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Project • By Vizdome SpaceParks

Chumatskyi Shlyah. Memorial of Ukrainian heroes

The project of memorial complex was created for architectural competition for design of memorial place devoted to the feat of participants of the Revolution of Dignity, Anti-Terrorist Operation and soldiers of Russian-Ukrainian war. This project on our site: Caption Death is the line, the boundary beyond which everything is summarized. The memory of the dead lives until it is being interacted with. The main idea of the project is that the place of memory is intended for living people. It is necessary to interact with the memory so that the feat of our compatriots is never forgotten. Caption This is a place for reflection. So to speak, a secret non-secret place. Functionally t... More

Project • By ColdefyTowns

National Pulse Memorial and Museum

The Competition  Launched in March 2019, a unique two-stage global design competition, led by the independent architect selection firm Dovetail Design Strategists, garnered 68 submissions from 19 countries. The submissions were narrowed down to six finalist teams who developed concept designs for a public exhibition and comment period that took place in early October 2019.  A blue-ribbon Jury comprised of onePULSE community members, civic decision-makers, global thought leaders, and world-renowned architects selected Coldefy with RDAI | HHCP following a public viewing and comment period in early October. Informed by over 2,300 comments from victim’s families, survivors, first responders and the public, the Jury felt their d... More

Project • By BCW CollectiveCultural Centres

Bivacco Brédy

Bivacco Bredy is the winning proposal from an invited competition organized by YACademy and Cantieri d’Alta Quota on behalf of the Brédy family. Developed by BCW Collective, the design is a specific solution for a high altitude site in the Italian region of Valle d’Aosta, near the Laghi di Dzioule, two small alpine lakes at 2500m elevation in the secluded Vertosan Valley. The competition sought detailed designs of a bivouac to celebrate the memory of Claudio Brédy, a well-known politician and alpinist from Valle d’Aosta who tragically lost his life in a climbing accident at the end of 2017. Inspiration from the life of Claudio Brèdy and the mountains he was so passionate about motivated the memorial architecture quality... More


Homeland Memorial

Fabijanić formed an integral city square from the southern front of the Main Railway Station to the Vukovar Avenue, doing away with the traces of periphery and remains of the industrial zone, envisaging a railroad under the ground there as well. The central portion of this ample square is intended for the memorial – a composition of several elements lined up from the north to the south: The Wall of Light, at a certain distance the Altar-Mensa and the Portal-Pavilion, which together constitute a place of official, protocol-regulated reverence. Laterally stretches a dense green wall of yew trees and serene lawns. The green wall does not partition but stress, the square is overseeable and open. The Wall of Light is inspired by the authe... More

Project • By Leonardo MarchesiHeritages

Taoudenni's Memorial

Long caravans starting from Timbouktou have reached Morocco following the Azalai Route for thousands of years. An army of camels was raised and conducted through deserted lands, strong sandy winds under the most extreme temperatures on the planet, to trade gold for salt, the whole journey lasted 2 months on average. In a time when the salt stone was the base for conservation of food gold was something easily invested for the benefit of storing food. Caravans reached Taoudenni to get loaded with salt stones to be then carried to Sigilmassa and therefore Europe. Taoudenni is the name of the land that is located in the salt basin of the north of Mali, the thousands of pits been dug in the ground for centuries makes Taoudenni one of the big... More

Project • By E.F-ArchitectsMemorials

peace pavilion

With the analysis of cultural and social layers, we extract a lot of notions.First symbol is the definition of the Senegal word, which is interpreted in wolof language “ our boat”, and it provides metaphors such as unity, parallelism and floating. The second symbol is baobab tree. the tree of life, symbolizing the hope and the six nations that make up the Casamance region. The third was the character of the Grivoet, a cultural symbol. A person who predominantly narrated the history of Africa by means of musical instruments. These three symbols were important to us, and eventually we sought to create a new symbol in relation to the concept of peace but through architecture.                 &n... More

Project • By Axis MundiMemorial spaces


“Numinous, which is a concept derived from the Latin numen meaning "arousing spiritual or religious emotion; mysterious or awe-inspiring” COVID-19 LIGHT MEMORIAL TRIBUTE FOR NEW YORK CITY ’NUMINOUS FOR THE PEOPLE OF NEW YORK’ is a proposed annual light installation consisting of twenty (20+, one light per one thousand deaths) powerful light beacons arrayed across the five boroughs of New York City. They would be positioned in each of the five boroughs and based on the number of deaths per borough. The intention of the project is to create a sacred space imbued with light, that would honor the victims. New York City including the five boroughs, has been devastated by the Covid 19 pandemic. As of May 20, there have... More

