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Project • By MosaOffices

Business Technology Innovation Center

Project Business Technology Innovation Center, published by Mosa. Location: Amstelveen, Netherlands Category: Offices Connect with Mosa for more information More

Project • By SteelcaseOffices

Steelcase Learning and Innovation Center in Munich

The Steelcase Munich Learning and Innovation Center (LINC) is a total reimagination of an existing structure. The design effort leveraged the expertise of a diverse international team—Henn Architects, Munich; Patrick Jouin and Manku Design, Paris; and the Steelcase Design team. The design team’s vision was to transform an outdated office space into a magnet destination for employees and visitors—a future-focused, inspiring center for learning and innovation.“We designed the LINC to support a culture shift from thinking of the workplace as ‘the corporate office’ to experiencing it as ‘the creative studio,’” says James Ludwig, who heads the Steelcase design and engineering teams.The LINC was purposefully designed to support the needs of indiv... More

Project • By YEGENA architectural design and colsultingExhibition Centres


We owe the current situation of the planet We are living in to the nature first then the humankind , with all of it's positive and negative aspects. Science guides us to make this environment more livable.In our journey to the deep , while we are searching for the last stop where we can never reach , just before going down to molecule and atom , chromosome is the first common structure providing sustainability that is noticed in all of living components of this body .Therefore; Let's dedicate our building in this Science Island to the first constituent of sustainability and generate chromosome ; What this form contains are codes of the future like the DNA... The X chromosome has been located to the center of green area which is at the no... More

Project • By RockpanelIndividual Buildings

Innovation Centre ‘Think Tank’

The Think Tank at Lincoln Innovation Centre is dressed for battle, contours evoke imagery of the army tank. Rivets are featured as a design statement to further enhance the military feel, with the name of the building itself adding to the overall impression. But Rockpanel Chameleon brings an extra dimension to the building. Its pearlescent paint system embodies the building’s purpose: innovation. When viewed from one angle, the facade panels are predominantly a military-style grey and green. From straight on they give the impression of bronze, and in direct sunlight the sun they have a dazzling orange glow. “The tank reference is not meant to be visible to every visitor, but I like buildings that echo their surroundings,” says Archite... More