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Project • By SCDAPrivate Houses

KL House

In the middle of bustling Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur House is a place of retreat from the city. The landscape, architecture and interiors keep the environment, culture and climate of the site well into consideration throughout the design process. Each component of the design is broken down to volume, line and plane, maintaining inspiration from classical architecture and design.     The Kuala Lumpur House is a sequence of both interior and exterior spaces, informed by light, material and the clarity of structure. The façade of the residence is nothing other than structured and aligned. The rigidness of the architecture is contrasted with the materials and the proportions that clad building and wrap around the landscape. T... More

Project • By Robeson ArchitectsHousing

Hyde Park House

Situated on a busy street, the Hyde Park House seeks to maximise views to both the leafy Hyde Park across the road and the city skyline, whilst maintaining the privacy of the family. The challenge was to design a home that was not trying to replicate a character home, but was contemporary to suit the needs of the family and fit in with its streetscape, not imposing on it given it would be two storey and the neighbours were single storey.  Caption The conceptual response to site, context and brief was to split the home lengthways down the middle, with the eastern side sitting on natural ground level with a first floor over and basement for cars under.  This lets us comply with height limitations placed on the property.  ... More

Project • By UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative)Offices

Neo Children Clinic

The project was to design a Children’s clinic. The requirements were to create a reception, waiting area, Doctor’s consultation room and a day care space with a single bed and seating space for the care taker. inclined studio We went for an open plan concept. Partitions were used as envelopes to define spaces. Partitions could be moved, as and when required. inclined studio The space is being used by the kids.  We wanted to make it playful, easy and fun to be. As Doctor’s clinic are generally intimidating for children. The children who generally come to visit the Doctor are unwell. We wanted the space to be warm and inviting to make them feel comfortable, secure and happy. inclined studio The Clinic... More

Product • By Wall-Smart Ltd.IC Realtime Flush Mount

IC Realtime Flush Mount

The Wall-Smart mounts minimize the impact of the camera body that would otherwise stand out of the ceiling/wall. With Wall-Smart, the camera remains fully accessible for service even when installed flush both in-wall and in-ceiling. Additionally, to ensure full security coverage, the cameras can be installed recessed anywhere in the house, without having to worry about cable mess. The mounts free up space by allowing cable management, and provide a clean, aesthetic décor. Most important, the Wall-Smart flush mounts do not diminish the cameras' field of view. More

Product • By Wall-Smart Ltd.Basalte Flush Mounts

Basalte Flush Mounts

The New Construction mounts are completely flush with the wall, paintable, serviceable and provide an absolute flush look that truly makes the device an integrated part of the wall.  Our Solid Surface mounts can be installed in wood, stone, and other solid materials. The installation requires a cnc router and access to the back of the board. All our solutions are made from moisture resistant MDF. More

Product • By Tomoaki Uno ArchitectsLever Handle 1

Lever Handle 1

About these items ・These are the original products of Tomoaki Uno Architects. ・If you contact us, you can purchase these items as well. More

Project • By Bob BirdShowrooms

Jinke Hanwang Tingquan lifestyle and arts lounge

A lifestyle and arts lounge at the Jinke Hanwang Tingquan Xiaozhen Project in XuzhouDeep in the mountains lining the borders of China’s Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces, the town of Hanwang is a place rich in historical heritage, dating back all the way to the early days of the ancient Han dynasty. It is known as “Xuzhou’s backyard garden” for its picturesque slopes and rivers, plentiful agricultural produce and social and cultural landscapes. The name is reminiscent of Liu Bang, later Emperor Gaozu, the first king (wang) of Han. According to legend, his forces were driven to exhaustion after prolonged combat against the army of Xiang Yu, Liu Bang’s lifelong enemy and self-declared ruler of Chu. Liu jabbed his blade... More

Project • By Geometrium Design StudioApartments

Komendantsky Prospekt

Doors  The entrance door is black of the Guardian factory. The bathroom and bedroom have hidden doors of the Union factory.  The living room and dressing room have one door for two. A sliding door runs along the guide in the flow, usually it closes the dressing room, if necessary, it can also close the living room. Manufacturer Academy of Doors. Evgeny Kulibaba Used furniture in the project Sofa in the living room, buried in a niche, from the factory BoConcept. It has an electric sliding recliner mechanism, it turns the sofa into a chaise longue at the touch of a button. White bedside tables, also BoConcept. The upper round base is removable and they can be used as a tray. Bar stools ROE of the Russian factory Montly D... More

