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Project • By OVERCODE architecture urbanismePrivate Houses


Mr. « M » and family contracted the office to design their new home in a recently purchased a small site up the hill of Villejuif city (125m²), a town in the suburbs of Paris. Caption The parcel is located in a garden housing district characterized by single family homes. The terrain is south oriented, and directly accessible from the main road. The family wished for a three bedroom house, with a study area, living-dining room and a garden totalizing a built-up area of around 80m². The zone regulations allowed for a small 40% footprint of the terrain and required a pinch roof typology for the house. In order to fulfill the client’s ambitions a vertical construction was necessary due to the small parcel. Ne... More

Project • By Jan Wiese ArchitektenApartments

Libauer Straße

My parents’ house was on a slope. On an incline of about 1.50 metres. In those days the developer had thought to himself that it would be clever to raise the ground floor up a bit more to let the new owners get out to the garden, which was at ground level. Simon Menges A spiral staircase ran from the balcony on the ground floor down to the garden. This meant that I spent my whole childhood enjoying a special vista over the garden. I can still clearly remember my parents in their deckchairs; great garden parties with wonderfully laid-out tables; garden parties with happily drunken friends and mown lawns with vivid patterns I’d made myself (although only appreciated by me). Simon Menges These memories – the persp... More

Project • By FRES architectesHousing


UNFIED AND DIVERSIFIED.The project takes place in a heterogeneous urban context, marked by the history of Nantes' island. It takes its inspiration from the shipyards, genuine places of local savoir-faire when it comes to metal work construction. The project proposes on the one hand a fragmented volume, echoing the faubourien (suburban) context of this neighborhood, and on the other hand facades dressed with a perforated metal skin underlined by concrete horizontal lines, unifying the building.  © Cardona OPEN BLOCK.The project takes shape in the form of an articulated Y figure, composed by volumes ranging from 3 to 6 storeys, offering multiple orientations and views to the housing unit. It opens itself to the surrounding str... More
Murillo Housing


Murillo Housing

 The DNA of Murillo Housing originated in its implementation. The challenge of this project was to position five 200m2 duplex houses in a lot while imposing minimal interference with its existing wooded surroundings thus maximizing its harmony with nature. Reinaldo Coser A major priority in this project was to keep majestic tress adjacent to each house. After additional studies on flow and natural illumination, we concluded that we could reach our objective by designing a cross shape plan accurately positioned in the terrain. This procedure resulted in an interesting rhythm where identical houses would have a distinct look from every viewpoint. Reinaldo Coser The shed style roofing and the emphasis on ethically responsible... More

Project • By C2DApartments

Edificio Turín

The project consists of four apartments, one per floor, each one having It’s own unique typology. At first the irregular shape of the plot seemed like an obstacle to creating a layout with habitable spaces, but we managed to use the odd shape to our favor by dividing each floor plan into two offset strips bound by the vertical circulations core.   This gesture allowed us to give the common areas of the apartments privileged views of the street while keeping the private areas on the inside, confined by two opposing courtyards that serve for natural lighting and ventilation.   The vertical and the horizontal circulations play an important role in the design, helping to separate public and private areas inside the apartment... More

Project • By Paralelo Zero ArchitecturePrivate Houses


Located in a small village in Beira Baixa, the project House in Vale de Abelha resulted from the need to renovate and expand the pre-existing housing structure with typical vernacular features, adapting it to modern spatial and building requirements. The pre-existing structure – a pet and farming produce shop on the ground floor and a residential upper floor – houses the new private rooms (bedrooms, sanitary facilities and laundry room), while the new volumetric area houses the social rooms (living and sitting rooms, kitchen and technical area), seeking to integrate it into the landscape through the use of noble and natural materials such as wood or stone. The project thus results in the renovation of the traditional building... More

Project • By Gabriel Rivera ArquitectosHousing

Casa Palto

The Palto House, located in Tumbaco, is a single-family house designed for a young couple in Quito-Ecuador. The site where it is implanted is located in a corner lot, with plenty of endemic avocado trees, locally called Paltos. The shade that these majestic trees project is an extraordinary resource for keeping the temperature down especially on a sunny day, a common occurrence in the area, as for the fruit of the trees, the avocado is very valued.   This is how in an almost intuitively manner Palto House's design takes as a reference the cooling thermic effect that is produced underneath these big trees and has a main objective, to succeed in building a thermally efficient and cool house, in an area of Quito, where the variations of... More

Project • By PETITDIDIERPRIOUX architectsApartments


The project is located near the canal that runs through the Danube eco-district. It comprises two volumes linked by bridges, a nine-storey building providing transition with the adjoining tower block, and a five-storey block housing duplex apartments and overlooking a public square. The constituent parts (grid, materials and colour) and the simplicity of the finished look are a reference both to traditional Strasbourg architecture and the atmosphere of ports. All apartments have large loggias that provide exteriors away from the bustle of the Boulevard below. More

Project • By ASAS arkitekturResidential Landscape

Skrivestue Faldbakken

The large plot is high and beautiful over the meadow landscape and the property consists of several built houses from various eras. A new extension could link the various existing buildings together, while the great view would be drawn into a new conservatory, a family room, or a writing room for the author. The extension is planned as a small timber building designed for maximum views and high light emission. It "escapes the roof" in the adjacent buildings by adjacent recessed niches. The roof lift follows the existing roof angles and flat roof solution into existing intermediate buildings.The new building is a hot, frost-proof solid building where the main support is in laminated timber columns and girders, while the roof structure is in... More