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Project • By Gustavo Guimarães Architecture & UrbanismShops


What we see, what look at us The visitor is guided by the presence of three arches. The first one, a welcoming green Guatemala marble surface, invites you to enter the space. When gently merged with the interior, the visitor anticipates the second arch, located at the end of the exhibition space, in a pale green shade in daylight, or vibrant, but diffused color, at night, changing the real temperature, eluding the observer's perception. The third inverted arch located at the upper floor, at the end of the private consultation offices, doubles as a viewpoint to the street or, when perceived by the user, an invitation to explore when entering the store. A stainless-steel ceiling becomes a big inverted mirror, inviting the user to explore d... More

Project • By Smart Design StudioShops


Smart Design Studio has designed a fresh new space for Optique, an optometristand eyewear retailer.Located within the dynamic Barangaroo precinct, this was the third store commissioned by owner Susan Green. Light continues to be the central idea, building on the already established visual identity. Colourful mirrored boxes bounced light around the two earlier spaces, whereas here, light emanates from the Barrisol ceiling.   A pair of illuminated coloured sails hover above the crisp white shell. The effect is captivating and conceptually references what eyewear does; to tint, alter or enhance the image. It adds warmth and drama to the otherwise white space and washes the customer in soft complementary light. By night, the LED lights c... More

Project • By Catherine CatherineHospitals

Uvée: eco-responsible optometry clinic

A new optometry clinic has newly opened on Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montreal. In addition to offering a range of eco-friendly products, the space is designed to promote the profession of optometrists and rethink their place of work.CATHERINE CATHERINE designed the store around an examination room with glass partitions, located in the center of the space and visible from the street. Clients can take their eye exam under the intrigued eyes of passers-by. The partitions let in natural light, an asset for this clinic and its doctors. Outside the examination room, the space is multifunctional and allows patients, as well as employees to settle at the place of their choice: bench, small reception desk, large service counter.The majority of the clini... More

Project • By HEIKAUS Architektur GmbHShops

Im Blickpunkt

The task: Stefan Nowak is an optometrist. He is known in the region for his competent examination and consulting. The design concept of his new salerooms is to clearly convey his fashion competence in future as well. Customers can look forward to an attractive platform for corrective lenses and sunglasses in a pleasant and authentic shop design in his new location in Erlenbach.The challenge:The new shop design was to represent the range of competence without appearing too fashionable. A timeless, easy and transparent look was to create an inviting atmosphere with a special comfort factor and high-value feel.Intense and personal consulting, known and valued by customers for many years, is to continue on the 125 m² of the new store. The... More

Project • By Best Practice ArchitectureShops

Eye Eye

Making its home in an existing brick building in Seattle’s bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood, Eye Eye seeks to playfully reflect the image of the street and that of the patron trying on eye wear. This clinic was designed for an Optometrist who desired to have a retail space adjacent to his clinic for the convenience of his patients. Using the knowledge gleaned from optics and optometry, the design team deliberately aimed to toy with perception and reflection as you move through the space, giving the visitor multiple viewpoints simultaneously.The original concept evolved to incorporate a series of powder-coated steel frames which march rhythmically through the space. Clad with a mixture of custom eye glass display boxes and mirrored surface... More

Project • By la SHED architectureShops

L’Aire Visuelle optométristes-opticiens

Working from high contrast and simple natural materials, the firm la SHED architecture have designed a unique optometrist and optician clinic redefining the customer’s experience. The commercial space was designed as an atelier-boutique, characterized by low display tables in the open area, avoiding any visual obstruction. Looking for frames becomes the opportunity of a friendly exchange, underneath the bright ceiling, composed of wooden slats installed randomly. With the goal of giving their enterprise a breath of fresh air, the associates of L’Aire Visuelle sought to create a new corporate image based on the state-of-the-art products and techniques that they offer, as well as the quality and expertise of the services they provide. The... More

Project • By DAS Interior ArchitectExhibition Centres

Synorasis Optical

Full renovation of shop housing an optometrist and sunglasses shop. Custom furniture design and display design. More

Project • By Smart Design StudioShops

Optique Potts Point

Optique Potts Point is the second location of one of Sydney's most established optometry practices, Optique Double Bay. The store is a beautiful backdrop for exquisitely crafted and exclusive eyewear. Its owner Susan Green has a reputation as one of the best buyers in the business and retails major brands like Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples, and Cutler and Gross. The challenge we faced with this project was in how to visually connect this space to the pedestrian passing by. This was challenging due to the store’s elevated and set back position, at the base of a dark and imposing building. We required a solution that would turn this challenge into an opportunity. For this we focused on contrasting levels of light: a brilliant “jewelry box” at t... More

Project • By Christopher Polly ArchitectShops


The new flagship store responds to its specific urban location within the established high-end retail character of the street, providing a high quality spatial experience for the presentation of optical products that overcomes its spatial limitations and modest budget. A series of white opal resin shelves and illuminated light-box storage units float and curve around the interior of the existing glass storefront, while white lighting columns illuminate the opalescent quality of the shelves for maximum visual focus of the displayed spectacles. Other modules wrap around the interior walls of the existing shell, accommodating further programmatic requirements for the display of sunglasses & optical products and for provision of storage.... More