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Project • By In-between Architects LimitedPrivate Houses

Dual Tone Simplex at Mount Regalia

In-between Architects creates a simplex of two adjoining units in distinctive tones for a four-generation family from the age of 12 to 90 in Mount Regalia Kau To Shan, a serene and undisturbed location up in the layers of mountains.  The challenge lies where different needs have to be taken care for the family members at different age groups. The son's family seek a cool and minimal living style that allows greeting guests with ambience and evoking visual zones alongside the beautiful wine and cuisine. The apartment is characterised by monochrome and a range of bold materials like artistic wall paint, rusticated stone wall and textured wood flooring. The right... More

Product • By AngoUnit (table-C)

Unit (table-C)

In these table lights, an atomised structure of silk cocoons is created in an ovaloid form.  Assembled, on a core structure of hand-soldered wire, the silk cocoon material magically refracts and reflects the light from the light source especially in the case of the natural white colour material. Also offered are the same designs in ebony colour and in scarlet colour. Product name: Unit (table-C)  Product ref: TL15036  Type: Mains voltage table light, Lamp base type: E27/E26 screw fitting, Lamp Type: LED Filament 8W,  Diffuser material: Silk cocoon, Base material: Hand finished stainless steel with copper Size: 300 mm W x 300 mm D x 240 mm H  12 in W x 12 in D x 9.5 in H Packaging size: 380 mm W x 380 mm D x 260 mm... More

Product • By AngoCascadence (ceiling)

Cascadence (ceiling)

The design continues Angos’ narrative of fusing nature and technology, where the diffuser is an ovoid form composed of natural silk cocoons assembled on a matrix of hand-soldered wires, where each strand or group of cocoons cascades downward.  The piece is particularly striking when hung in a group.   Product name: Cascadence (ceiling) Product ref: CL10029  Type: Mains voltage ceiling light Lamp base type: G9 Lamp Type: G9 LED Filament 3W Diffuser material: Silk cocoon (natural colour) Base material: Hand finished stainless steel Size: 260 mm W x 260 mm D x 300 mm H  10 in W x 10 in D x 12 in H Packaging size: 300 mm W x 300 mm D x 350 mm H  12 in W x 12 in D x 14 in H More

Product • By AngoNew World

New World

The pendant lamp diffuser is composed in a freehand round-oval shape structure, which is then clad with superfine extruded rattan, generating a warm and generous light quality. More

Product • By AngoDouble World

Double World

This double element floor light is an extension of the Hanging World pendant light, where the ovaloid structure evokes a flattened sphere or mini world.  The structure is then clad with several kilometres of superfine rattan in a random weave developed by Ango. When used in such a fine extrusion, the rattan material has a great light translucency and reflectivity.   More

Product • By AngoMidnight Moon

Midnight Moon

Conceived as a mysterious dark light-emitting object, Midnight Moon is an "atomised" structure composed of silk cocoons (that have been pre-dyed a subtle ebony colour), arranged on a hand-soldered wire matrix.     More

Product • By AngoWhite Crown

White Crown

Part of a new generation of lighting by Ango that explores the magic of natural materials combined with LED lamp technology, the design takes on the noble form of the crown, to create a perfect ring in an atomised structure of silk cocoons.  Assembled, on a core structure of hand-soldered wire, the silk cocoon material magically refracts and reflects the light from the light sources.   More

Project • By AngoShops

Calm Spa Thailand

Calm Spa, the minimal luxury resort spa in the heart of Ari, Bangkok, brings the most spectacular time from the moment one shares with themselves in bliss and savors the perfect indulgence to embrace the body's calmness. Lighting is one thing they concern.  ango Every detail and element in Calm spa is carefully selected, such as music, spa treatments, spa scents, and unique lighting. They chose only the best organic spa products for their unique scents. For interior design, they chose Ango for unique handcrafted lighting, using mulberry tree bark and very fine rattan materials that have great translucency and light reflectivity. Every handmade lighting envelops one in a smooth warm and relaxing atmosphere amidst the serene greene... More

Product • By AngoFirmament-1 (Gold)

Firmament-1 (Gold)

Referencing a freeform molten droplet, the Firmament 1 pendant is formed from many points, each one refracting the light and yet apparently suspended in space. Firmament-1 is offered in different finishes (Gold, Nickel silver, and Copper) More

Product • By AngoUnit (pendant-M)

Unit (pendant-M)

Mulberry tree bark pendant "Unit pendant M is designed by Ango. This design is a uniquely handcrafted ceiling light that provides relaxing light for a space like a spa or a bedroom. The diffuser is formed by hand sewing each of the prepared clusters of fiber to a cotton grid, which has been fastened to the base structure. Each light diffuser is created uniquely to make it handcrafted lighting. ​ More
Hanging world at Torralbenc Hotel
Ango lighting at Torralbenc Hotel
Ango lighting at Torralbenc Hotel
Bedside pendant at Torralbenc Hotel
Bedside pendant at Torralbenc Hotel

Project • By AngoHotels

Torralbenc Hotel

Torralbenc is a traditional Menorcan farm that has been renovated into luxury accommodation, respecting the rich heritage and archaeology of the area. Ango’s "Hanging World", rattan hand-woven pendant light is selected for the bedroom interiors throughout, and is a great complement to the refined interiors. More

Project • By AngoHotels

Hotel Chavanel

Inspired by its Parisian neighborhood between Saint Honoré, Grands Magasins, and Madeleine, the hotel has an aura of cultivated discrete luxury.  Hotel Chavanel provides a truly tailor-made welcome for guests to discover Paris, and enjoy its excellent hospitality against a background of great design. Carefully selected signature objects and customised lighting throughout are a highlight. It’s a great honour for Ango to be part of the elegant spirit of this hotel. More

Product • By AngoCherry Moon

Cherry Moon

Cherry Moon is a unique pendant light that gives energy and truthfulness of expression. The diffuser is formed of a random configuration of hand-selected silk cocoons (that have been pre-dyed a subtle cherry red colour). It looks delicate, but it’s a robust light, with each silk cocoon attached back to a hand-soldered steel wire core. More

Product • By AngoNest


Nest, the desk lamp is the elemental and universal form of a tripod supporting a nest-like vessel that is incarnated by the light inside, which diffuses literally through kilometres of laterally wound fine rattan filament. More

Product • By AngoHanging Nest (Large)

Hanging Nest (Large)

An elemental and universal form incarnated with light, which diffuses literally through miles of laterally wound fine rattan filament. Ango uses our own technique of rattan hand-weaving to create the piece.   Hanging Nest (large) pendant light size 300 mm W x 300 mm D x 230 mm H or 12 in W x 12 in D x 9 in H / Light source: LED Filament 8W / Base material: Hand finished stainless steel More