Project • By Axis MundiMemorials


CORONAVIRUS LIGHT MEMORIAL FOR HART ISLAND, BRONX NYC NUMINOUS is a proposed annual light installation consisting of twelve (12) powerful light beacons arrayed in a 250-yard grid across Hart Island. The intention of the project is to create a sacred space imbued with light, that would honor the interned, both the known and unknown. ”The history of Hart Island is almost mythic, it truly is an island of lost souls. I’ve had a visceral fascination with the island for some time, and I’ve been touched by the enormous tragedy of the place, the burials of the unknown and forgotten, the stacked pine boxes in unmarked graves. I’ve thoughtfully considered what would be the most appropriate way to pay tribute to their lives,... More

Project • By Clap StudioParks/Gardens

Mist Installation

Mist is the main installation of Minsk Design Week 2019. An installation designed by Clap for Minsk, Belarus, that was built by volunteers from the city itself.   For the concept of this installation Clap starts from the history of Minsk, a city that during the Second World War was devastated. The bombs destroyed 80% of the buildings and the city was not rebuilt until the 1950s. That is why the population of this city remembers these times as something unpleasant and many of them prefer not to talk about it.   Based on the definition of ‘popularization’, the topic suggested by Minsk Design Week organization, Clap with the collaboration of Wei Lesley wanted to bring this taboo subject closer to Minsk’s current... More

Project • By innate studioMemorials

Black Taj

PRESENCE IN ABSENCEThe intervention attempts to celebrate Taj Mahal as an epitome of an architectural poetry and physical manifestation of a soulful proposition of the mighty builder Shah Jahan.Whereas, the Black Taj reveals its emptiness through three-dimensional spatial projection. The emptiness holds the space, where the people are purged and aligned by the ecstatic illumination and perfection of Taj Mahal.The obsessive insistence in refining the space that is bold yet calm, as a force that is able to penetrate and reveal the mystery of the human condition.The environment is conceived as an urban catalyst that creates space for people of diverse culture to exchange experiences and knowledge. Thus, allowing to appreciate past wisdom and c... More

Project • By Taller SintesisCultural Centres



Project • By Hector Abrahams ArchitectsUrban Green Spaces

Tumut Community Labyrinth

This site-specific labyrinth, created as a gift to a small regional town in Australia, enhances the quality of its public domain, invites participation by all and promotes the civic life of the town. It is truly of its people and place - a local charitable trust had the vision, provided the funding, and sourced local contractors and materials while the local council donated the land. Its public parkland riverside setting close to the town provides an ideal location for community access, events, spaces for learning and enhanced enjoyment of the natural environment.The 1200m2 labyrinth provides an opportunity for reflection with a very clear path and a calming environment – the opposite of a maze, which is designed to con... More

Project • By Sharif Abraham ArchitectsMemorials

Anzac Memorial

The project was to design an Anzac Memorial at a government primary school on the outskirts of Melbourne. A significant number of residents on the housing estate to the Northeast of the school are ex-service members and as such the school has traditionally been the centre of the Anzac dawn service for this community. The client’s children are the third generation of attendees at the school. His father donated the first Anzac Memorial in the early seventies. This was a very small bluestone plinth. The expansion of the school led to portables surrounding this structure and consequently there was a shift in the spatial focus of the school. The brief was to design a structure to represent the significance of Anzac Day. Of specific importanc... More

Project • By Squared Design LabMemorials

9/11 memorial

For the World Trade Center Memorial, architect Michael Arad imagined a pair of reflective pools at the location of the towers’ footprints. When his entry was selected as a contender among seven other finalists, Arad invited Squared Design Lab to serve as design and visualization consultants in order to transform his ideas into a compelling architectural proposal. Drawings, renderings, and a one minute animation of the proposed design comprised several private presentations for the competition jury as well as a major public exhibition in New York. Eventually, the project was awarded first prize from a pool of over 5,200 entries - the largest design competition in history - and gained massive media coverage from the press around the globe. Si... More

Project • By estudioSICCities

11March memorial

The memorial is material and its construction, in order to enclosure the void. The structure of the Monument for the victims of the terror attacks in Madrid is a worldwide novelty. For the first time massive glass blocks are connected to form a structure using a transparent adhesive and no additional mechanical elements. The outer layer of the 11 meter tall monument consists out of approximate 15100 massive glass blocks, that are glued using just a transparent adhesive. The internal layer is made out of a over pressure stabilized ETFE foil. The interior void is the remembrance atmosphere space. Architects: Esaú Acosta Mauro Gil-Fournier Miguel jaenicke (estudioSIC) Pedro Colón Raquel Buj More