Metal mesh cladding

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Project • By TwentinoxOffices

Diageo office Amsterdam

An exciting curtain is a fascinating feature. What lurks behind those folds and billows? It is as though the space contains a secret for the visitor to unveil. Our curtains are an intriguing part of the interior design at Diageo Amsterdam. A v-shaped fold and woven metal artworkWall & ceiling cladding often has a dual role, serving to distract the eye from aesthetically unappealing elements whilst also adding a touch of beautiful decor. We were approached by Diageo’s interior designer with a detailed drawing, specifying where the recesses had to be and the dimensions for the curtain (1,364 x 278 cm). Which was ideal, as that gave us all the information we needed to develop the wall cladding. Christiaan de Bruijne The curtai... More

Project • By MVSA ArchitectsOffices

ING Group headquarters

The headquarter offices for the ING Group occupies a long, narrow site adjacent to the motorway ring around Amsterdam. The location is at the junction of two areas, the cosmopolitan high-rise of Zuidas and the green zone of De Nieuwe Meer. The building has been kept low on the green side, with the cantilevered auditorium as a projecting element, and rises towards the urban side. The building rests on stilts measuring 9 to 12,5 metres in height, so that travellers on the motorway still have a glimpse of the area behind the building. This arrangement also means that none of the offices in the building have their view blocked by the motorway embankment. The entrance zone is ensconced between the stilts. The new headquarters symbolizes th... More