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NewsNews • 13 Dec 2022

Studio Rodrigo Ferreira + Isto Arquitetura unveil a whimsical cafe in Goias, Brazil

Located in Goias, Brazil, Cafe Teatro is a quaint yet enticing restaurant designed by Studio Rodrigo Ferreira and Isto Arquitetura. Perceived as a space to indulge, the proposed design is an amalgam of art, colour, and form.  Edgar César Through the diverse application of the palette, the space intends to awaken the senses, induce plural stimuli, and engage its guests in an immersive experience. Boasting refreshing pastel hues, the restaurant shows minimal influences with ambient lighting.  Edgar César Bespoke tables, benches, walls, ceilings, and furniture designed by Tidelli instil a sense of playfulness while art pieces signed by artist Marcus Camargo add personality and life to the restaurant... More

NewsNews • 4 Oct 2022

Minus workshop instils awe through its milk-lake-inspired Dabpa Artisan Restaurant

Following the artistic and evocative interior design of Peking & Szechuan Cuisine restaurant, Dab-pa in Shatin, Minus workshop completes a new one in K11 musea, a shopping arcade in Hong Kong. The Milk Lake concept-inspired artisan restaurant exhibits geological formations across the space. Steven Ko A harmonious colour palette attracts people from the outside, distinguishing it from the other Szechuan restaurant. Encompassing the entire interior, the entrance evokes a sense of wonder as one enters. The configuration presents a diversified yet amicable unity of form, which welcomes the guests into a serene environment. Steven Ko Irregularly shaped windows give away a hint of surprise to the outsiders while carving ou... More

NewsNews • 14 Sep 2022

Anat Herman Studio designs a playful and dreamy Early age and Family centre in Israel

A 220 sqm Early age and Family centre located in Ramat Gan, Israel, Moments designed by Anat Herman Architecture & Interior design, is an exploratory playhouse for kids below the age of three.  Tamir Rogowski The design concept translates from its name “Moments” meaning a moment of silence, pause or a memorable phase in life. The space instils a protective, nourishing and educational environment that will be comforting and rewarding for the meeting and connection between the parents and their children.  Tamir Rogowski The gentle and soothing pastel colour palette combined with the interplay of circular and amorphic lines as reflected in the design of details, ceilings and flooring along with tec... More

Project • By Hrishikesh More ArchitectsApartments

Pastel Aesthetics

“For any design, a poised colour palette and minimalism sets the right tone!” Everything about this design looms out because of the way natural light pours in. Specially the morning light that fills up the space creates a perfect setting for a cosy, bright and airy space. The design was conceptualised keeping a young couple in mind who moved to their maiden home in this maximum city. Being a gracious host, the couple wanted to create a cosy, homely setting perfect for sitting back with a cup of coffee or entertaining a small group of friends and family. ‘Storage and more storage’ were the prime concern, for which they vouched on us (Hrishikesh More Architects). Ruhma U Ruhma U A touch of Mid-century moder... More



Elements Design by Ceramiche Keope is a collection of matte surfaces with a minimalist style which draws inspiration from the architecture of large international megacities and recalls the aesthetic details of resin. The porcelain tiles proposal is now enriched with the new enveloping dusty shades of the Elements Design Paint line designed for contemporary architectural spaces with harmonious and relaxing environments.   The unique pastel shades continue the collection creative path by tuning into five soft, pale colour tones: Avio, Sage, Peach, Powder and Cotto fascinating desaturated and earthy colours to create settings with a strong natural component. The 5 new Paint colours are available in sizes 60x120 and 9.7x60, in the matte... More