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Project • By Pomeroy StudioApartments

Azure North

Azure North at San Fernando, is envisioned as a sustainable community that celebrates resort style living. The masterplan reinterprets the rock and beach formations of the islands of Palawan: bringing a new residential experience that balances affordable living and the green agenda. The first phase resort residences’ stepped facades optimises views, natural light and ventilation to a beach and pool oriented recreational place that forms a welcome oasis at the heart of the mixed use development. Caption Caption More

Project • By Tres AtelierExhibition Centres

Jito expo 2019 - Ahmednagar pavilion

After completing our B. Arch course, team Tres was working on the heritage of Ahmednagar. The thesis of Ar. Suchit Mutha (part of team Tres) was based on the heritage of Ahmednagar. After looking at the thesis team JITO approaches us for the Pavilion as they were planning to promote the Ahmednagar in the JITO EXPO 2019 in a unique way. Caption About JITO: JITO (Jain International Trade Organization) is a worldwide organization of businessmen, industrialists, knowledge workers, and professionals reflecting the glory of ethical business pro organizations.A global organization set to achieve socio-economic empowerment through value-based education, community welfare, the practice of compassion, the spread of global friendship, and the sp... More

Project • By WY-TO GroupHeritages

Good Food, Good Life

“Good Food, Good Life”, the first Southeast Asia Winner of the international C40 Reinventing Cities, by global climate leadership group, C40 Cities, is our masterplan to repurpose Singapore’s heritage fire station. It is envisioned to be a community node that reconnects Human to Human relationships, as well as with Nature through Virtuous Food cycle. Guiding this is the reignition of the fundamental essence that has united Singapore’s multi-ethnicity during her founding years: Kampung Spirit (“Village” in Malay), which has defined a distinctive way of life that taps into the altruistic side of humanity - Good things are shared, and burdens are carried. This then laid the foundation of Singapore’s ur... More

Project • By Rapp+RappOffices


A narrow spit of land between the eastern bank of the IJ, the railway embankment and the Piet Heinkade was part of the redevelopment of the eastern harbour area by the Amsterdam Department of Urban Planning (DRO) in the 1990s. The urban development concept included a series of interconnected building zones. In this so-called ‘train of buildings’, a part of the old warehouses was to be preserved and integrated into the planning. Caption   Rapp+Rapp created the urban design for one of these building zones, in which an extremely high building density had to be realised. Following New York’s zoning law, urban guidelines were formulated for the daylighting, the massing, and the intended robust character by which the... More

Project • By IND architectsMasterplans

Ecopolis on Sakhalin

The main value of the contest project is the fragile ecosystem of Sakhalin Island, where the precarious balance of geological, hydrological, and meteorological processes causes both admiration and awe. Unique in its beauty and richness, its natural features and topography, and its advantageous geopolitical location make Sakhalin, and the Ecopolis in particular, a major point on the map of Russia and the world. The Masterplan takes into account the importance of preserving the scale of the place and its unique features, while weaving the territory into the global agenda and incorporating it into global processes. Caption Caption The main value of the contest project is the fragile ecosystem of Sakhalin Island, where the precarious... More

Project • By Brusnika Company, RussiaMasterplans

Waterfront quarters in Tyumen

Brusnika’s quarters in the River Port form a new housing estate in the centre of Tyumen, Russia. The area is located at the site of the former river port, which marked the beginning of Siberian steam navigation in the late 19th century. Barges were used to transport grain and salt, metal and peltry, fish and timber. At the time Tyumen was genuinely the door to Siberia. In the second half of the 20th century, the development of rail and automobile infrastructure led to a declining demand for river transportation. Eventually the port faded in importance but it still remains a memorable place for the city.    While designing the River Port project, Brusnika opted to conserve the authentic spot and restore access to the river.... More

Project • By KPMB ArchitectsMasterplans

Landscape of Landmark Quality, U of T

“One of the crucial landscapes of the country…make it live up to its history.” – Donald Ainslie, Principal University College and Co-chair of Landmark Committee The consortium of KPMB Architects, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA) and Urban Strategies developed the winning proposal to restore and beautify the central spaces of the University of Toronto’s historic St. George campus. As a major initiative of the University of Toronto and one of the largest landscape infrastructure projects in Canada in our time, the vision is to transform 20 acres comprising four landmark spaces that define the historic downtown campus. Caption Caption The concept establishes a framework to guide the future ev... More

Project • By KPMB ArchitectsMasterplans

Downsview Framework Plan, 2020 (ongoing)

People, place, and nature come together in this vision for resilient new communities in Toronto. Following a year-long, three-phased community engagement process, Henning Larsen Architects, KPMB, and SLA Architects have crafted a Framework Plan that is set to transform 520 acres of brownfield into complete, connected communities that put nature and people first. Caption Since its creation, the Downsview Airport in north Toronto has been a military installation and the site of some of Canada’s most important aerospace innovations. With the closure of the airport imminent, the site—which is served by three major transit stations—represents one of the most significant city-building opportunities in North America. Cap... More

