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Project • By Dazhou And AssociatesShops

Corner pavilion

Corner Pavilion is located on a pedestrian street by the West Lake in Hangzhou. It is a small building designed by Dazhou And Associates commissioned by the coffee brand M Stand. The street is crowded with people, and the site which is less than 100 meters from the West Lake, is defined out by three ginkgo trees. Wen Studio Sculpture and Support With three simple geometries supporting the heavy metal roof volume, the building stands like a sculpture on a busy street. It opens up in all directions, so that there is no obstruction at eye level except for the necessary structure, and you can look at it and then through it. Wen Studio Shelter and Platform We want it to be a space to enter and to stay. During the design process, we... More

Project • By whitelakewhitelakePavilions

Piece of Land

The ground is the same as everything around, but a little different. A disc of artificial earth floating in the middle of a natural landscape. Ideally round in accordance with logic, but oval in experience, the pavilion is a space for reflection on various ideas about the world order, prejudices, thorny paths of logical knowledge, the organization of one's space and the possibility of a second chance. Rising up, you find yourself on a land where there are no problems of ownership, where without you there are no rules other than the laws of gravity. This is a new land devoid of an unambiguous interpretation, where everyone can make it part of their ideas about the world or discard everything and look at the new artificial landscape as if it... More

Project • By One Plus Partnership LimitedPavilions


In order to advance the artistic vibe of the Kunming Office Building, the designers have  transformed the original space into an interactive zone by adding several unique art installations to provoke people’s thoughts, sensations and feelings. Kunming is located in the Yunnan province. One of the most famous natural sights in Yunnan is the ‘Stone Forest’, which is a notable set of limestone formations.  YINGSHAN CREATIVE IMAGES ‘Stone Forest’ has inspired the designers for this series of art installations, one of them is this eye-catching Stone Forest Pavilion. It is constructed by many rectangular orange frames. The designers first came up with a rectangular box as a single unit, then used this... More

NewsNews • 4 Aug 2021

Pilecki Family Museum balances a historic house, new pavilion, and garden with a compelling museum design narrative

Balancing three elements – a historic house, a new pavilion, and a garden – the Pilecki Family Museum by BDR Architekci is dedicated to famous World War II hero Witold Pilecki and his family. It is one of the last places to commemorate him, as the family home near Lida was demolished after the war.  Konrad Basan The house component of the museum is the former family home of Pilecki’s wife. A central element of the museum, the house was thoroughly restored and reconstructed from archival photos. Cellars were deepened and the attic rebuilt while original details, cornices and window frames were reconstructed. So as not to interfere with the external structure, wall insulation was added from the inside. The house i... More

Project • By nu.he StudioPavilions

Walk and talk 2020 Pavilion

”In the weaving of baskets and mats  There is a knowledge that lives and does not leave  As if the weaver were weaving himself  And not only weaving the mat and basket  But also his human union to the earth.”   Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen   The 2020 Walk and Talk Artist Festival Pavilion is a welcoming, public, open space; a temporary symbol for the city to emphasis the importance for artists, artisans and designer to work together along with the community to address the common social concerns. The designed pavilion seeks to create a strong connection with the neighborhood by conceptually extending the already utilized public plaza into the interior multi-functional areas. Those spaces... More

Project • By Cheng Tsung FENG Design StudioSculptures

Fish Trap House V

The Fish Trap is an ancient vessel. In the past, it served as a tool for catching fish. Then, as it was no longer used, it became a symbol that bears lost culture in museums and literature. In this piece, we tried to take this vessel and reproduce it with different dimensions and appearances. The artist FENG focused on the memories of the handicraft and the unique spatial experience that is perceived with the body to create a one-of-a-kind Fish Trap House so the vessel has a chance to hold all kinds of possibilities and imagination. The Fish Trap House created by the artist is not used for trapping fish. Instead, it captures the attention of people, luring them in as if they are fish in the water, swimming into the alluring landscape of Yu... More

Project • By LAARParks/Gardens

Science Park Pavillion

In 2009, in the southern zone of Yucatán, in México, a group of young students, sons and daughters of Mayan farmers belonging to the rural community of Dzán, whose economic support consists mainly in the farming of citrus, moved by their “change their world” reckless enthusiasm, took the action into working together through science and culture with the purpose of inspiring the most vulnerable sector of the population: children and young adolescents, whose school dropout, substance abuse rates and lacking of vocation were rising. That’s how they decided to found the Scientific Community of Dzán, a non-profit organization that pursuits the empowerment of their own community through the making of l... More

