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Neukölln Pumping Station

Pumping station sounds a bit like sewage at first - not necessarily a place where you would like to live. Nevertheless, converting the pumping station Neukölln to a studio and apartment building was the first job to enable Jan Wiese to truly demonstrate his aspirations and capabilities. As if all that would not have been difficult enough, the builders were the artist couple Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, who had chosen the pumping station as their Berlin-domicile. One could have started simpler. Udo Meinel Udo Meinel But hardly more spectacularly, as it is astonishing to see how existing elements of the building were preserved and redefined, while the new elements were integrated simultaneously. If you were lucky enough... More

Project • By Jan Wiese ArchitektenApartments

Libauer Straße

My parents’ house was on a slope. On an incline of about 1.50 metres. In those days the developer had thought to himself that it would be clever to raise the ground floor up a bit more to let the new owners get out to the garden, which was at ground level. Simon Menges A spiral staircase ran from the balcony on the ground floor down to the garden. This meant that I spent my whole childhood enjoying a special vista over the garden. I can still clearly remember my parents in their deckchairs; great garden parties with wonderfully laid-out tables; garden parties with happily drunken friends and mown lawns with vivid patterns I’d made myself (although only appreciated by me). Simon Menges These memories – the persp... More