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Project • By Serge Schoemaker ArchitectsParks/Gardens

Hoofddorp Fort Island

The process of redeveloping and converting Hoofddorp Fort took a decade. Some 8,100 m2 in size, the Dutch world heritage site has been transformed into an urban park with space for a restaurant as well as cultural and educational activities. Serge Schoemaker Architects tackled the landscape, architecture and interior in an integral manner, fusing past and present into a new entity. MWA Hart Nibbrig Hoofddorp Fort (1904) is one of the few forts along the historical Defence Line of Amsterdam with two floors. Like most of the forts, this defence structure is embedded into the landscape and covered with a layer of earth. The fort consists of a rich labyrinth of spaces: gun positions, rooms, corridors and niches. Walls and vaults of metres... More

Project • By Mei architects and plannersApartments


One of the last remaining 1930s indoor swimming pools in The Netherlands, the Spaardersbad, is located in Gouda. The pool owes its name (literally translated ‘Saving pool’) to the inhabitants of Gouda who collectively saved money during the crisis period (1933) to realize an indoor swimming pool. It is a unique building, created, preserved, and cherished with enthusiasm and cooperation. As one of the most visited swimming pools in the Netherlands in the last century, this pool retains personal memories of many generations of Gouda inhabitants. The transformation from swimming pool to residential building with six unique loft homes, is based on the beauty of the original design and the rich history of the building. The swimming p... More

Project • By iGuzziniParks/Gardens

The Heart Pavillion

The Heart Pavilion is located at the LAB International Art Resort in the Fairy Mountain National Park in the Wulong district.At the start of 2019, the BPI studio was commissioned by the LAB Art Museum to design a lighting system for a contemporary art installation by the world-famous artist Christian Boltanski.The work is centred on the human heartbeat and consists of a collection that registers moments in human life through heartbeats.Boltanski was born in Paris immediately after the city was liberated during the Second World War. His father, who was Jewish, had been forced to hide in the cellar of his home for several months. The shadow of the war accompanied Boltanski throughout his childhood and perhaps it is this that drove him to cons... More

Project • By Cosimo ScotucciArt Galleries


Visible light seemed to be pure, colourless and indivisible, but after the 17th century when Isaac Newton dissembled it through a prism, we have discovered that it is made by an infinite array of beautiful colors. So, is the Humankind! Every person is unique, every individual is a single shade in the full display of color that we call humanity. Is it possible to create an installation that celebrates people uniqueness while laying the foundation for an inclusive society of tomorrow? New York City will be the stage of a massive urban-land-art event for which the scenography is already set in place. SPECTRUM, requires that each screen and billboard of Time Square displays a single monochrome color, creating an ever-changing composition, s... More
Laser cut aluminum plates allow the wind to escape through the notches, reducing the effect of wind pressure. The gap between the plates makes them lighter and easier to support their own weight while maintaining their volume.

Project • By ayami takada architectsMemorials

flying monument

3-dimensional structures such as airplanes are made by assembling parts made of different materials instead of one-piece molding. The whole image where lots of pretty metal objects like petals and butterflies soar, makes the city and people live as monuments that bring the future. The majority of airplanes are made of aluminum alloys such as duralumin, and resin and steel have been used in some cases. In recent years, carbon fiber and other materials have also been used for the surface. Lightweight polycarbonate and aluminum are used to create a monument that soars into the sky. The foundation part is made of heavy, inexpensive steel, which is easy to work with, and is concealed in the ground. By using carefully selected materials in the r... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceMemorials

Restoration of the Tomáš Baťa Memorial in Zlín

The building by František Lýdie Gahura, opened one year after the death of Tomáš Baťa, is the most valuable monument of the Zlín constructivism and the highlight of the so-called “Baťa architecture” phenomenon. At the first glance the idea for the monument is simple: an empty prism placed on a visible spot above the town, on the central axis of the ascending park space, made up of several modules of the Zlín 6.15 x 6.15 m frame and clad only with cathedral glass. Inside, only the ill-fated Junkers F 13 aircraft in which Tomáš Baťa died in 1932. Gahura reduced the monument to three basic materials of Zlín architecture – concrete, steel and glass that were s... More

Project • By Mei architects and plannersApartments


The Ocean House, popularly also called the Stokvis building, was a “modern business palace” with innovations such as car passages, a covered courtyard, and a canteen with a roof terrace. Due to an eventful history, many different time layers are visible in the building. With the transformation into a residential loft building with modern topping, Mei adds a new time layer with respect for the existing building, while remaining the national monumental parts – such as the entrance, the Gothic room, Tudor room, and the canteen on the roof.   History The Stokvis building was once the headquarters of Europe’s largest trading company. The Rotterdam Stokvis en Zonen, founded in 1849 by a Jewish family, traded in all... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceExhibitions

