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Project • By ZentralnordenApartments


In order to make better use of the total floor space of the small apartment in the Kreuzberg district of parts of the corridor were connected with adjoining rooms. Patrick Nitzschke-Kuhnert The goal was to create a generous, bright spatial structure for the shared apartment, in which almost sculptural-looking fixtures are juxtaposed with the rough, untreated substance of the old building. Central functions are now centered in the floor plan. Patrick Nitzschke-Kuhnert The eat-in kitchen, hub of dialogue and hospitality, is docked onto the floor-to-ceiling cube. It houses important functions such as the bathroom and "attic" without this being apparent at first glance. More

Project • By IND architectsOffices

Raiffeisen TechCenter

The concept of the Raiffeisen TechCenter, the IT department of Raiffeisen Bank in Omsk, is based on IT+ART=DIGITAL ART — a global, bright, dynamic, inspiring — a modern reading of timeless values.  Caption The meeting rooms are inspired by the works of prominent residents of Omsk — artist Damir Muratov, musician Egor Letov and poet Timofey Belozerov. Three different types of art — visual, musical and poetry are transferred on a digital basis and realized in spaces of active discussions and birth of new ideas.  QR codes have been placed in the meeting rooms, which can be used to find out more about the identity of the inspirer of the design concept. Caption In the reception area there is an insta... More

Project • By Pavel and Svetlana AlekseevsOffices

simulator project

A commercial project, it was necessary to do everything quickly and inexpensively. The total area of ​​the premises is 200 square meters. We increased the mezzanine - 40% of the area by standards, thereby increasing the total area. Due to this, two levels were obtained, not high, but their location does not interfere with the functioning of the room. In this room we organized a gym, a coffee zone, two changing rooms - a male and a female, two bathrooms, a relaxation area for regular customers and trainers, as well as a massage room. MAXIM KANAKIN MAXIM KANAKIN MAXIM KANAKIN MAXIM KANAKIN MAXIM KANAKIN MAXIM KANAKIN MAXIM KANAKIN MAXIM KANAKIN MAXIM KANAKIN MAXIM KANAKIN MAXIM KANAKIN... More

Project • By Metaphor Interior ArchitectureOffices

Gowork MCC

In the rising needs of collaborative spaces, there are many workspaces that have transformed into open space. The shift has become imminent that we finally got on to the opportunity to design Coworking Space. With the prevalent trends of non-conventional workplace, we accommodate and facilitate operational needs of a dynamic coworking space using our own design language.To create an interesting concept as it is situated in a central area of Jakarta where all conventional workspaces has already existed, we decided to use an approach of design in a different way. We implemented a boutique hotel look to be different and unique among the rest. We use colour that is more mature such as regal blue and dark green. More

Project • By EDDA ArchitectureOffices


In consideration of the new structure established as a result of the merger under the roof of Hapag Lloyd, Hapag Lloyd and UASC Shipping companies, two of thebiggest and important companies in the field of Container Marine Transportation,rented an office area of approximately 1000 m2 on the office floors of the newpremises of IZMIR CHAMBER of COMMERCE due to the need for a larger andmore modern office in Izmir that would reflect its corporate identity as a Head Office for its developing and growing personnel, in addition to its several offices which operate across Turkey. During the completion and commissioning of the building, the concept and application projects have been created.Subsequently, upon having the application area available, t... More