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Project • By Horibe AssociatesPrivate Houses

house in sugie

The house is sited on a path,where old houses and tradition remain. At the end of the path is a Shinto shrine. yohei sasakura yohei sasakura Every year, omikoshi are carried along this path during the festivities of the Naginata Matsuri.For this residential project, we aimed to create a house which harmonizes with its con- text in both materiality and geometry. yohei sasakura yohei sasakura The house is in the hiraya style, composed of 3 consecutive kirizuma roofs.Through slits and apertures, blue skies are visible from the interior. Two gardens are born from shifts in spatial composition. One for “tranquility” and family. The other, for “movement” and hospitality. yohei sasakura yohei... More

Project • By Horibe AssociatesPrivate Houses

navy box

This residential project for a family of four is built on an 85m² site with strict regulations and contains a covered garage and courtyard. Regulations limit possible building coverage to 43m². Due to this limitation, we used a computer to reverse-calculate shadow coverage and find maximum building volume. In addition, we took advantage of sky factor calculations, wall setback mitigations, and utilized the garage space which doesn’t get factored into the building area, to produce a wood-construction, three-story house with a gross building area of 102.78m². yunagi miki There is a limitation to the form of the building that requires that minimal shade be cast on neighboring buildings as a measure to maintain a goo... More

Project • By Horibe AssociatesPrivate Houses

garage house in kawagoe

As a true car and bike enthusiast, the client hopes for the ability to see his favorite car from the comfort of his bedroom. His wife wishes for a space in which she could spend quiet time with her dog. The house aims to grant both requests in a two-story residence. yohei sasakura The garage space is established on the first level, to house the client’s favorite Maserati Shamal, among other Italian cars and motorcycles.The family’s residential space is primarily on the second level. yunagi miki In order to secure the tranquility of the second floor, the first floor was planned with durable, reinforced concrete. yunagi miki A courtyard was inserted at the end of the garage, to allow for the release of sound and... More

Project • By Horibe AssociatesHousing

house in higashisumiyoshi

The site is located in a residential area close to a train station and offers views of the elevated railway line. What was needed was a magnanimous space that allows you to sense the other family members, wherever they are.To contrast the space ahead, the luminosity of the finishing has been reduced and the ceiling kept low in the entrance. yohei sasakura yohei sasakura Passing through it, a bright living space with a three-story atrium spreads before you.The staircase has been arranged to encircle the large volume of the living room, with various rooms distributed with the volume at their centers.The single air volume placed at the center of the family allows members to constantly sense each other’s presence and grants a... More

Project • By Bas Vogelpoel ArchitectenApartments

Pied-à-terre Keizersgracht

This Pied-à-terre apartment had to contain a multifunctional room in the middle that is at once part of the living room, a study and a guest room. It’s a very deep space which has the unique feature of having windows on three sides, but not a lot of them. It also has the entrance all the way at the back-corner.  Caption As the position of the entrance made it necessary to make a pretty long hallway, we made a couple of interventions to alleviate the longitudinal space. First of all we treated the division between the hallway and the rooms behind it as an architectural object. It is materialized as a furniture piece, differently from the outer shell of the apartment, thus emphasizing the apartment as one hole. We also... More

Project • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciPrivate Houses


House K is one of our projects that had waited the longest for its construction. We started working on it in 2012, yet the house has just been finished in 2021.  Piotr Krajewski In the meantime, the project and the construction have encountered some adventures. The original concept assumed that the building would be part of a larger complex, which was intended to be a multigenerational family residence. Later the client has decided to move her house to another, much more attractive location. When we started working on the necessary adjustments to the project, the site had a virgin appearance, partly overgrown with a forest, gently sloping into the valley of a nearby river. When the house was finally completed, the neighborhood be... More

Project • By ArchLAB studioPrivate Houses

Meadow House

Modern Meadow House is designed away from the city noise, out of urban area. The architectural challenge was to incorporate new house into an existing natural meadow as much as possible. The natural surroundings of nature inspired home solutions. Single-floor house architecture is close to human and nature scale, developing a connection, private relation between them. The L-shaped house plan separates the patio from the street. All living spaces are facing the yard. Bedrooms planned separately from the guest spaces. Living room, kitchen, dinning room with outdoor terrace is designed with high ceilings. Large windows connect the interior and exterior spaces, what creates a cozy and calm atmosphere for residents and their guests. Much attenti... More