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NewsNews • 9 Dec 2021

Onomichi City Office embraces local shipbuilding technologies

Surrounded by the Onomichi Channel, Onomichi City (Japan) is a key historic point for maritime traffic and an area known for its beautiful scenery of water, mountains, and temples.  The goal of architects Nikken Sekkei Ltd in the undertaking of Onomichi City Office was to create a new city landmark and a government building not just with a view of the sea, but rather on the sea.  ©Satoh Photo Protruding seaward to the south, the building’s form creates the sensation of floating on water. The southward slope of the building blocks direct light and reduces heat load while its gradual setback on the north side urban area is unassuming in character and allows for unobstructed sunlight.  ©Satoh Photo Th... More

Project • By Benjamin Fleury Architecte-UrbanisteSocial Housing

30 housing units in Carrières-sous-Poissy

The operation is located in the ZAC Nouvelle Centralité in Carrières-sous-Poissy, which development was given by EPAMSA to the urban planning agency ANMA. The principle of this new district is to transform the void left by a former land reserve resulting from the state's desire to build a highway in its center dividing the commune in two parts, into an ecological corridor articulating the two parts of the town. The urban block P7 is situated in the northeast area of the new district, on the fringe of the existing suburban fabric of the town. This rectangular block is divided in two squares by a public pedestrian path.  © David Boureau © David Boureau © David Boureau Linking the road and the... More

Project • By Antico Nuovo Building StudioPrivate Houses

Johnson St Loft

The intrigue of the large volume of interior space in these existing New Orleans Shotgun dwellings directed the concept of converting this space and flow into a more efficient and modern design. Challenges to this project included specific restrictions due to its unusual property boundary as well as budget limitations. However, this afforded me the full autonomy of the project design and execution. Caption Caption Seeing the extensive attic space in historic shotguns as advantageous, two levels were created optimizing every inch of height to produce a spacious yet intimate area for bedrooms. Locating the kitchen and more ‘public’ space towards the front afforded efficiency to the circulation of the residence. At the i... More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC PIGMENTO Series Finishes


The textured aspect of zinc shows through the color just as the grain of wood is visible through coats of stain. ALPOLIC® MCM is proud to partner with VMZinc® to offer our new PIGMENTO® zinc composite material. Using modern pigment technology to showcase the naturally grained texture of QUARTZ-ZINC®, the result is a revolutionary new look in elegant tones. PIGMENTO® is not a painted finish, which makes the surface color practically maintenance free. The color is created by adding mineral pigments to a durable protective coating, creating beautifully organic hues like red, blue, brown, orange and grey.   The subtilty of the depts of the pigment is unsurpassed by any building material available. SURFACE TREATMENT... More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC® MCM Timber Series

ALPOLIC® MCM Timber Series

The natural look of wood, without the weight, maintenance difficulties or expense. That’s what our Timber Series finishes are all about. These wood grain panels offer the rich beauty of Mahogany, Walnut, Maple, Zebrawood, Teak, Oriental Cane or Harvest Trail Bamboo in an aluminum composite material with an advanced fluoropolymer finish that’s far more durable than real wood. For both interior and exterior applications, our wood grain panels provide the outstanding natural appearance you’re looking for, along with the outstanding performance and value you expect from ALPOLIC®.   About Wood Grain Panel Finishes   We create our Timber Series finishes by applying a unique image transfer process over a color b... More

NewsNews • 6 Apr 2021

Goose Living: Shophouse transformed into a boutique hotel and restaurant concept

Located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, this 40-year old double shophouse has been transformed into a boutique hotel and restaurant concept. The project is inspired by the lifestyle of ‘goose living,’ a concept the hotel owner describes as living a simple life with freedom in the midst of nature. PanoramicStudio A total usable area of 900 square meters was transformed by SIM Studio into a restaurant area on the ground floor, with 20 boutique hotel rooms and rooftop bar above. PanoramicStudio The distinctive new building envelope consists of layers of box-steel structures, derived from an abstraction of mountain lines into geometric lines. The metal facade is designed to disguise the building’s exterior as if... More

NewsNews • 26 Sep 2020

TUMO Centre design based on the iPhone – minimalist, technological, and mostly, recognizable

When Russian architecture firm CNTEZ were commissioned to build a TUMO Centre for Creative Technologies in the heart of Moscow, the design brief called for a building based on the model of the iPhone.  Credit: Ivan Erofeev Founded in Armenia in 2011 by an American entrepreneur, the TUMO concept is anchored in creating accessible learning for teens and young adults.  Since then the brand has expanded globally with a mission of creating schools and education centres that specialize in technology, design, and applied arts and sciences.  For the Moscow project, the iPhone design was conceived as the school’s curriculum expressed through form – minimalist, technological, and mostly, recognizable.  Credit:... More

