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Project • By RMCHotels

Hostel | Porto

The perfect harmony between an old structure and a renovated entrance, can only be achieved with modern material that embodies the rustic and traditional look.   Exactly the case in this splendid building in Porto, our Merrazzo Africa managed to maintain the traditional old Terrazzo look, in a package of modern durable material highly consistent in color and pattern, adding a fresh feeling to an already aged structure.   More

Project • By RMCShopping Centres

Five Spice Restaurant | Singapore

In the complexity of designs, each aspect has to be carefully considered to take its place on the imaginative canvas of the architects’ portrait. With a major focus on hospitality projects, our partners at Grey Matters chose our Merrazo collection for this unique project.   As the name suggests, Grey falls in between two extremes, giving a balanced outcome that has more than the eye meets. In this high traffic project, our material was fused in the design giving a firm contrast with all other elements.  When you step into Five Spice, you will instantly notice its fresh, vibrant atmosphere and light timber scattered around, creating a contemporary interpretation of traditional dining spaces.    Complementing th... More

Product • By RMCMerrazzo Africa

Merrazzo Africa

The Merrazzo Africa is a warmer option in our Merrazzo Collection, with its creamy base decorated with yellowish and redish stones. More

Project • By RMCShops

Peluqueria | Spain

It has been for a while now that architects, designers and marble lovers in general have been waiting for something new, something cheaper, better looking and even better quality than ordinary marble. That's where our company comes in.   Understanding these needs and being able to please the market were, not only the reasons we developed these products but are also the reason we keep working harder and harder every day and every year.   Our  desire for innovation and beauty is what motivated the creation of the Merrazzo Collection . The colors, the patterns and the overall imagination that took place in creating these products have jumped them into our sales frontrunners.   In this project of a hair dresser sal... More

Project • By RMCBars

Odeon Bar | Estonia

Founded in 2019, Odeon is a bar/restaurant and club dedicated to creative communities. Odeon is a contemporary social club on Kopli street . A home away from “home for the curious”, Odeon brings together artists and creative souls.   Located in the heart of the new Tallinn Bohemia: Odeon ‘s stylish and original design exudes elegance, refinement and the promise of impeccable pleasures.    This bar brings new life to a mid-century soviet building, the space is flooded with natural light with views that are both urban and quiet. Inspired by the sequential spatial organization of a train, the layout begins with the restaurant’s vestibule, with two large vintage chandeliers at an entrance filled with a... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAResidential Landscape


The bathroom facilities have been converted into objects of desire, which is why we allow ourselves to be surprised by the high sophistication that can be achieved in some designs such as the suite from the interior designer Alexey Aladashvili for residential housing in Rostov, Russia.   Following an exotic line, dark and vibrant colours of the furniture and decorative coating were combined into aguamarine, blue and pink tones with the elegant XLIGHT LUSH White, wood and black-finished tiles.   Eclectic, bright and vibrant. In the room, the classics are reinvented by mixing textures and colours into an incredible pattern of carefully thought-out combinations.   The key to the selection of materials was the ease of maint... More

Project • By NOWADAYS officeRestaurants

ISKRA cafe

A double-leveled café and bar ‘Iskra’ (‘Sparkle’), serving grilled chicken and a variety of sparkling wines, is located in one of the most authentic neighbourhoods in Moscow. Kitai-Gorod is a part of the old city, once hidden behind the vallum that adjoined the Kremlin. Pokrovka 38A is a classicist building constructed in the late XVIII century that used to be the private residence of a noble Moscow family. After the building was nationalised by the Soviet government, a light and spacious bedroom with a vaulted ceiling — taking up 35 sq m of the ground floor — was turned into a local dairy shop. This space is now Iskra’s upper level café with a secret bar (ironically called ‘Public Bar’) occupying the basement beneath.The idea behind the pr... More

Project • By Alessandra VellataPrivate Houses

Gold Bathroom

Restructuring an existing bathroom is sometimes not easy at all, for technical reasons or for the expectations of the client ... but what results! More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor Restaurant

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor Restaurant is a fine-dining establishment located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that CAS has designed to feature the best of Indian culture and tradition. Inspired by India's national bird - the peacock - the restaurant is steeped in rich jewel-toned colors and stunning metal accents. The ambiance is adorned with gold and teal. There's both curved and large-scale seating for all sorts of dining parties along with gorgeous green elements in the backdrop for natural contrast. More

Product • By A-Class MarbleAfyon White Marble

Signature Collection

A-Class Marble presents a beautiful rendition of a luxurious and regal bathroom space combining the Afyon White marble from the Signature collection. More

Product • By Luis DesignMarble Bed

Marble Bed

Bed(all materials can be tailored to customer’s wishes upon request)Frame material: Marble (Carrara Ghiaccio)Side panel material: High gloss orange wood Dimensions: Height 50-100 cm / width 220 cm / depth 220 cmWeight: approx. 350 kg More

Project • By Gariselli AssociatiPrivate Houses

Architecture for addition

On the hills of central Italy, a house 60s with an attached craft activity is transformed by the recent restructuring in a family house. A large marble base on which has been reassembled the whole construction. Scenes that go beyond the large base to extend the surrounding terrain and communicate with it. The materials that alternate are: cotto facing in dividing walls, glass mosaic columns, copper in finishes and coverings, marble and brick on prospectuses. Covered walkways, porticoes and a large terrace overlooked by large windows for the new ground floor apartment, whose clients were asking precisely to be able to enjoy the surrounding landscape and feel constantly inhabitants of their green garden... More

Project • By Diff.StudioApartments

Modern functional apartment in Moscow

An oasis of tranquility, family warmth and tranquility in a noisy megapolis More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Co-working Coffee Shop Design

It can be tricky to design successful coffee shops that emulate a European model in a city like Dubai, but CAS has managed to do exactly that in the Jumeirah District of Dubai. The pivotal window system that links to a gorgeous street-scape is one of the defining features that manage to set it apart. Featuring a stunning street-savvy curb appeal with a transparent exterior, trendy patterns & an atmospheric interior, this Co-Working Coffee Shop Design is truly a step in the right direction.​​​​​​​ More

Project • By Vibe Design GroupPrivate Houses

Hayes Road

Vibe’s latest residence, Hayes Road began with a simple, universal brief. A young family needed a home that would facilitate a modern and open way of living, yet also cater for and conceal the ‘stuff’ that family life generates. Vibe’s response is a machine for organising space - for conjuring space where it ought not exist.A ruthlessly efficient design scheme and a beautiful contemporary home in-one.One example of the design at work is found in the main living space. Kitchen, dining and family ‘rooms’ sit within one open-plan expanse. Along one wall Vibe plays a trick with scale. What appears as one vast plane of walnut veneer, opens out to conceal a plethora of storage, a powder room, laundry and butler’s pantry. A great many things conce... More