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Project • By AshariArchitectsHotels

Kish Armitaj Hotel

The development of Kish in terms of tourism has led to the construction of new urban texture and buildings in the city to attract tourists and it can be noted that hotels are a potential platform that attracts tourists in the city texture according to their architectural-environmental factors. Caption Hotels were usually used as a temporary place for passengers' accommodation where provided services and products just for their guests. But nowadays this system is changed and we have faced the question in this plan and it leads us to this question that: Caption Is it possible to create various uses and functions in the hotel, including lively activities and social interactions that affect both the form and the structure, and how c... More

NewsNews • 27 May 2022

Snøhetta brings a modern vision to the remote historic hotel Finse 1222

At the very highest point of the Norwegian Railway track and only accessible by train, you will find the mountain village Finse.  Situated amidst the beautiful mountain landscape is the stately hotel Finse 1222. Originally constructed in 1906 to provide lodging for railroad workers, it reopened as a hotel in 1902. Snøhetta was commissioned in 2022 to bring a modern vision while bridging with the past.  Ivar Kvaal With a down to earth yet exclusive feel, the existing hotel was welcoming an increasing number of visitors that wanted to explore the outdoors but also fully take in the indoor realm of the hotel.  Ivar Kvaal The Snøhetta team began by investigating the extensive amount of historic material... More

Project • By Arquitectura en Movimiento WorkshopHotels


Located in the city of Valladolid, the third most populated city in the state of Yucatan. Rafael Gamo Design premise: a broad urban analysis and a deep study of its inhabitants, culture and customs. Our conclusion was to discover the great activity, taste and devotion of the “Vallisoletanos” for community life through daily social coexistence in free, open spaces. Conceptualized as a master plan, to add to the city and the few existing public spaces (The Main Square and the Convent’s park), reinforcing the popular activities of the locals around culture, art and gastronomy. Rafael Gamo The hotel program only needed 30% of the space of the 40902.86ft² lot, located on one of the main avenues;  the archi... More

Project • By Rulon InternationalHotels

W Hotel Nashville

The W Hotel brand has always offered sophisticated, upscale vibes with each destination or lifestyle hotel envisioned, but the 14-story, 346-room W Nashville may have set a new bar for excellence. Located in the Gulch neighborhood of Nashville, TN, the newest concept for Marriott International’s W Hotels brand aims to attract both visitors and locals by providing unique in-house experiences that embody the narrative of Music City. A new concept called the “Welcome Den” offers space for hotel guests to relax, work, and enjoy craft beverages. Signature golden mirrored-cage Mix Bars create a centerpiece for each room, opposite original, commissioned artwork. Caption One of the main features of the hotel is The Dutch res... More

Project • By BLVD InternationalHotels

Hotel Indigo Suzhou Yangcheng Lake

A golden sun sets over the embankment, making the Yangcheng Lake glistening in the sunshine, just like a fairyland, shimmering all the elegance of Suzhou, an ultimate destination of life pursued by people all over the world. Caption Thousands of years ago, the great statesman and tactician Wu Zixu decided to build the capital of the Kingdom of Wu there following his belief on the god-blessed fortune and good luck on this land. Since then, Suzhou, a land blessed by the god, has grown into an ideal model land of easy poetic life, with its elegance and dignity admired by people all over the world. Caption Following the poetic inspiration of predecessors, enjoying the leisure and easy scenery, admiring the elegant culture and humani... More

Project • By Cerámica MayorHotels

Grand Blue Villas

Grand Blue is a complex of villas located in the southern part of Rhodes, in the unexplored area of Lachania. This group of villas was established as a destination area for those seeking relaxation and tranquillity during their summer holidays. Caption Their decoration and materials cater to a new concept of luxury, offering warm hospitality and the precious charm of the island, designed to offer the feeling of living with all the comforts and spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. Caption Among these amenities is the spacious terrace with its dazzling infinity pool, all paved in our Cements Snow, a porcelain stoneware that mimics cement, bringing all the benefits of ceramic fused with the modern and contemporary aesthetics of cem... More

NewsNews • 4 Feb 2022

Snøhetta's Cornell Tech Hotel and Education Centre reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of New York City

Providing a new home that reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of New York City, Snøhetta has completed the Cornell Tech Hotel and Education Center. The project includes two buildings connected by a planted entry plaza and links a 36,5000 square-foot business conference centre with a 196-room hotel tower. Caption Upon arrival on the campus, visitors are greeted by the softly curving surfaces and glimmering double-height aluminium panels of the 18-storey hotel. V-shaped columns announce a ground-level bar opening that leads into the shared courtyard while continuous soffits run from the entry along the perimeter of the ground level.  The four-storey conference centre meanwhile is embedded into the campus and is clad with ver... More

