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Project • By HYJAPrivate Houses

Urban Villas

A Relaxing vibe was the driving thought behind the conceptualization of AA Urban Villas. The building itself was a mix used between a working space and a house. Lower levels are used for the work area where the owner works there. So the idea was to create a different surrounding resort feel like a house on the top floor. It was like coming home to a holiday home, a resort on a high cliff in Uluwatu, Bali. Ernest Theofilus Looking sunset on the pool deck in the afternoon. Makes the owner forget that they were living in the hustle-bustle of city life, after a hectic working hour. The land consists of 800m2. Inspired by resort villas, the building is separated into 2 blocks. Ernest Theofilus The front building consists of a Living,... More

Project • By VOID opdPrivate Houses


Guarumo is a contemporary residence located on the Costa Rican Pacific coast, where the characteristic tropical landscape is harmoniously combined with modern, simple and discreet architecture, all with a high degree of aesthetics / design.  Leonardo Finotti The project is located on a steep hillside, so the adequate positioning of the architectural program is essential to guaranteeing a proper adaptation. The staggering of its blocks favors a real adaptation to the topography of the site, minimizing the impact to the soils and avoiding large movements of land and expensive retaining walls. At the same time, it capitalizes on the spectacular views of both the ocean and the dense natural landscape that surrounds it.   Leon... More

Project • By STUDIO NEBAHotels

Terrace in Bali

Getting inspiration from 1900’s architecture: low pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, and an open floor environment⁣⁣⁣; ⁣ accommodating different vibes and different needs. Bali Real Estate Consultants Located in a car-free zone amidst rice fields, little water streams, and jungle views, the property enjoys tranquility in an authentic, Balinese setting. Little shops, cozy cafes, restaurants, massages, and Yoga Schools are within walking distance. Ubud’s center and attractions are in close proximity, and just minutes away. Bali Real Estate Consultants The property is built in a minimalist blend of contemporary architecture and Indonesian Elements. Set on a well-appointed plot of 568me of land, the property boasts 368m2... More
Eva Kontum modern resort villa
Eva Kontum modern resort villa
Eva Kontum modern resort villa

Project • By CEEB Vietnam Architecture FirmPrivate Houses

EVA modern Resort Villa

Location: Kon tum city, Kontum VietnamStatus: Under constructionClient: Mr AnArchitecture design.Year: 2019 More

Project • By Arun Thomas ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Hovering House

The urban dwelling was developed with a brief to be comfortable, warm but open to its surroundings, light and constructed with modern engineering techniques and natural materials. The resulting design sees a unique 3500 Square feet residential building standing out boldly in a secluded flat terrain with an inverted sloped roof that hovers up to the skies, open completely to the surrounding lush garden landscape. The design concept takes clues from the traditional architecture of Kerala, giving form to a "new emancipating" style of architecture. The north facing inverted roofs in this design is a modern perception of the traditional downward sloping roof, allowing uninterrupted views of the Sky and the surrounding landscape. The 2-storeyed r... More

Project • By Jalihal AssociatesPrivate Houses

Conjoint Twins

Two homes with the soul of one . A joint family home , with a design language of uncluttered opulence .     CONTEXT : Located in a premium residential area in Belgaum , Karnataka , the design brief given by the client suggest a single looking structure split into two homes for two brothers yet connected by bridges at the entrances and in between , to allow a sense of a joint family home yet give each unit its own individuality. The brief also suggested the house carried an opulent and well curated sense of space making . Each house reflects the persona of the user and offers a diverse experience moving from one home to the other.     PLANNING: The entrance is approached through patches of landscape on eit... More

