private dwelling house

The house for a family of four uses the idea of ​​contrast between the monumental "shell" - and the transparent "interior" filled with light and air. Squat forms made of reinforced concrete are faced with bricks and stones, and panoramic glazing opens up a view of the interior, which becomes a full-fledged element of architecture. The symmetry of the building is dynamically emphasized by the chimney of the double-sided fireplace that runs right through the center of the façade.   The house for a family of four uses the idea of ​​contrast between the monumental "shell" - and the transparent, light and airy "interior". Squat forms made of reinforced concrete are faced with bricks and stones, and panoramic glazing opens up a view... More
Photographer: 	Suryan-Dang
Photographer: 	Suryan-Dang
Photographer: 	Suryan-Dang
Photographer: 	Suryan-Dang
Photographer: 	Suryan-Dang

Project • By EnvisageApartments

Jazz Billet

Today, there is no dearth of aesthetically pleasing properties in the market, with many designers creating expertly crafted spaces for prospective homeowners to ponder over for inspiration. However these beautiful homes often don’t present an appropriate reflection of their occupants, with their homes serving the basic functions but glancing over the personalities and secondary requirements of their inhabitants. Many individuals don’t just see their residential spaces as a place to live, but also a place to invite conversations and make memories. In these regards, 1101, a residence designed by Envisage, stands out as a space that is crafted to reflect the warmth and hospitality of the homeowners. The design brief for this proje... More

Project • By IDA14 by Karsten SchmidtPrivate Houses

Family House on Lake Zurich

The single-family house built in 1920 has been completely renovated in the interior. More

Project • By MO | MAYES OFFICEHousing

Milwood Residence

Located in heart of the Venice neighborhood, the Milwood Residence is a 3,800 square foot single-family home created to connect its occupants and their surroundings. Sensible programmatic adjacency and an open floor plan define the spaces at ground level. Occupants can move freely between common spaces which extend to exterior spaces as well as vertically via a central circulation 'void' to the roof deck. The 'void' was achieved via a custom operable skylight which fills the space of the circulation core for the home and allows access to the roof deck. This solved an architectural problem common to homes in the area. Many homes in Venice have roof decks, however, the code only allows a small amount of space to extend above the bui... More

Project • By M²FTExhibitions

Domestic Boundaries

Domestic Boundaries is a research and an exhibition that explores the contemporary dissolution of the domestic environment, operated through devices. Our daily routine is changing and so our spaces. Basic human needs can be generalized in terms of physiological needs such as eating or sleeping, the need for security, love and belonging. Many of these needs have been reflected, in the last centuries, in the architecture of the residence, one of the main hereditary daughters of the industrial and modern conquest of the bourgeoisie.The prototype of this model of home guaranteed the presence of spaces to relax, feel safe, expose the concept of property, build relationships, express personal identity and encourage gender segregation; it was a re... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

7:37' House & Studio

Project Name:   7:37' House & Studio Category:   Interior Design Completion Date:   June 02, 2015 Project Area:   122 m2    Country :   Iran Company Name: AshariArchitects Design : AmirHossein Ashari Design co - worker : Zahra Jafari - Mostafa Yektarzade Construction: Saeed Jamali - Nima Asadi - Aida Bazoobandi 3D modeling : Mostafa Yektarzade - saleh banisefat Photography: Aida Bazoobandi - Zahra Jafari Accessory : Sahar Gharaei   A different house for a different family The approach for this project was initially started from the time when a family from the U.A.E was willing to spend their holiday by purchasing a property in Shi... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

Maternal House( خانه مادری )

This contemporary apartment was designed to replace an old childhood home. Despite the limitations in the design of the plan and its inability to create a nostalgic atmosphere, we tried to design the facade of the structure’s corner with playful rainbow colored highlights woods, rusted bars, these colorful windows appears to be a painting for children and infants from the old home reminiscent of sweet childhood times. More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

Safari Residential Apartment

Text description provided by the architects. The Safari Residential Project is located at the southeast of Shiraz, one of the oldest part of the city. Today, the attention of the architects in the city is more focused on the wealthy areas and there is a lack of innovative projects in such poor areas. The site context’s situation is in decline, and architecture is being oblivious, which has affected the city fabric structure and visual aspect of the region. To this end, the initial perspective on the creation of this project is a slight attempt to revive the recession situation of the design site.The idea of the design was based on creating a connecting and reliant element on all floors. This central element, which is in the inner shell of t... More