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Project • By Plastique FantastiqueHospitals

MOBILE PPS (Personal Protective Space) for Doctors

Fighting against COVID-19, doctors might be exposed to the infection when masks and protection suits are in shortage. The Mobile PPS is a pneumatic space where doctors can treat patients in transparent protective space. It has constant positive air pressure, which means, the air flows only toward outside of the space, not letting the virus coming inside. The clean air supply is guaranteed by a ventilator located outside or in an extra decontaminated space. AIR LOCK area keeps the air pressure and prepares doctors with disinfection procedures.Material: White TPU In the CARE UNIT, doctors can treat the patients according to their health condition.-Including the medical machines inside the PPS-Attaching arm gloves on the surface of the PPS-S... More

Project • By Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd.Exhibitions

Fairyland Playscape

Play Instructions1. This is a piece of art and architecture; the entire space constitute the “toy”. 2. It is an abstract art that wish to inspire. The participates are also part of the art work. 3. This space is about taking risky, because challenges can be fun4. The structure more bouncy and difficult than you think, please be careful!5. For the best play experience, go bare foot (no socks). You may store your shoes in the shoe racks. 6. Please enjoy and take a lots of picture! This is the "Yushan" of Chinese mythology, which is the residence of the Queen Mother. The warrior monkey Sun Wukong once played here. This is architecture; it is also artwork and a very large toy. Groundwork was commissioned by the Hon... More

Project • By Lambert KampsPlaygrounds

Children's Pillow Tent

Small inflatable Pillow Tent for indoor use. The tent functions as a small soft playhouse for children. The interior is made of soft colorful materials which create a cozy atmosphere so the children feel directly at home! More

Product • By Fugu furnitureFugu, nomad air furniture

Fugu, nomad air furniture

Since its inception, Fugu® vision has been to create not only inflatable furniture but a sustainable clean furniture. The fabric is extremely durable and will not degrade during its long service life. It is free from odor and chemically inert. Uncontaminated scrap material and material used can easily be recycled. Much more than simply inflatable furniture, FUGU® incorporates the use of air and water to inflate the furniture and a textile cover for a modern finish. FUGU® is both versatile and contemporary without compromising comfort. Coming from a thorough trend - mobility - FUGU® introduces Drag and Drop furniture: easy to inflate / deflate, lightweight, portable and compact. Given its lightweight, FUGU® significantly reduces tr... More