Project • By KPMB ArchitectsHeritages

Jenny Belzberg Theatre

This project responded to the recommendations of a larger master plan vision to forge a more connected, sustainable campus for the Banff Centre that inspires new levels of artistic activities and productions. Caption Planned in two phases: Phase 1 – the recently completed renovation of the Eric Harvie Theatre, renamed in honor of the major donor as the Jenny Belzberg Theatre, and the subsequent Phase 2 – additions and renovations to the Laszlo Funtek Wing to create the new Performing Arts and Learning Complex. Caption As a place in Canada where creative boldness is expected, and which is described as a place where artists have the ‘freedom to be fearless’, the new expanded Performing Arts and Learning Com... More

NewsNews • 11 Oct 2021

The first quadrant of OMA’s KaDeWe Masterplan in Berlin opens

Featuring a concentric void spanning six floors with wood-clad escalators crisscrossing throughout, OMA’s first quadrant of the masterplan for the Kaufhaus Des Westens (KaDeWe) is now complete. Marco Cappelletti, Courtesy of OMA Since its inception in 1907, KaDeWe has set the standard in Europe for department store customer service. In addition, its exceptional 90,000 square meter size distinguishes it as the largest building of its kind on the continent. The OMA-led renovation and masterplan project for KaDeWe seeks out an alternative to the conventional retail model, one that redefines connections between store, customer and the built environment. Marco Cappelletti, Courtesy of OMA A project ongoing since 2016, the proje... More

Project • By 10 DesignShopping Centres

Downtown South

The Downtown South Raleigh Masterplan is a large-scale scheme located in North Carolina for Kane Realty Corporation. The mixed-use development comprises offices and residential areas in addition to hospitality, retail and leisure space. The proposal includes the design of a 20,000-capacity football stadium and a VR centre designed to further enhance the urban development of the south end of Downtown Raleigh. Caption Caption Connectivity is at the core of the scheme. 10 Design has ensured seamless accessibility from Downtown Raleigh through the creation of a bridge loop that encloses the entire development, providing efficient circulation from in and out of the site and with the rest of the city. The scheme will be a positive... More

Project • By Brusnika Company, RussiaMasterplans

Public park and courtyards

Sukhodolsky is a small quarter in Yekaterinburg, constructed on a vacant plot of a new district bordering the western frontier of the city. In view of its remoteness from the city centre, the project team was conceiving it as an independent, self-sufficient entity. All required necessities are within the quarter: public spaces, garden courtyards, shops and household amenities. The architects were aiming at comfortable heights and appropriate living environment.   Caption Caption The quarter comprises four houses linking the inner yards perimeter-wise. Each house has sections of varying heights with five, seven, nine and fifteen storeys. The lower towers are south-facing, while the higher sections overlook the north, ensuring... More

Project • By IND architectsMasterplans

Masterplan of the central embankment of Sochi

The masterplan for Sochi's central waterfront is based on the principles of future-oriented design and the desire to create a world-class waterfront that will provide a sustainable future in harmony with the coastal environment. The concept is based on the idea of transforming the waterfront from an alienated mega-space to a system of multi-scale spaces that meet modern demands for multifunctionality and reflect a local identity. Caption Caption The concept proposes a symbiosis of a dynamic city and rich nature and elements — the waterfront will become a guide between the saturated urban environment and the unique landscapes of Sochi National Park, Dendrarium. The masterplan combines all the objects of the waterfront into a... More

Project • By 10 DesignOffices


Jointly led by Design Partners, Chin Yong Ng and Lukasz Wawrzenczyk, the design team has released new plans for one of the largest transport-oriented retail landmarks in Nanjing. Caption 10 Design won an international design competition to transform China Fortune’s 243,768sqm site into a contemporary mixed-use project in 2020. Recently, the Nanjing Planning Bureau granted planning consent for the project, which is part of the wider redevelopment of the historic Nanjing Dajiaochang military airbase in China. Caption The scheme envisions the integration of retail while preserving the 2.6km airport runway which has been kept in its original form as a historic feature. The runway will be reimagined as a multifunctional cultura... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi ArchitectsMasterplans

Eco-Smart District of Cecchignola

The project provides 720 new apartments across 21 new modular buildings set in a new park.The masterplan creates a new quarter, integrated in a bigger settlement, which holds similar functions.The connection project provides a big public square with restaurants, shops for the complex and for its neighbors. A nursery and a primary school, several catering stands all around the park and a surrounding area normally used as a shooting range, which in the future should be equipped as a sports centre for the settlement. This modern “Agorà” is thought as a multi-scale meeting place, for both the inhabitants of the district and those of the neighboring areas. This increases the symbolic and the intrinsic value of this “joi... More