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Project • By ZJABridges

Fietsbrug, Tessenderlo

An additional bicycle bridge Cutting through the Flemish landscape near Beringen, just outside the city of Hasselt, the Albert Canal passes the town of Tessenderlo. The canal connects Liège and the eastern part of the country to the port of Antwerp, and is being adapted to the larger sizes and measures of contemporary inland shipping as part of a vast project. This not only leads to the enlargement of locks, but also to new and much higher bridges, to accommodate the new clearing height of 9.10 meter. Along the canal a series of new bridges will be built, designed by Laurent Ney and consisting of two arches leaning against each other. At Tessenderlo architects ZJA were asked to design an additional bicycle bridge over the Albert Ca... More

Project • By ZJABridges

Theunisbrug, Merksem

A new bridge in Merksem Hovering like a bird of prey high above the city of Antwerp you would see the glistening Schelde River, slowly meandering from the hinterland towards the old city and flowing out into a global seaport on the North Sea. From all directions highways and roads flock together to form a huge knot called The Ring, which has been causing problems for local and ongoing traffic for decades. The city is looking forward to the start of an immense project that aims to vastly improve life with the Ring, partly by roofing over the road and adding sound barriers and parks. Cutting right though the north of the city, from Schelde to the east is the Albert Canal, connecting the cities of Limburg and Liege with the port of Antwerp. C... More