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Madrigal 16 Residential Complex

Harmony between Architecture and Nature Located in the northeast of Madrid, in the exclusive Puerta de Hierro colony, the project includes four residential blocks with two apartmentes in the ground floor, a first floor apartmente and two duplex penthouses. These redidences offer large spaces, balconies, a private swiming pool and gardens, designed to ensuer privacy in all rooms. The project also has common areas, such as a community pool, gymnasium and underground parking with direct access to each of the blocks. Alfonso Quiroga Alfonso Quiroga The façades have been designed with dynamic structures, whic create moving shapes, in order to achieve harmony and integration with the environment. The large glass windows, the ba... More

Project • By KHR ArchitectureResidential Landscape


Kirsebærhaven on the outskirts of Copenhagen is a new type of apartment building developed by KHR. The dwellings are interwoven to create alternating entrances and gardens in the facade. This gives a social and visual dimension to the development, which naturally creates social interaction. Caption The cherry orchard is located on a rural plot, between town and countryThe location means easy access to Amager's large natural areas such as Amager Fælled, Ørestaden and Amager Strand. In addition, there are several attractive schools in the area, easy access to both the metro, the Øresund motorway and the airport. You get both the qualities of the city and nature within a bike ride. Between the low-rise blocks o... More

Project • By MOIZApartments


Located on one of Valencia’s main avenues, connecting the city centre with the sea, the building occupies an awaiting plot of land with ideal conditions. A perfect rectangle, with its long sides facing 2 streets although with a very limited surface area of 200sqm.  Alejandro Gomez The program which wasn’t totally defined at the beginning, comes from the desire to respond to the plot’s ideal conditions and possibilities.  Alejandro Gomez The architectural intention that determined the layout tries to optimise the use of land and maximize the entry of light. Locating the access core in the middle divides the plot in two and minimises the common areas. Each half is divided again in two obtaining 4 units,... More

Project • By AllesWirdGutApartments

REI – Quartier du Parc Reimerwee, Kirchberg (LU)

Building a family Father, mother, child. Like a prototypical family, two large and two small buildings combine into an ensemble accommodating a total of 94 residential units in Kirchberg, Luxembourg City. Two stretched-out linear buildings in the Quartier du Parc Réimerwee are located on the north-eastern edge of a new development area, with the north-western side lined by Boulevard Konrad Adenauer. To the south, the complex opens up to Parc Réimerwee. Two point-block buildings complete the ensemble, creating an architectural quartet of individualized buildings. The differentiation of the built volumes makes for a heterogeneous, varied appearance of the total complex in the Quartier du Parc Réimerwee—like differe... More

Project • By Brusnika Company, RussiaHousing

A city within the city

The Northern Quarter is a new housing estate in the northern-eastern part of    Yekaterinburg. Located in a residential area, the plot neighbours high-rises, private cottages, production facilities and garages.    Caption The master plan from the Dutch LEVS Architecten restores the historical grid of streets, disrupted by industrial and private construction, aligns it and creates a rich environment based on the ‘city within the city’ principle, with variously sized and designed houses, a square, an avenue, numerous shopping facilities and amenities. Brusnika was the project’s contractor and developer.    Caption Houses with sections of varying heights are sited in the quarter perim... More

Project • By Taillandier Architectes AssociésApartments

ZAC Niel

Situated in the heart of the ZAC Niel development in Toulouse, France, the collective housing project creates 212 homes with ground floor commercial spaces.  The site, between the river and the hills, has been occupied since Neanderthal times, bringing a tangible richness to the place. It is also a meeting place of diversity, in its social, functional and built forms. This project is the last construction phase of the ZAC Niel development area. The site is in the South of Toulouse, where the Empalot and Saint-Agne quarters meet, close the Garonne river and within Toulouse’s ring road. These quarters are undergoing rapid transformation. In the first phase of work, 427 homes, a care home, a kindergarten, a citizenship centre, a Ma... More

Project • By MBH ArchitectsHousing

Woodside Priory

Just minutes away from the heart of Silicon Valley, Woodside Priory School is a Catholic Benedictine, independent college preparatory school nestled in the picturesque hills of Portola Valley, California. Founded on the values of spirituality, hospitality, integrity, individuality, and community, Woodside Priory sought the design expertise of Alameda-based architecture and design firm MBH Architects to conceptualize an on-campus housing building for their growing institution.  Caption Situated atop a hill overlooking the 50-acre Woodside Priory Campus, the new residential building boasts filtered views of Windy Hill and Russian Ridge. Tucked among the existing grove of redwood trees and other on-campus residential buildings, the... More

