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Project • By Conjuntos EmpáticosArt Galleries

Present-Pasts for an Emotional Context

To define a position in a context that we all hope will be transitional is very difficult, even though we have a strong feeling that it will bring about a change in our lives, whether clinical, material, procedural or socially. This is further compounded by the fact that our own understanding is evolving as the months go by, so the proposal that won this curatorial opportunity in September 2020 will probably not be the same as the one explained today, in March 2021, or the one that will finally be exhibited in May this year. And yet, as good creatures of habit, it is our hope that life will go back to what it was before the pandemic, or at least something similar.   We believe that architecture today should be interpreted as a social... More

Project • By HLW InternationalHospitals

Project Héroe

The COVID-19 pandemic brought to our world unprecedented change and disruption. Very few could have imagined how drastically this global health crisis would change not only our social and economic landscape, but every corner of our daily lives. A year after the initial wave of the virus, individuals and communities alike are still suffering heavily from this pandemic, despite widespread mitigation measures from face masks and social distancing to total shutdowns and stay-at-home mandates. Even the vaccine rollout has been plagued by challenges, including widespread misinformation, technological failings, and supply shortages –– not to mention, new strains of the virus that may render current offerings ineffective. How did we get... More

Project • By Matteo Talarico Nicolette MarzovillaCoasts


The emergency from COVID-19 has changed the spaces where we live. CUBE-19 is a new way of reinterpreting beach life by putting customer safety at the forefront while offering a cost-effective solution, valid for any type of beach and anywhere in the world.  CUBE-19 was designed to make the beach experience safe. The starting point of the project is the layout of the circulation and the distance between the umbrellas. Entrance, exit and use of the beach are organized according to horizontal and vertical paths. Vertical circulation (entrance and exit) is regulated through one-way walkways 1.5 m wide. The 3 m wide horizontal circulation is divided by low separator obtaining two directions. The accesses to the individual units are arrang... More