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Project • By 4 Architecture StudioShops

Rosha Pharmacy

The contact with a designed place such as a pharmacy is almost always a fast and short experience of the place without paying attention to the path as the result of emergencies. Not only does Rosha pharmacy provide people with these conditions considering the obvious space separation, but it also makes the opportunity to discover spaces and wander around meaning Rosha includes different spaces rather than the ones which exist in all other drugstores, adding more spatial and functional attraction. Therefore, we came up with a design having the purpose of supplying quick and clear access to different parts as a must in a pharmacy, proper spatial separation and creating a desirable atmosphere which makes it a suitable place to stroll over.&nb... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsPavilions

CD PAVILION ( A Few Drops Pavilion )

“A few drops” is an urban pavilion, focused on environmental issues. Our approach is a critical expression against the industrial pollutions produced by humankind. We called people on social networks, to bring their wasted CDs for us. Thereby the intention was to raise public awareness about the issue and also supplying the main materials of our project with no budget. The pavilion construction is all done by people corporation. The pavilion structure was built with scaffolds which is 4m X 4m X 4m. The CDs were woven in fishing threads and they were hung to the net on the roof. The CDs are the metaphorical expression of raindrops to incite the human senses. More

Project • By Admun StudioShops

Laico Showroom

Laico is a brand containing multiple sub-brands with various products, hence to design Laico central store, each group of products need various stands with different forms. The store is giant and hard to perceive. Numerous columns, irregular layout, illegibility of the space makes the user confused through the space.Client: I cannot see where the space ends. I want my every product to be seen. A Pan-optic space with appropriate zoning and transparency to satisfy all the differences. -How could diversity be illustrated by the means of integrity?-A peaceful space with a variety of products, not adding complexity to complexity, a perceivable space for the user. -Around which center can the layout become integrated?-What is the contemporary vis... More

Project • By Things StudioHousing


The employer resides in Deh Vanak, located in Tehran, An area known for its gardens.This villa project is for the weekend of a four-person family. Considering the employer's dwelling in Deh Vanak and his interest in green space, we decided to commence designing with the metaphor of the garden alley In such a way that it would be a gap between the interior and exterior space of the project, which was shaped by the shell and as a result, functions were formed around it. More

Project • By Studio EirajiMuseums

Jazmourian Museum

“Jazmourian”, or “Jossmourian”, is the name of a lake in Iran on the south side of Khorasan, Shahsavaran Mountains. This region is divided into seven main layers in terms of cultural sequence. Therefore, in the design of the site and the main area of ​​the project, it has been tried to pay special attention to this. The three major rivers of this region, under the names of “Halil-Rud”, “Bampour” and “Cheshmeh Aroos”, are considered as the three most important factors of life in the region. In the dry and desert climate of the region, by joining these 3 rivers to Hamoon Lake, Integrity, flow and life are reminded. So, the 4 important site indexes are these. In other words, 3 springs designed on the site (in the sign of the three rivers menti... More
Parham Taghioff
Behzad Atabaki
Parham Taghioff
Parham Taghioff
Behzad Atabaki

Project • By Behzad Atabaki StudioOffices

Niayesh office Building

Niayesh Office Building | Behzad Atabaki | BonnArq Architects      Project description   Niayesh Office Building overlooks a busy expressway in Tehran and is set on a disproportionate semi-triangular plot of land. The main objective in the design was to create a form that would not reflect this disproportion. The central concept behind the design was to set the layers free from a monotonous repetition or other structural confinements. Here, each layer moves independently from the one on top or the other below. The floor layers, while not exactly similar, build up in a free manner and take on a light single-material stone-cover to create a harmonic and a homogenous identity/quality for the building. In the sunli... More

Project • By Behzad Atabaki StudioApartments

Park Residential

Park Residential | Behzad Atabaki | BonnArq Architects  Our conceptual image of a home is a haven far from the madding urban crowd, away from noise, visual pollution, and a place of retreat from everyday worries where we can rest and rewind. However, what comes first to the mind when thinking of the inner space of "home", is the notion of "protection"- against all above. Standing for such a sense of security would be the "curtain" hanging and dancing, "symbolizing" a home behind.   Creating a shared ground between architecture and the city, in this building as a group of “homes”, the curtains swinging with the breeze, which would call up the image of a warm hearth and home, acting both as a representation of a house... More

Project • By Admun StudioCinemas

Tiraje Cinema

Admun studio was commissioned to design Tiraje 2 cinema lobby, the first branch of Boshra cinema complexes which is located on the food court’s floor of this well-known shopping center, while it was inconspicuous in the background due to inaccuracy in its entrance design contributed to the fact that most customers of the shopping center were unaware of the existence of the cinema complex. Before renovation, the lobby consisted of two surfaces with an approximate two-meter difference in height connected by stairs, in other words, two inactive spaces and an access path.Since, cinema is essentially cinematic, it is not compatible with inactivity. Hence, the lobby is designed to invite users inward within a mysterious path like an actor on a fi... More