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Product • By VicousticVicBooth Spa

VicBooth Spa

VicBooth Spa allows anyone to create silence spaces for different therapies, in an acoustically protected environment, without construction work, saving time and money. A spa treatment room in a private, soundproof and healthy environment, that is easy to assemble in any place, is the core of the new VicBooth Spa. Born from Vicoustic’s know-how in acoustic booths for offices and professional audio recordings, winner of the German Design Award 2022, the spa booth benefits from the human safety quality of the sustainable VMT solution used. From Spas to hotels, corporate offices, trade shows, and shopping centers, any place can become the most sophisticated therapy room, for massages, osteopathic treatment, skincare, or cosmetic action... More

Project • By Jeffrey Beers InternationalRestaurants


La Central pays homage to a fundamental emblem of Puerto Rico’s history: “la caña de azúcar”, through the creative use of sugarcane & rum in its dishes. Chef Mario Pagán’s appetite for new techniques while staying true to Puerto Rico’s heritage proves that an upscale cuisine combined with fire are a timeless match worthy of your palate. With multiple seating areas, including an outdoor space with a bar, you can enjoy a breath of fresh air with drinks prepared by the finest mixologists. Straw-woven accents & industrial metal finishes accentuate the main dining room, lit by round chandeliers that evoke a brief reminiscence of the past- quickly brought back to life by the energy of the... More

Project • By iraisynn attinom studioHotels

Hospitality complex in Ancient Corinth

The plot is located near the archaeological site of Ancient Corinth, where prehistoric, Hellenistic and Roman findings have been discovered. In the Northwest the plot is facing the sea (Corinthian gulf) and in the South, the Acrocorinth, a rocky cliff 575 meters high where the castle of Ancient Corinth (700 BC) is located. The area has also been designated as a protected ecosystem, due to the bushy Mediterranean vegetation and fauna.  Caption   On that 2200 sqm plot, a hotel of 1000 sqm is going to be built. The main objectives of the design are the protection from the northwest winds, the view towards Acrocorinth, as well as the accomplishment of privacy among the residents. The hospitality complex consists of a one-story... More

Project • By iraisynn attinom studioHousing

Arched residencies in Santorini island

Four autonomous summer houses will be constructed on a plot in the area of ​​Oia on the island of Thira (Santorini) in Greece. Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean sea. It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago, and it is the remnant of a volcaniccaldera.  Caption The main objectives of the design are the protection from the northwest winds, the view towards the sea and the Mediterranean volcanic landscape, as well as the accomplishment of privacy among the residents.  Caption The rocky plot is facing north, and is exposed to the strong northwest winds that prevail in the area. The goal of the design was, through the division of the main building volume into smaller ones, to create a number of... More

Project • By Francesca Lo CascioRestaurants

Noz Brigadeiria

Truffles? Cupcakes? No, Brigadeiro! What is Brigadeiro?BRIGADEIRO is a very traditional sweet from Brazil, made of condensed milk and powdered chocolate, but for Brazilians, "brigadeiro" is much more than a simple sweet, each bite reminds them of their childhood. Of Brazilian grandmothers and mothers spending hours in the kitchen preparing small sweets for kid's birthdays, and the delicious smell that quickly permeates the whole house and the joy everyone experiences while eating them! Brigadeiro tastes like love, affection, and happy memories! That's what you find at NOZ. The joy of the Brazilians, a sweet that will fill you with happiness! It is a place you were looking for to enjoy a hot terracotta cup of tea while delighting your palate... More

Project • By Francesca Lo CascioRestaurants

Magnum Cafe Paris

The Café Magnum opened in the Marais neighbourhood in Paris (4th arrondissement) from May 30 to June 24/2012. Here, the public can create their own recipes, name them and share them on Facebook. Caption Caption The surface area is over 150 m2 and will surround a central bar.A lounge space offers armchairs and lounge chairs, allowing the less hurried to sample their creations, but also to discover the exclusive menu, created for the occasion around products by the brand. Following our design, Magnum develops numerous shops all over the world.  Caption Caption SCOPE: Concept Development, Interior Design, 2D architectural drawings, 3D renders, Bespoken furniture design, space accessorisation, menu design,... More

Project • By Francesca Lo CascioRestaurants

Teppanyaki Burger

Concept of a restaurant that matches together with the Japanese cooking style "teppa yaki", where a chef cooks in front of the guests, and the Hipster universe of American burger.  The interior decoration is completely inspired by the hipster trend mood. Caption Caption SCOPE: Concept Development, Interior Design, 2D architectural drawings, 3D renders, Brand Identity, Packaging design DESIGNED WITH: LATELIER LC Caption Caption More

Project • By MIXDSwimming Pools

Aquapark at Cukrownia Żnin

In the huge post-industrial complex of Sugar Factory Żnin (over 40,000 m2 on 35 ha of land), the MIXD studio was responsible for the interior design of the A3 building. A large part of it is occupied by an aquapark - an ideal place for families with children to relax. In order to slightly soften the interior climate of the former production hall with 8-meter-high brick walls and a visible steel roof structure, the designers from MIXD proposed a bright, pastel interior inspired by sweets. “Although we are dealing with a post-industrial facility, we did not want to add artificially created 'industrial' elements to the original fabric of the building. The water park is a space for fun - we preferred to look for the associations behind th... More

Project • By MIXDHotels

Hotel Royal Tulip Sand

If you like to relax at the Polish seaside, regardless of the season, and the sound of the waves is the sound that relaxes you most effectively, the Royal Tulip Sand hotel in Kołobrzeg - a new project of the MIXD studio for Zdrojowa Invest & Hotels - is created just for you. Especially if you value a comfortable rest in a resort style. The first hotel of the international chain in Poland is  available to guests from the beginning of June 2021. Caption "A guest of the first Polish hotel of the French brand Royal Tulip will have no doubts for a moment where he is and what brought him here." - says Piotr Kalinowski, CEO and creative director of the MIXD studio. This hotel is definitely a seaside, resort hotel, comfortable, with... More

Project • By Architectural Engineering ConsultantsRural

KH retreat

Positioned within the Cambodian countryside setting, this proposal has been designed as a series of retreats connected through tropical gardens and walkways to create a community-focused. “KH retreat” aims to combine elements of the traditional Cambodian dwelling with others elements that make it the idea of attractive, healthy and sustainable design that physically connects the ground and raised living areas.  With a total built area of 60 sqm, the building form is made up from the overlapping of the letters KH which means Khmer, the official language of Cambodia, those letters give an organized pattern of form and space. The design seeks to emphasize the closeness to nature while allowing a comfortable stay indoors. A st... More