Project • By Studio SaxePrivate Houses

Casa Bell-Lloc

OverviewTropical Concrete House framesocean views in Costa Rica beach town Studio Saxe was commissioned to design a home perched on the hilltops of the town of Santa Teresa in Costa Rica. Due to the extreme pitch of the terrain, we decided to sink the private areas of bedrooms into the ground and thus allow the main living area to have the best expansive views on top with floating terraces and a pool. Benjamin G. Saxe founder and Design Director of Studio Saxe explains: “This project is a testament of how concrete can be used in Tropical Architecture to achieve low maintenance and longevity without losing openness and deep connections to nature beyond.”   ConceptIn order to adapt to the topographic conditions, Studio Sa... More

Project • By Mística ArquitecturaHousing

Casa del Monte

Casa del Monte has the versatility of being able to be located in any environment and topography, it was designed in such a way that the impact to the ecosystem and the land is to a minimum, in addition to having various natural ventilation mechanisms without wasting energy. This design is based on the placement of modules according to the need of the owner can be adapted in terms of their space needs by adding or removing modules that are connected by means of architectural links. More

Project • By ishtikaPrivate Houses

Idam- A house to come back to

A man who loves to travel, wanted a space - idam (ഇടം, Malayalam Transl.- space) to come back to; a space that reflected his journeys, both inwards and outside. This basic brief was manifested into a rugged, truthful and minimalistic home on a small plot of 2.5 cents in the urban outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala The presence of roads on two adjacent boundaries reduced the buildable area and restricted the house footprint to a mere 4.7m X 12m. The site sloping down alongside the road gave access to the plot at two levels; with a porch for two cars at level one and a pedestrian entry to the building at the second level. These levels were used as a tool to create and connect spaces within this 2-bedroom house. The pedestrian entry ope... More

Project • By Kee Yen ArchitectPrivate Houses

Fillet House

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ‘Fillet House’ is a three-story private house consisting of six bedrooms and a dance hall owned by a young couple. The fillet idea was to maximise the corner-lot building plinth through a series of design approaches that responded to the client’s brief and its contexts. Terminology in design, a fillet is a rounded corner or rounded edge. The main four corners of the house are being filleted or rounded as to soften the original allowed cubic mass.  The filleted corner achieved a wholeness and streamlining the building form externally. The building mass was then configured in respond to the tropics, designated programmes and its neighbourhood with subtracted volumes for open terraces a... More

Project • By TABARQPrivate Houses

Casa Brisas

Luxury and pleasure in nature The Warm Breezes villa is located in Misiones-Argentina, a wonderful environment that flows into the interior and exterior spaces of the residence. This prototype arises from a 2-level shifted volume with east-west oriented areas.It is composed of a wooden folding curtain and beige stone cladding, leaving a warm and neutral appearance to the prevalent green. This dynamic facade is manipulated according to use, and can be completely open with the best views or closed to create a clean sculpture.Pure custom furniture interiors keep a neutral palette, and details of the exterior wood are added at certain points of contrast. We conceived the project to be a sculpture of pleasure in its fullness, with a doub... More

Project • By Timur Designs LLPPrivate Houses

Siglap Avenue House 1

The difference in levels between the front and back of the site created opportunities for a basement with entry directly from the main road, an elevated guest suite with a private garden and separate access from the rear and a first storey living space that has visual privacy from the main road. There are two entries to the main level: a homecoming one through the basement hallway, and the contemplative access via a series of garden steps flanked by ponds and planters. The L-shape form of the house provides a natural enclosure to a courtyard-like garden enclosed by high retaining walls at the side and rear. The L-shape form also means that every room and corridor has openings to the external. The living, dining and kitchen spaces form an... More

Project • By Timur Designs LLPPrivate Houses

Lotus Avenue House

Incorporating elements of the tropical house in an intermediate terrace house is a totally different challenge from other landed housing types because it has to depend on only the short front and rear facades for natural light and ventilation.  In many intermediate terrace houses, including the conservation shophouse, the airwell is often introduced to bring in daylight and air near the middle section of the house. This house at Lotus Avenue, however, is too long for the front and rear windows to provide sufficient natural light and effective natural ventilation, and also, not long enough to introduce an airwell or courtyard at the centre, without losing too much usable floor area. Our solution was to “pull away” parts of... More