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NewsNews • 20 Jul 2022

The European Prize for Urban Public Space 2022 down to 5 finalists

An international jury selected five finalists out of 326 projects from 35 countries. The European Prize for Urban Public Space is a biennial award which recognises the best public spaces in European cities. The award started in 2000 and is now in its 11th edition. The winner will be announced at a prize-giving ceremony in November at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB). OKRA landschapsarchitecten 1. Catharijnesingel, 2020. Utrecht, NetherlandsBy OKRA The restoration of the Catharijnesingel removes vehicular traffic that occupied this street and brings back water to rewild a new public space for the city and make it accessible for cyclists and pedestrians. This project is an excellent example of revitalizi... More

Project • By 2STORM creative agencyApartments

ALPINA Residential Complex

The underlying concept of the complex is "play of silhouettes", where the natural landscape is intertwined with an artificial volume created by an architect. 2STORM creative agency This form is comparable to the existing landscape and the highway, which creates a certain dynamics and romanticism of the area. 2STORM creative agency When we were working with the facade, the requirement for air conditioning was taken into account. The idea of the facade "pattern" was generated, which was then transferred to its surface. 2STORM creative agency Thus, we have obtained a texture that does not contradict, but emphasizes the complex silhouette. 2STORM creative agency We tried to stay away from the traditional development of n... More

Project • By whitelakewhitelakePavilions

Piece of Land

The ground is the same as everything around, but a little different. A disc of artificial earth floating in the middle of a natural landscape. Ideally round in accordance with logic, but oval in experience, the pavilion is a space for reflection on various ideas about the world order, prejudices, thorny paths of logical knowledge, the organization of one's space and the possibility of a second chance. Rising up, you find yourself on a land where there are no problems of ownership, where without you there are no rules other than the laws of gravity. This is a new land devoid of an unambiguous interpretation, where everyone can make it part of their ideas about the world or discard everything and look at the new artificial landscape as if it... More

Project • By LANDPROCESSParks/Gardens

Sookwana Healing Garden

Establishing the vision of a ‘Green hospital’ for the hospital planning development, Kotch has been involved to create more green areas for a dense concrete hospital and utilizing the possible waste space to create a better healing environment. The healthy environment of the hospital is considered a crucial component of the healing process. The planning and design provide physical spaces for the users to reconnect with nature. The key to shaping the healthy behavior and well-being of patients, families, visitors, and their staff. LANDPROCESS The Ecotherapy concept is applied to enhance the therapeutic experience. The proved evidence of better recovery in physical sickness with the touch of natural elements. Sunlight, plant... More

Project • By Redland-scapeHospitals

Somdej Chao Phraya Institute of Psychiatry

Historical Significance and Site Context Somdej Chao Phraya Institute of Psychiatry is the first psychiatric hospital in Thailand established since 1889. The hospital is well known for its specialised psychopathology center offering effective care to allsevere levels of mental health symptoms. One of the hospital’s essential mission is to enhance people’s positive perception towards psychiatric hospitals, where  local superstitions of mental disorders being linked to the spiritual realm mixed with  social stigma led to an ignorance that impeded hospitalization. With over 130 years in service, the hospital is renowned for its prestigious medication and the constantly enhanced facilities that accommodate increasing numb... More

Project • By BDPOffices


Located in the historic heart of the City of London, our transformation of this 11,000sqm office building carefully repositions its offering to prospective tenants, by meeting the new and dynamic requirements of contemporary workplace environments. Philip Vile The scheme comprises a new external façade at street level, new entrance and expanded reception area with café and lounge spaces. The refurbishment included 12 floors of Cat A office facilities, a rooftop extension and a new roof terrace which capitalises on the impressive views across the city and beyond.  Philip Vile Designed to appeal to a variety of tenant types the design includes a range of forward-thinking features including an innovative structur... More

Project • By Brusnika Company, RussiaMasterplans

Public park and courtyards

Sukhodolsky is a small quarter in Yekaterinburg, constructed on a vacant plot of a new district bordering the western frontier of the city. In view of its remoteness from the city centre, the project team was conceiving it as an independent, self-sufficient entity. All required necessities are within the quarter: public spaces, garden courtyards, shops and household amenities. The architects were aiming at comfortable heights and appropriate living environment.   Caption Caption The quarter comprises four houses linking the inner yards perimeter-wise. Each house has sections of varying heights with five, seven, nine and fifteen storeys. The lower towers are south-facing, while the higher sections overlook the north, ensuring... More