Project • By Nordic Copper from Aurubis FinlandUniversities

The Curve Building, Teesside University

The heart of Teesside University’s campus in Middlesbrough is defined by Nordic Royal golden copper alloy, enveloping the new Teaching and Conference Building – known as ‘The Curve’. The Curve forms part of Austin-Smith:Lord’s competition-winning design for a unique environment at the centre of the University. It includes an extensive public realm, innovative lighting, a living wall with giant LED screen and landscaping across the newly pedestrianized campus. This new ‘Campus Heart’ aims to rival any new university in the country or indeed Europe. The new building’s teaching block and 200-seat auditorium are linked and expressed by a curved façade that wraps around the north, east and... More

Project • By Taylor Pressly ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Oreo House

The Oreo House is play of form, texture and contrast. Taylor Pressly Architects were engaged to design the interior of a new residential home designed by CLP Architecture. The spiral staircase with its smooth plaster finish cork-screwing from the lowest level of the house to the upper terrace becomes the central focus of the design. On either side of the stair at all levels are black textural box forms bookending the softness of the spiral, providing a contrasting composition as you circulate within the house.   With concrete floors and ceilings, softness and warmth are provided with use of American oak and 2pac matte-white cabinetry.   The front kitchen, with its concealed appliances and minimal cabinets, is for entertaining... More

Project • By Studio BressanParks/Gardens

Green Village

The Green Village is a garden center located in the eastern industrial area next to the municipality of Cittadella, in the province of Padova. It has a strategic position in relation to the main roads and it attracts a catchment area that extends between the provinces of Vicenza, Padua and Treviso. The complex is made of three parts: the commercial building, the greenhouses and the park. The mall has been conceived as a clear and essential parallelepiped made up of two levels connected by a central green courtyard that opens toward the sky. At the basement there are a parking area and the access to the upper level, while at the ground floor there are a large sales area and a relax zone. The façade pulls back on any opening in favour... More

Project • By Mailen DesignPrimary Schools

Meadows Nursery

A re-modelling of a greenfield agricultural site creates nursery provision for 80 children aged 6 months to 5 years in stunning Northumberland farmland. Given its sensitive context it was necessary for the building to merge into the landscape and reflect the rural aesthetic of the surrounding agricultural vernacular. The building is arranged to frame the scenery while providing generous internal spaces and exterior
play areas for. The scale and form aim to break up the mass to reduce the impact on the green belt and capitalise on solar gain and natural ventilation.   The crisp volumes are clad in carefully detailed natural materials that complement the rural setting while remaining contemporary. Ecological performance is enhanced by... More

Project • By studioHuB architectsCare Homes

Sea to Sky Community Services Daycare

The new daycare building, dubbed ‘The Cabin’ by its users, provides the community of Squamish with an educational space for 20 preschool children that also serves as a before and after school care program for 24 children.   Sarah met early on in the process with the fire department, school principal and head of operations, to best locate the building to satisfy code requirements, fire fighter access, as well as existing below ground services.   Designed and constructed to high building envelope standards, the indoor-outdoor relationships are enhanced with strategically placed thermally broken aluminum curtain wall glazing and the robust wall assembly is clad with locally sourced cedar and vertical standing seam met... More

Project • By Urban PlatformHousing


The aim of our plan is to translate the values of the Lochten company in a sustainable, pragmatic and highly rational neighbourhood project that is competitive in terms of property development and whose image evokes the site’s industrial past. The plan attempts to generate social dynamism through the creation of high-quality communal spaces as well as through flexible and varied functions. The purpose of these two main ambitions, shored up by a comprehensive approach in terms of sustainability, is to turn the ‘Lochten neighbourhood’ into a powerful symbol, one that is illustrative of an exemplary social project. The project emphasizes the creation of two large collective spaces bordered by communal functions and enlivene... More

Project • By Ameller DuboisHotels

Tourcoing Police Hotel

A compact and unitary figure, the new Tourcoing Police Hotel strives to combine three inseparable challenges: to translate the republican idea and represent authority, to secure and reassure a sometimes fragile public, and to offer comfortable and safe working conditions to police officers.   A corner building and an architectural sign, the new Tourcoing Police Hotel is turned towards the city. Carefully composed of simple and modular geometrical forms, it is perceived as a sculpted, homogeneous and refined building. Its unitary materiality and its sober volumetry constitute, with the factory chimney preserved, a real urban landmark legible and attractive. Its coherence and image clearly express its status as an institutional buildin... More

Project • By Elena Galli Giallini LtdShopping Centres

Grand Gateway 66 – North Building

Elena Galli Giallini Ltd. (EGGL), a Hong Kong-based firm specializing in architectural design, renovations, and interior and industrial design, is proud to unveil the rejuvenated North building of the Grand Gateway 66 retail complex (GG66), located in Shanghai’s bustling commercial, cultural, and historic zone of Xijiahui. Comprised of two distinct buildings of contrasting configurations, EGGL was commissioned to provide the prominent complex with a brand-new image, both architecturally and functionally.   An embodiment of ‘Haipai’ culture, where core Chinese and Western values collide to make Shanghai one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Xijiahui is in the midst of a contemporary revitalization that is... More