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Hard rock Hotel

If you have always dreamt of being a rock star For a weekend there is arguably no better place to indulge your fantasy than the glittering streets of Las Vegas. Simply book yourself into a suite at the local Hard Rock Hotel and get ready to enjoy that pop star treatment. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is a resort offering all conceivable amenities but with its towering guitar-shaped neon portal and its comprehensive collection of rock and roll memorabilia, it would also do a museum proud. Interior designers Jennifer Morris and Stacie Meador from New York-based Zeff Design have created a unique ambiance particularly in the towers of the landmark hotel offering a total of 900 rooms just two blocks off the world-renowned strip. Heavily f... More

Product • By Areniscas Stone - Spanish Natural StoneNatural Stone Stairscases - Spanish Sandstone / Li

Natural Stone Stairscases - Spanish Sandstone / Li Using stone for the staircase adds solidity and a timeless charm to any hall or reception room. More

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Areniscas Stone - Pinaresca Architectural elements - a bespoke service for architectural stonework. Areniscas Stone - Pinaresca has the capability to supply to architect´s specifications for virtually any project. *** OUTSTANDING PROJECTS *** Offices for Junta de Castilla y León - Zamora - Spain Architects: ALBERTO CAMPO BAEZA & ASSOC. REINA sandstone (pierre grès) """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" City of Wine Marqués de Riscal - La Rioja - Spain Architects: GEHRY PARTNERS BEIGE PINAR sandstone (pierre grès) """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Casino y Hotel del Desierto - Antofagasta - Chile Architects: COZ POLIDURA Y VOLANTE ARQUITECTOS DORADA URBION sa... More

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Arco Floor Lamp casts light on the subject of classic design Created by Italian brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962, the Arco floor lamp by Flos is characterized by a sturdy marble base, arched metal arm, and adjustable reflector. An instant classic, the lamp has featured in renowned Hollywood films including The Italian Job and Diamonds are Forever and today resides in the permanent collection of Museum of Modern Art New York.  Drawing inspiration from the everyday streetlight, the Castiglioni brothers used commercially available parts to create an object that is not only innovative and functionally appealing but also functional. The famed brothers focused on detail throughout the lamp’s creation, from the be... More
Bianco Lasa Marble Bookmatched
Bianco Lasa Marble Bookmatched
Bianco Lasa Marble Bookmatched
Clacatta Marble Bookmatched
Clacatta Marble Bookmatched

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Marble Bookmatched

Clacatta Marble and Bianco Lasa Marble Bookmatched More

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cappello is a modest tribute to Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and Ingo Maurer — designers who have given molo (and the world) much joy and inspiration. The Carrara marble base is extracted from the base of the iconic floor lamp designed by the Castiglioni brothers in 1962. cappello is lit by LED and shaded by a paper cap, or “cappello” in Italian. A simple magnetic connection allows the shade to slide to any position along the steel wire that springs from the marble base. The magnetic connection also allows the paper cap to tilt, adjusting the direction of the light and giving this little table lamp a gestural quality. More