Project • By Andrés Zegers ArquitectoNurseries

Ombu Afuera Kindergarten

Users are children from 2 to 6 years old. The space and layout should make sense for them. Outdoor learning is a program or educational method which is based on the experience and contact of children with nature and the benefits this brings to their training; cognitive, social and emotionally-wise benefits. There are no official regulations for designing this “new” kind of infrastructure, so we made sure every driving concept was the result of a creative process between architect, landscape designer and teachers. Marcos Zegers The site was a 1500 m2 empty lot with a soft depression produced by the demolition a former construction. This somewhat moving topography was used to create 2 main levels connected by a sloping garde... More

Project • By EGM architectsApartments


KlokGroep has commissioned 78 spacious new-build apartments on an artificial mound in the green Dike Zone along the River Waal in Nijmegen. The spacious apartments, contained in three buildings, offer space and tranquillity close to the city and panoramic views of the river and the green landscape.    Situated on a mound The complex consists of three volumes that step up in height and increase in size, creating a sense of spaciousness and openness. Similarities in design and materials ensure that the three unite to form a close-knit ensemble. The biggest and tallest building consists of six floors and, in terms of height, appears grandly imposing beside an old orchard. The other two buildings, five and four floors in height, ar... More

Project • By nomad.studioParks/Gardens


Kokedama Forest is a 1,000 SQF miniature sculptural forest consisting of more than 1,200 forestry seedling kokedamas nested within an inverted dome carved out from a fragile and intricate metal network. Acting as a green amphitheater, the visitor is both a spectator and a protagonist which is simultaneously embraced by its peaceful parlance and invited to actively question her/his role at the center of that symbolic arena.  Guests are welcomed to enter the micro-woodland and be surrounded by the levitating kokedamas: hundreds of seedlings proudly displaying their intimate relationship with soil supported by a 7.5 feet high three-dimensional metal structure. This assemblage is woven with steel inviting the contradictory blend of streng... More

Project • By Lumia | studio ARGUSNurseries

Kindergarten in Pärnu

One of the most modern kindergartens in Estonia can be found in the city of Pärnu, on Raja street. The common areas are accommodated in the centre of the building, encircled by an arc of group rooms – so as to minimise the corridors and footprint area of the building. The main entrance to the building faces north while group rooms with play areas are in the southern part. The layout of the rooms has been designed in view of the logistical considerations important to the kindergarten and feedback from the personnel, to ensure smooth daily movement when children are brought to the group rooms or taken to the play areas outside. Each group has its own access to the heart of the building and an exit to the outdoor play area. All room... More

Project • By IND architectsMasterplans

Masterplan Samara-Arena

The essence of the masterplan for the Samara-Arena territories development is a new format of life that the residents of the megapolis are dreaming about— this is the format of a 20-minute city, in which in 20 minutes citizens can get to all city services and realize any of their needs — work, home, sports, outdoor activities, quiet time alone or with a family. We do not just develop territories, we create space for human well-being — such environment helps to live in balance and combine different spheres of life, and creates an alternative to megacities. The masterplan offers a whole range of development opportunities — we create new centers of economic activity that can be implemented at different times. Short-ter... More


53 State – Exchange Place

53 State Street, also known as Exchange Place, is a 1.24 million square-foot iconic trophy office tower located in Downtown Boston. The building seamlessly integrates the granite and marble-clad historic Boston Stock Exchange Building with a 40-story modern glass office tower entered through a stunning seven-story, glass-enclosed atrium. The glass-enclosed atrium is topped by a first-in-class landscaped roof deck on the 12th floor with spectacular direct Boston Harbor views, an outdoor fireplace, and ample seating areas reserved for tenant use. Additional amenities include an outdoor arcade with seating areas along Congress Street, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a conference center. Halvorson | Tighe & Bond Studio of Boston, b... More

Project • By OKRAUrban Green Spaces

Grotestraat Nijverdal

Revitalising the city centre The redevelopment of the 800-metre-long Grotestraat in Nijverdal (NL) is distinctive because of its green-blue structure with a climate-adaptive wadi (bioswale) and water-bearing plant pockets around the trees. The revitalisation of the city centre and dealing with climate change go hand in hand in this project. The landscaping qualities of the surrounding area are now visible and experienceable right to the core of Nijverdal. The area covered by the project is 19,200 m2. The street is 800 meters long and 24 meters wide. The surface of the planting areas is 6.000 m2; the storage capacity is 600 m2. The surface of the climate wadi is 1500 m2. The wadi has a storage capacity of approx. 750 m3. Climate-adaptive d... More



Playing-on changing profiles, the flexible Circular Bench elongates to create different seats and different viewpoints over the environment. Running the benches entire length, backrests emerge and disappear – sometimes face to face – sometimes standing alone. This is a feature which is fun and sociable, two concepts which are a vital part of communal life. More