Project • By Rapp+RappOffices

De Schilden

Based on the Falconplein masterplan, Rapp+Rapp planned one of the two large buildings that divide the inner grounds of the building block into four inner courtyards; a C-shaped housing block with a mixed spatial programme and an underground car park. The residential units vary in building depth between 14 and 22 metres and thus display a great diversity of housing typologies. The elevated ground floor contains commercial space with an entresol, while office units are planned in the corners of the building. The façade is presented as a coherent structure and makes no distinction between the front and the back of the building. It is based on a grid in which the different programmatic elements are incorporated. Office spaces are charact... More

Project • By Rapp+RappOffices


A narrow spit of land between the eastern bank of the IJ, the railway embankment and the Piet Heinkade was part of the redevelopment of the eastern harbour area by the Amsterdam Department of Urban Planning (DRO) in the 1990s. The urban development concept included a series of interconnected building zones. In this so-called ‘train of buildings’, a part of the old warehouses was to be preserved and integrated into the planning. Caption   Rapp+Rapp created the urban design for one of these building zones, in which an extremely high building density had to be realised. Following New York’s zoning law, urban guidelines were formulated for the daylighting, the massing, and the intended robust character by which the... More

Project • By Parc architectesHousing

Michigan Garden

Project: 89 residential and commercial buildings - European branch of the University of ChicagoArchitectural team: Parc architectes (housing) + Studio Gang (Uni. Of Chicago)Client: ICADE PromotionEngineering firms: Elioth (structure - environment) Artelia (fluids - HVAC - economics) AVLS (acoustics) OLM (landscaping)Construction companies: SPIE Batignolles OUTAREX © Studio Gang Linked togetherLong associated with an industrial district, this part of the 13th district of Paris is undergoing a major transformation. The ground is an artificial slab created to cover a railway station. Today it is a project of stone, terracotta and wood that will rise. It will participate in the reintroduction of the earth and biodiversity in the... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerHousing

Workers’ Home Malpère

The project in Toulouse is divided into two units: The Adoma dormitory for young workers at the street and behind it a complex with twelve terraced houses for families.The Adoma complex consists of two blocks around a central core with communal areas and access zones. The second block is slightly recessed, creating a protected entrance area. The upper floor rests on slender columns. Thus the ground floor remains free and creates a connection to the surrounding green as well as roofed parking spaces for the residents.The individual mini-apartments are constructed as timber modules around a massive access core. The wood remains visible on the ceilings of the apartments and creates a warm, cosy atmosphere in the rooms. More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerApartments


In the Pradl district of Innsbruck, we built a new, modern residential quarter with 118 rental apartments and 53 condominiums on behalf of the Neue Heimat Tirol and Raiffeisen WohnBau housing associations. The car-free complex is designed as a sustainable passive house and is located in the middle of a new public park.A long building protects the whole site from the nuisance of the street and separates the commercial area from the residential area behind it. Inside the islet, three pavilions of five, six and seven stories, offset in relation to each other, are built in a park occupying more than half of the total area of the plot. This provision – a front built on the street and the individual pavilions at the back – takes on th... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerHousing

Village im Dritten – Eurogate Vienna

Urban context Village im Dritten (Village in the third district) is a newly developed quarter between Landstraßer Gürtel and Otto-Preminger-Straße in the north-east, with a park for everyone in the middle. The Gürtelbogen, a two-storey commercial building, shields the residential complex behind it from the heavily frequented Gürtel. The guiding idea of “climate-resilient district development” focuses on parks, façade greening, roof gardens and percolating pavements, but also on social sustainability. Site 7, which was developed by Dietrich | Untertrifaller together with Artec, is located in the middle of the Quartierstrasse, exactly opposite the passage to the Gürtel. Our project owes its... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerApartments

Living in the Arts and Cultural Quarter

Along the “Gastgebgasse” in Liesing, a new residential quarter with a total of 430 subsidised apartments is being built in the immediate vicinity of the Sargfabrik and the planned Bildungscampus Atzgersdorf. The southernmost district of Vienna strives for more art and culture. We have therefore developed our concept for the Kuku 23 residential quarter with the aim of providing an affordable cultural program, especially for children and young people. Art, culture and creativity run as a common thread and interweave these supporting pillars with meaningful, small-scale, affordable developments on the cultural level with the Sargfabrik and the Bildungscampus. Neighbourhood institutions such as a music and dance school, workshops,... More

NewsNews • 15 Oct 2021

A look at the UK’s best affordable housing project of 2021

RIBA recognizes McGrath Road by Peter Barber Architects as the UK’s best housing project of 2021 by awarding it the Neave Brown Award for Housing. This is the second time RIBA awards the Neave Brown, after granting it to Goldsmith Street by Mikhail Riches Architects in collaboration with Cathy Hawley in 2019. Morley von Sternberg “In addition to its sheer inventiveness, this project has made a huge contribution to the wider area; projecting its optimism, whilst managing to feel neighbourly. The architects have moulded a place of character, both within the scheme and the community it serves. It demonstrates how imaginative street-based architecture can be socially progressive and architecturally engaging – a combina... More