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Product • By Automated Parking Corp. (APC)7K4S- Stacker Parking System

7K4S- Stacker Parking System

From compacts to SUVs the stacker is the most cost-effective way to park or store four vehicles (or three if using our 7K3S model) in the space of one.This ideal configuration works perfect for those commercial operations needing to store medium to high volume of vehicles, such as auto-repair and body shops, car dealers, valet parking and other commercial parking operations.The stackers can be installed side by side or one behind the other to maximize available space for more parking and storage capacity. Although encasing is not required, stackers can be encased for aesthetic reasons or to match the surrounding architecture. More

Project • By Banker WireCar Parks

Delta Hotel

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada stands the Delta Hotel, where guests can “Expect Even More” from their stay. Its 46-story glass tower adds a sleek accent to the Toronto skyline. To complement the hotel’s tower, Page + Steele/IBI Group Architects specified Banker Wire mesh for the hotel’s adjoining rooftop parking garage stairway enclosure. Page + Steele/IBI Group Architects chose woven wire mesh for the project because of its beauty, durability, and versatility. After doing their research, the architects decided upon Banker Wire’s LPZ-62 woven wire mesh. LPZ-62 is a lockcrimp/plain crimp combination that caters to a wide variety of applications due to its simple aesthetic. LPZ-62 has... More

Project • By Astron Buildings S.A.Factories

Multi-Storey Car Parks of the New Generation

The demand for parking spaces is rising continuously, especially in towns, but the spaces available are often limited in number. Astron offers individual solutions made of steel that are robust, efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, the structures require only minimal planning and short construction times. As the European market leader in prefabricated steel halls, we also know how to be convincing in the car park sector. Our designs include parking decks, multi-storey car parks and individual solutions such as the incorporation of a car lift. More