Project • By Cristina La Porta StudioPrivate Houses

Villa Rivera

Villa Rivera is an imaginary home inspired by the 80s in the iconic city of Miami.  The predominant colors are peach, beige and mint; a large swimming pool covered with white tiles covers almost the entire outdoor area. Caption The tiles are a fundamental element of the design, since they are also brought back inside, creating a connection between the two areas, which is even more emphasized by the presence of large sliding windows, which allow you to divide the interior and exterior only partially. Caption The house follows organic and inorganic shapes at the same time: there are straight lines in many points of the house, but most of the details are characterized by curved, soft or circular lines. Caption In fact,... More

Project • By xzoomprojectPrivate Houses

Modern villa interior design Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ultra modern interior design for a villa in Saudi Arabia, near Riyadh, that was recently finished by [xzoomproject] design studio. The villa is on 3 floors. Includes Majlis, Living room, Dining room, Dirty kitchen. Caption Only natural and sustainable materials applied for the finishes, like rare marble and wood panels. xzoomproject Fancy marble staircase in the hall with unique Calacata marble wall panel. Steps with backlight to provide flying step effect. Caption Basement floor is for public audiences accommodating Man cave, Banquet hall, Soft sitting zone and decorative garden with skylight void.  Caption   More

Project • By zuloarkHousing

KSA Saconia

Elisa and Paco, both in their 60s, decide to return to the exact same flat they lived 20 years ago. Located in Saconia, a neighborhood in the north of the city of Madrid, the flat is an example of the many interesting housing typologies of this district, with cross ventilation and open-plan distributions. Photography: Zuloark When we were asked to renovate this old flat for Elisa and Paco, we decided we wanted to maintain the original philosophy of the flat, while making an upgrade with new materials. Photography: Zuloark The new design was based mostly on facilitate the needs of its new inhabitants and their everyday-lives. We designed this renovation working side by side with the new owners up to the last detail, they where co... More

Project • By Takashi Niwa ArchitectsOffices

Woven screen office

< Woven Screen > In order to achieve an “open yet enclosed, public yet private” space for an office interior in Hanoi, Vietnam, we propose a screen design with 3-dimensional concrete blocks. Traditionally, perforated terracotta blocks have been used for building facades in Vietnam to provide the best condition in tropical climates - blocking harsh sunlight while letting natural breeze comes in. The “Woven Screen” is our modern take on traditional Vietnamese perforated terracotta block walls, to optimize the interior airflow environment and light condition, as well as to create a space for better communication and creative working condition. Unlike traditional screens, this screen has no heads and tails. Thi... More

Project • By gon architectsApartments


Renovation of a penthouse in the Chueca neighbourhood In the last twenty years, during which Andrés had occupied a room in his sister's house, he kept in the storage room all those objects and design furniture that he had been collecting. In May he called me for a coffee after having signed a deal to buy an 84 m2 penthouse on Calle Pelayo for 210,000 euros. Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán y Rocío Romero) Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán y Rocío Romero) Gonzalo, now I want to live alone. I need a lot of light and darkness to sleep. I hate air conditioning. I work at home on weekends and meet with people although I never have parties. I collect contemporary art. I like to eat in the kitch... More



Forma bathroom units have landed in the Noken  catalogue, bringing the calm and ordered ambience we need in a space dedicated to wellbeing and self-care. The countertop is resistant against scratches, and can be heat-treated to repair any micro-scratches, giving the product added functionality and durability. Extra storage can be found in the revolving mirror with several shelves for storing everyday products. Add colour to the bathroom with finishes such as Merlot red, Forest green and Almond beige, injecting this versatile and hard-wearing bathroom unit with personality. Our tip: complement it with the special edition Forma bathroom taps, with handles in the same finish as your unit. For an unrivalled look. More

Project • By a-designstudioHotels

Avani Kalutara Resort

Avani Kalutara Resort is a casual two hour drive from the city of Colombo. The resort is situated on a prime strip of land where the views cover the lake, lagoon, and the ocean. The picturesque setting creates a unique atmosphere for a resort hotel. Caption Overall design concepts developed for the common spaces; reception, all day dining, suites, indoor and outdoor lounges, and bar were to emphasize on vibrance of resort living, by bringing in subtle hints of colour, whilst maintaining a balance between the architecture and interior design elements. Caption The reception area was uplifted with casual lounge furniture, and sand tone floor finishes keeping in mind the grand lawn beyond the open French windows. The white wash timb... More