Memory of the Nation at Stalin

About the exhibitionThe 100th anniversary of Czechoslovak Republic was used as an opportunity to look into the Memory of the Nation. We chose periods and events which had shaped the modern history of this nation. We work with subjective memories.Due to the contemporary disturbances of the principle of democracy and respect to human rights, we think it necessary to remind ourselves that the civil freedom is nothing that comes as a matter of course. This is the reason why we have decided to focus our exposition on the totality in Czechoslovakia in 1939 to 1989 and on the fight against this totality. The former monument of the dictator J. V. Stalin is a suitable venue for this. It symbolises humiliation and servitude at the time of communism a... More

Project • By Mirck ArchitectureAuditoriums


The current trend in The Netherlands is to recycle existing buildings rather than to replace them. In the old city of Leiden Mirck Architecture has designed such a rejuvenation for a 15th century landmark canal house. In the 1960s the building’s interior was effectively destroyed, which sad event opened interesting perspectives for the building’s redevelopment. The building is now used as an Annex by the International Tax Center Leiden, a postgraduate studies that is housed in the neighboring mansion at Rapenburg 65.The Rapenburg 63 Annex houses a fully equipped modern lecture theatre with 74 seats, a student lounge, and student studios along with a joint living room annex kitchen that overlooks the splendid garden at the backside of the bu... More

Project • By AI-architects Architectural bureauHeritages

Borovitskaya Square

Borovitskaya Square newly built in the very heart of Moscow is important as part of Moscow government program for the improvement of the capital city of Russia. The development of public spaces around the Kremlin - “Kremlin Ring” - was presented to UNESCO and includes Borovitskaya Square and other significant improvements - such as development of Zaradye Park.The project of improvement of Borovitskaya Square was chosen in the result of the architectural competition held with the support of Moscow City Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning.The monument to Prince Vladimir was approved long before. There was also the initial project of Borovitsky Square in declamatory archaic style with using granite and the lack of greenery.... More

Project • By Team V ArchitectureAuditoriums

RCO House

Op een steenworp afstand van het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, in een oud schoolgebouw van Berlage, ontwierp Team V Architectuur eewn thuisbasis voor het Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest. Op zaterdag 19 januari is het RCO House officieel geopend door Burgemeester Femke Halsema. Hiermee gaat een lang gekoesterde wens van het orkest in vervulling: een eigen plek voor staf en orkestleden om elkaar te ontmoeten, te werken en ongestoord te repeteren. In de ‘Amsterdamzaal’ gaat het orkest zelf bezoekers ontvangen, onder andere voor kamermuziek, inleidingen en educatieve activiteiten. Om ruimte te bieden aan het uitgebreide programma van het Concertgebouworkest is de voormalige ‘Dagteeken- en Kunstambachtschool voor Meisjes’ uit 1908 grondig verbouwd,... More
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Project • By +ArqsMemorials

Buenos Aires monument to Bandera (1st Prize)

The Monument to the Flag bonarense develops emphasizing the axis of the Av. San Martin, artery connecting such access and downtown, from a multiprogramática piece, located on the site now occupied by the avenue, connecting both plazas. The scale of the unified square is commensurate to the size and importance of the project to be considered a milestone, annexing longitudinal bar as a container building game show. This urban piece is key and core of the project, it becomes an active center of attraction, exchanges and meetings, incorporating activities and uses of socio-cultural, such as: exhibit space, workshop, film, games, giving the space city ​​a new dynamic. The piece is solved with a concrete screed screening, on which the vegetati... More

Project • By Sheppard RobsonUniversities

London Business School - The Sammy Ofer Centre

Sheppard Robson was commissioned by London Business School to create a state-of-the-art teaching centre in the Grade II listed Old Marylebone Town Hall and Library Annexe. The design includes the insertion of a glazed entrance foyer linking the two buildings, and a new lecture theatre block. The period buildings will be completely refurbished, retaining the ceremonial rooms in the Council House for use by Westminster Registrar’s Office. The glazed link will have a distinctive impact on the Marylebone Road elevation, reflecting the new use. While complementing the historic and architectural interest of the existing buildings, the link will also create a dynamic entrance to the Business School. A new teaching block will replace the 1960... More

Project • By Coenen Sättele ArchitectenApartments

Meerssen (NL)

Meerssen Phase 3 of the urban master plan for the historic center of Meerssen, developed in 1997, is now being realized. The different parts of this Master Plan as the extension of the marketplace, the realization of the Maison de Ville, with the Customer Contact Center of the municipality in conjunction with five apartments above and the apartment complex Nieuw Proosdij, located around the former, transformed monastery will be added to the already implemented plan components. The extension of the underground carparking phase 1 and the completion of the revitalized park, designed by landscape architect office Verbeek, are part of the final implementation of the Master Plan. This concludes a developement, which will make the center of Meers... More

Project • By Mirck ArchitectureOffices


When the first floor (bel-etage) and the basement of landmark canal house Keizersgracht 522 were recently vacated after many decades of intensive use, both floors were in obvious need of a complete overhaul. In addition, the building’s foundation needed comprehensive repair. Mirck Architecture was commissioned to take on the reconstruction and, along with interior architect Hayo Waisfisz, to design a new interior. Additions that in the past had been built in the inner court between the front house and the back house are removed. As a result, the basement of both the front and the back house will benefit from the additional daylight. In the new configuration, the front house will offer on the connected basement and first floors about 120 m2... More