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Madrigal 16 Residential Complex

Harmony between Architecture and Nature Located in the northeast of Madrid, in the exclusive Puerta de Hierro colony, the project includes four residential blocks with two apartmentes in the ground floor, a first floor apartmente and two duplex penthouses. These redidences offer large spaces, balconies, a private swiming pool and gardens, designed to ensuer privacy in all rooms. The project also has common areas, such as a community pool, gymnasium and underground parking with direct access to each of the blocks. Alfonso Quiroga Alfonso Quiroga The façades have been designed with dynamic structures, whic create moving shapes, in order to achieve harmony and integration with the environment. The large glass windows, the ba... More

Project • By Brusnika Company, RussiaMasterplans

Southern Quarters

Southern Quarters is a large-scale renovation project in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Some of the wooden houses on the site were derelict or in the state of disrepair. Urban sprawl, proximity to the city centre and transport networks necessitated designing new, denser and more varied accommodation in the area. Brusnika launched the plot redevelopment project in 2018.   Dmitry Chebanenko The project master planning was accomplished by the international KCAP Architects & Planners. A triangular shape of the plot, with no street grid or building lines were the main challenges to be addressed. With a view to creating quality environment, the KCAP team opted for houses with alternating heights and an integrated system of public spaces co... More

Project • By Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve TicaretHousing


Architect: Dome + Partners Facade Applier: Çuhadaroğlu Alüminyum Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Application Area: 60.000 m² Scope of the Work: Aluminium Joineries, Aluminium Composite Sheet Claddings, Glazed Railing System and Seperations Caption More

Project • By ANA DESIGN STUDIO PVT LTDApartments

The Overlook Housing

The Overlook Condominiums is centered in between two of Ikoyi’s most prominent social and recreational establishments, the Ikoyi Club 1938 and the Lagos Polo Club, and stands OVERLOOKING the rarest views in the city. The design is conceived with the vision to deliver a new standard to the market including the unparalleled views of an 18-hole golf course and international polo ground, residences with grade-A standard finishes plus stunning common area amenities, and large living spaces with attention to details on the most efficient layouts. Brookstone Property The housing is equipped with exclusive facilities such as: Full 9th floor rooftop terrace with siting and dining areas, rooftop grills and panoramic views of Ikoyi and Vict... More

Project • By ArchimatikaHousing

Respublika Housing (1st phase)

The basic principles adopted for the development of the 1st phase of the project: midrise buildings, urban block planning, separation of pedestrian zones and vehicles, closed courtyards - open streets. Urban blocks are not classical quadrangular, but pentagonal forms a slightly more lively and unpredictable space. The sections are arranged in pentagons, which diverge in petals from the "core" - an area of 80x80 meters with a community center. In the place where the fifth "petal" of housing could be located - elementary school and recreation: tennis courts, football, and volleyball courts. The design of the private courtyards closed on all sides is deliberately opposed to the streets' geometric correctness. The atmosphere here is cozy, sl... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsStudent Housing

Student Housing Qatar

In the Education City of Doha, 73,000 square feet of etched metal fabric shades the glass façade of two residence blocks in striking contrast to the sand-colored stone façade. To combat the extreme climate of the Persian Gulf, the metal fabric sunshade enables enormous savings in air conditioning and lighting. More

Project • By Romero Vallejo Senior Housing

Vitapolis senior living

A place for senior citizens to call home. Vitápolis is a residential complex whose services are tailored to the social and welfare needs of senior citizens. In addition to the development's 35 fully-accessible independent apartments, it has community space which covers a surface area of than 1,500 m2 and includes gymnasiums, workshops, cafeteria, meeting rooms, lounges, gardens, pools, sports facilities and allotments. The Vitápolis project looks beyond architectural considerations and sets out to deliver a solution adapted to the emerging physical and emotional needs of this section of the population. Romero & Vallejo The development does not merely provide a set of accessible housing units. It aims to create... More