Project • By Architecture DisciplinePavilions

Pavilion for Performative Arts

The Pavilion for Performative Arts is envisaged as a vibrant center of spontaneous public gatherings that nurtures art — a theater space for various performative arts and a cultural anchor that belongs to the community at large. Proposed in the heart of the central park at Bhartiya City in Bengaluru, it is imagined as a space for companies, artists, performers, and storytellers to come and tell their stories. A public space, it will add cultural and recreational programs to the park. Bhartiya city is a seamless mix of the finest residential spaces, office towers, hotels, public spaces, modern schools, state-of-the-art hospitals and efficient transport links to provide a complete environment for better living. Being a performative art... More

Project • By modus studioParks/Gardens

The Evans Tree House at Garvan Woodland Gardens

Nestled in a natural Ouachita Mountain hillside along Lake Hamilton at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the Evans Children’s Adventure Garden welcomed a new tree house to the grounds in summer of 2018. This tree house is the first of three planned for the garden that will provide an interactive educational experience for visiting children as part of an ambitious plan to bring children back into the woods. The tree house uses a rich visual and tactile environment to stimulate the mind and body to strengthen connections back to the natural world, while accommodating the needs of all users.   This unique structure is a defining small project for modus. From design to fabrication we were able to merge our childhood... More

NewsNews • 26 Nov 2020

KAAN Architecten complete composed pavilion for Loenen National War Cemetery

Commissioned by the Netherlands War Graves Foundation, KAAN Architecten aimed to create a distinguished yet subtle pavilion that blends with the birch and pine trees that surround it.  © Simone Bossi The architects allowed the trees to dictate the building's narrow shape. The horizontal orientation refers back to the cemetery’s original landscape design by Daniel Haspels that was devoid of verticality in order to avoid disrupting the calming effect of the trees. Even the graves throughout the cemetery are lying flat for this reason.  © Simone Bossi The roof further accentuates the orientation. The architects interpreted the roof not just as a cover, but as a horizontal wall with openings that expose the... More

Project • By Atomik ArchitecturePavilions

Art Point Pavilion

Artbatfest is an international festival of contemporary public art partnered by the British Council, the 2015 edition of which occupied a number of previously empty venues across the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. We were invited to create a central focus for the initiative on a vacant, wooded plot in the city centre.   At first we experimented with a space made up of different parts but, with dialogue as a guiding theme for the festival, we eventually brought these elements together to make a steel-framed, painted plywood pavilion which could be inhabited in a huge variety of different ways.   Almaty is thought to be the place where apples originated and, despite being completely open, the pavilion has the effect of a shelteri... More

Project • By Schoyerer Architekten_SYRATransports

Bike pavilion

With its well-structured network of bike stations, the city of Mainz provides numerous rental bikes. However, up until now, there has been a lack of infrastructure for privately owned bikes, such as suitable parking places. All too often, you encounter neglected bikes that have fallen victim to the weather and vandalism. SCHOYERERARCHITEKTEN_SYRA As a result of their low architectonic quality and the manner of their construction, the bicycle sheds found on the market are easily susceptible to vandalism, and therefore unsuitable for public spaces. SCHOYERERARCHITEKTEN_SYRA It was against this background that SCHOYERER ARCHITEKTEN_SYRA developed an initial prototype of a bike pavilion for the city of Mainz. True to the practice&rs... More

Project • By MASK ArchitectsExhibitions

Leaf and Bean Coffee Co Pavilion

Named Leaf and Bean Co Pavilion use innovative, sustainable, and contemporary approaches to integrate nature with architecture. Through the utilization of local wood, the structure’s material pallette percolates with its background, and implement sustainable production strategies. This pavilion will feature mainly coffee shop, semi-open library, recreational areas on both the ground and terrace floor levels and host an event which was sourced from the town. By wandering in the forest, visitors not only discover co-creation programs but also meet with the people involved with the project and explore their creative process.’The dynamic architecture and structure of the pavilion integrate a semi-opened ground floor and exhibitions... More

Project • By MASK ArchitectsArt Galleries

Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture

Mask Architects developed a proposal for a public artwork to be located in Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City " Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture" has been selected one of 5 finalists among  340 international projects and Artist for MassivArt and MIRA  investment and real estate development company in Mexico.  Designed by Öznur Pınar ÇER, Danilo PETTA " Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture" is the first spiral interactive movement and rotated lattice loop structure in the world which has filled easily controlled rotatable kinetic art panels by human movements where human are interactive and environmental data according to the location of the structure on the site. Inspired by spacetime curving/bending whic... More

Project • By Castanheira & BastaiPrivate Houses


Being an Architect brings along this kind of thing. To find a client looking for something that’s not the usual.What luck! Something that’s built with the passing of time.   It had to be isolated. Music with no restrictions. Books, lots of books. A room for to house a passion for model trains. A small gym.I brought up this small volume at the highest point of the property.It levitates, as if something strange was there about to land.  Or to take off? There, in the midst of scots pine.A large space and two small ones, house the requirements of the brief.Windows and terraces let in – selectively - the most amazing and never-the-same landscapes.   The smallest space becomes enormous, as it receives furnitur... More