Project • By Cerámica MayorHotels

Yours Boutique Hotel

Located in Valencia's Ruzafa district is this minimalist design hotel for which Eseiesa Arquitectos used cement as the common thread throughout the project. Caption The Yours Boutique Hotel has 12 intimate spaces, one of which is the multifunctional interior courtyard with a pleasant porcelain stoneware swimming pool in Stromboli Light by Cerámica Mayor, a space that invites relaxation and rest. Caption Caption More

Project • By Cerámica MayorHotels

Argo Hotel Mykonos

On the Greek island of Mykonos is the fantastic Argo Hotel Mykonos for which they decided to give a new look by using our Cements Smoke ceramic, a colour that imitates cement, adding the advantages of porcelain stoneware, placing it all over the terrace, a simple way to modernise the hotel. Caption Caption In addition to the terrace, paved in the 75x75 square format, they also included this colour for the swimming pool with the 37.5x75 tiles for the interior, the Creta edge for the pool coping and the RJ67 ceramic drainage grille, which is very useful especially in overflowing pools of this type, preventing the water from overflowing more than necessary. This colour creates a deep blue colour in the water, which, combined with th... More
We wanted to achieve the maximum presence of nature in the bathroom area
The main square of the hotel
We wanted to make some areas of the hotel more monumental
Mutis hotel room is a combination of Asian and minimalist direction which includes expressive textures and custom details
The bedroom and bathroom area is separated by a glass partition

Project • By 279 concept studioHotels

The Mutis hotel with Japanese aesthetics

The concept hotel "Mutis" located in Indonesia. This project represents our search for combinations of different stylistic directions. We experimented a lot with geometric shapes, materials and furniture. Caption Caption Project concept creation took about 2 months.One of the ideas of this project was to give people the opportunity to feel like a part of nature through location, natural materials, colors, art objects and interaction of plants with interior and architecture.We used artistic plaster in the interior, polished concrete on the floor, custom metal and wood panels on the walls. Caption Caption More

Project • By Barault ArchitectsHotels

A twisted prismatic approach of a boutique hotel

The Ampia Vista retreat is located on a steep longtitudinal plot at the southern part of Meganisi island offering breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. Additional to the 34 double rooms, 8 triple rooms and 6 luxurious suites, the complex includes high standard food and beverage facilities as well as a wellness  center.    The name derives from the Italian meaning of the phrase “ample view”, which is the key element of the hotel. A prerequisite for the design team was that all rooms and facilities have unique unhindered views of the mesmerizing blue of the nearby bay.    As Greek villages are anchored on mountainsides and have their public square located at the center, the retreat is deployed on a sta... More

Project • By InternovaBars

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik winter garden

The third phase of refurbishment of the iconic Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik included the magical winter garden and restaurant. The shelves are made of brushed brass metal mesh with integrated LED lighting and with wooden shelves produced from dark timber. The design was inspired by the hotel building lines and original archways. The eye-catching bespoke sofas required special workmanship and attention to detail since the wish was to have symmetrical lines for the embroidery along the entire length of the rear benches. It was specifically challenging to achieve that in the middle part of the sofa. The sofas are upholstered in faux Panaz leather with custom-made stitching in a scalloped pattern on the back and velour fabric on the front. The ba... More

NewsNews • 9 Aug 2021

Slovenia's Hotel Bohinj stands as both historical monument and sleek contemporary expression of eco-design

Located in the heart of the Triglav National Park in the lush Bohinj Valley of northwestern Slovenia, the newly opened Hotel Bohinj stands as both historical monument and sleek contemporary expression of cutting-edge eco-design. Formerly the Hotel Kompas, built in 1972 and having undergone two awkward and partial renovations since then, the property has been revitalized and reimagined via extensive structural and interior renovations by OFIS Architects in collaboration with energy entrepreneur Damian Merlak. The result is a visually striking building which both organically blends into the surrounding landscape and also expresses the cultural identity of Bohinj through a range of design motifs and vernacular narratives woven throughout the a... More

Project • By AE Interior ArchitectureHotels

Filika Boutique Hotel

Filika boutique hotel has been renovated again in order to make its guests feel the effects of Mediterranean architecture. With the use of wicker in the room designs, it is aimed to feel the effects of the local texture. Comfortable spaces are created with linen textures and micro concrete floors. Travertine stones were used in the circulation areas.The effects of the local texture were exhibited together with the rattan pendant lights.   More

Project • By LODESHotels

Exe Saldanha

The Exe Saldanha is a hotel that is contemporary in spirit and functional in character, the ideal place for urbanites. The hotel facilities have been designed paying great attention to every single detail so as to live up to your expectations, whether you are here for tourism or on a business trip. Lodes' suspensions Kelly and A-Tube as well as A-Tube ceiling lamp blend in naturally with the design, decorating and embellishing the café, the dining room and the hotel's entrance hall. More