Project • By Secco Sistemi SPAApartments

Inside - Out

The “sculptured skin” of the new housing complex reveals the meaning of its name, Inside-Out. It is an invaluable three-dimensional envelope with sun breaker-shelves along the façades interspersed with windows that can be opened completely, solid inserts and protruding volumes. Allowing one to sense what is happening in the interior – in other words, the structure of the building and the apartments – the system of the perimetric façades emphasises the borders with the domestic areas, continuing to above the roofing to include the open, protected space of the roof garden with swimming pool. The elegant architectural design has opted for doors and windows with the SA 20 system in painted galvanised steel,... More

Project • By CumulusApartments

BC13 Residential

CREDITSArchitecture: CUMULUS, Eliza Yokina, Adrian Soare, Simina Ignat, Diana Iordache, Anca Ionescu, Cosmin Anghelache Area: 3200 sqmLocation: Badea Cartan Street nr.13, 2nd county, Bucharest, RomaniaStatus: ongoing 2018-2020 We imagined the community life of this building centered around two urban, yet private courtyards. BC 13 unfolds around these two defining spaces, ensuring organic connections to its neighboring buildings. The brick paved and planted courtyards offer opportunities of interaction. Both access staircases as well as all the apartments benefit from a visual link with these courtyards, provided by large loggias and sill-less windows. There are two iconic finishes that define this construction namely the brick cladding and... More

Project • By Pool Leber ArchitektenApartments

Wohnen ohne Auto

Wohnen ohne Auto (literally “Living without a car”) is a co-housing project, developed in a process of participatory design with a community of future residents. The project features a series of strategies which aim is to minimize the superfluous, to estabilish a collective attitude towards sharing and to encourage in general an environmentally conscious behaviour.The building is located in the former airport area of Munich-Riem and is part of the fourth and last construction phase of its reconversion. Its core point lies in the voluntary renouncement of car ownership by all the inhabitants, which is reflected in a sustainable planning approach.Together with three other new constructions, the project forms a rectangular city block around an... More

Project • By kirsch ZT gmbhResidential Landscape

Seestadt Aspern - Site D22

The three 4-6-storeyed buildings are situated on a planning site of around 5,200m² (D22) and have a fascinating mix of functions: the options’ include the group estate building, a pergola type with “inserted” apartments, and a home for children with severe disabilities. The project is being built as part of a housing subsidies scheme for rented property.A continuous greenery concept connects the adjoining building sites into a coherent totality. The building shell is constructed wholly with high-intensity heat insulation bricks, and the purely mineral wall construction is an essential factor in dispensing with full heat insulation based on fossil fuels.The project is impressive for the multitude of different apartment types and floor plans.... More

Project • By Mateo ArquitecturaHousing

26 housing units in Borneo Dock, Amsterdam

The project is a low solid with emergences and holes. The roof, that is in terms of surface the most important facade of the building, shows a landscape between domestic and abstract. From it, the arising volums introduce a small and rural scale to the whole. Lightness and weight, wood and brick (with its specific construction and compositional systems) form a complementary world, like a mandala, trying to respond both to the aquatic and gaseous character of the site as weel as to the need of stability, anchoring and protection a house demands. More

Project • By Reiulf Ramstad ArkitekterApartments

Mandal Slipway Housing Complex

The “Slippen” housing complex is located in the district of Lower Malmø, at the exit of Mandalselva in the Mannefjord. The town of Mandal has some very special qualities with its location where the river meets the sea, and a stunningly beautiful timber architecture. Lower Malmø on the eastern side of the river has historically been an industrial area, but this is currently under development and will in future become a vital part of Mandal's vibrant city life. The project is iconic with its unique roof forms and minimal window details, while at the same time evoking the character of the local surroundings, taking its inspiration from the unique character of Mandal: the encounter between timber construction and the open sea. The architecture... More