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Product • By TerzaniStream


Another stunning design from Christian Lava, Stream is an impressive presence in any room. Like Christian’s other work for Terzani, Etoile, Stream’s design exploits the physical characteristics of the materials used to envelop a room in a unique, immersive light. Here, over seven kilometers of metal chain appear to flow down from the undulating, nickel-plated frame. These cascading tiers project a streaking, yet tranquil, shadow throughout the room. More

Project • By Sovet ItaliaHotels

Riverton Hotel

Overlooking the Göta älv river that flows through the city of Gothenburg, Riverton is one of the most renowned and luxurious hotels in the city. Sovet participated in the interior re-styling project with several complements from its collection, in particular the Slim, the Swan and the Piktor coffee tables collections for the suites. Piktor was also included in the wellness area.  The Slim console completes the elegant and spacious conference area. The available finishes allowed to use the same color palette for all Sovet products offering an aesthetic "fil-rouge" in the different areas. The Riverton lounge area, located on the top floors of the building, offers a wonderful view on the city and the charm of the space is enrich... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHotels

Hujra Contemporary Arabic Hotel Interior Design

In the Middle East region, hosts honor their guests with the ultimate treatment. This value is evident in the design of Hujra hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This hotel is the product of simplicity, luxury, and warmth, allowing guests to relish their time in the hotel. Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior design incorporated the elegance of the classic details and the practicality of the modern style resulting in having a unique contemporary Arabic hotel interior design.  More

Project • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciPrivate Houses

Flamingo House

2.1 Plot The house was designed on a plot of land located only ~ 1km from the historic center of Żory. From the east it borders with ul. Nice, on the other side of which begins the recreational and park area arranged in the historic area of ​​the former brickyard and stretching to the very center.The plot has a unique terrain. It is very diverse in terms of height. Its highest part runs along the southern border of the plot and drops significantly north along the road and north-west creating a depression there. The height difference on the whole plot is about 5m. 2.2 PLOT LOCATION The building was located in the north-eastern part of the plot in such a way as to obtain a maximum large partition on the southern side of the house. It was p... More

Product • By Memories of a ButterflyCustom Designed Beaded Curtain Room Dividers & Partitions

Custom Designed Beaded Curtain Room Dividers & Partitions

Beautiful beaded installations for room dividers, room partitions, hotel & hospitality interiors, home decor. High end hand made custom designed Bead Curtains. Buy now! Worldwide Shipping. Custom Designed and Ready Made Collections., More

Project • By Vis-A-Vis Anna WojczynskaPrivate Houses

Two Lakes Residence

We had a pleasure to work on the project of a private residence in a pristine birch forest in the south of Poland. Designed and executed with the utmost care, the residence became a private sanctuary, distant from the haste of the client’s everyday life. We took part in every stage of the project, touring the site before even the foundations were laid, advising the architect and the client from the conception, through the execution and until the final styling.  The client had trusted us fully, giving us almost unrestrained freedom to pursue our vision. A small number of very specific functional requirements, as well as a study of the client's other residences, served as a foundation of a truly bespoke design. The client asked f... More

Project • By Tomecek Studio ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Mallard Creek Modern Home

The Mallard Creek residence is influenced by site features that include a wetland with a stream, a lake surrounded by an agrarian alfalfa field and impressive views of Long’s Peak. A long stone wall provides a reference datum that links both public and private, indoor and outdoor spaces into a cohesive whole. The house is organized around a sunrise court to the east which gazes upon the lake and a sunset court to the west to take advantage of mountain views. The private master suite contains a meditation space overlooking the lake for morning rituals while the evening court utilizes an outdoor grill for sundown activities and dining. Roof planes undulate to allow clerestory light into the spaces below while providing intimate scale f... More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHColonna


Collection: Luci d'OroMaterials: waxed rough iron tubeColours: gold, silver, copper coloured flying leafLight source: 1x E27 LED bulbDimensions: Ø 33 x H 200 cmKelvin: 2700Energetic Class: AVoltage: 220-240VWatt: 1x17WDimmer includedThe originsLuci d’Oro was developed after reflecting on the colour of light: the golden light of the sun and fire; warm light, in which the concept of refraction began to take shape in Enzo Catellani’s mind and which he used later in other creations. More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHStchu-Moon 09

Stchu-Moon 09

Collection: Stchu-MoonMaterials: waxed rough iron structure with internal irregular surface, steel spoons, with removable candle holderColours: gold, silver, copper coloured leafLight source: 2x LED boardBase Dimensions: 50x50 cmKelvin: 2700Energetic Class: AVoltage: 220-240VWatt: 2x5WDimmer includedThe originsStchu-Moon separates the light source from the lighting object, which takes on its own aesthetic quality as a result. The light is refracted off deliberately irregular surfaces, which multiplies their quantity, making the entire object a glowing light. More

Project • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciPrivate Houses


The X HOUSE was designed in rather extraordinary circumstances. Before any design work started, the client commissioned a series of talks/discussions on architecture with our team. During the meetings we discussed and analyzed many various houses from all around the world. The aim was, on one hand, to provide a wide context for the work, and on the other – to get to know better the needs of the client and his family. These architecture sessions allowed us to set the framework for the future house quite precisely. The X house is not only supposed to serve as a comfortable living space for the family of four, but also to allow each of the family members to pursue their individual passions. Therefore, on top of the regular scope of a single fa... More