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Riverside face
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Project • By studio mojo architecturePavilions

hidden face

The cabin echoes our early construction experiences. Here, we are developing the shelter around a unique material: wood. The material allows integration and discretion in the landscape. The rhythm is mimetic. The composition is enough to shelter from the wind, looks, or rain. This simple gesture creates a limit, an invitation and a panorama. The trees and the shelter don’t touch each other but interact and create vertical and horizontal limits. Caption The gap in between the two walls invites the walker to enter the shelter. Inside, the atmosphere is warm, you can stand, sit, lie down, rest. The trees foliage filters the sun rays. Our imagination is summoned, reminds us of childhood memories. Sitting, leaning against the wall, o... More

Project • By Liqui GroupPavilions

Park Pavillion

For this public space project Liqui designed a canopy-like pavilion, constructed from corten. It was important for the pavilion to act as a noticeable focal point from different vantage points within the park, and despite its large size, the structure was designed to be inviting and encourage exploration. To achieve this aesthetic an open canopied framework was designed, supported by four tree-like columns on a raised base. The centre of the pavilion features raised levels giving visitors a fresh vantage point to view the surroundings. More

Project • By IsploraCultural Centres

ArchiTALKS Italo Rota

This ArchiTALKS highlights the figure of the architect and designer Italo Rota, discussing his training and references: from the first professional experiences to the most recent works. His path revolves around the theme of the journey, which becomes a tool to connect the profession to passions and personal interests.   The story of my life is linked to the concept of journey. When I was 16 I started traveling around the world, […]then, in my job I’ve always tried to find farther and farther places to work. I rarely traveled on holiday, so I was also very lucky. Being an architect also means having a bit of luck, matching your visions, your utopias, with realities, turning utopias into small feasible fragments. And thi... More

Project • By Skylab ArchitectureParks/Gardens

Luuwit View Park

Skylab Architecture alongside Studio, worked in close collaboration with Portland Parks to create a 16-acre park in a neighborhood of NE Portland. The design team developed the park around an integrated strategy that creates both passive native meadow areas that require limited maintenance as well as intensively used spaces that provide active program elements for park users. The neighborhood is home to many longstanding residences as well as an increasingly diverse range of new incoming ethnic groups. The park’s program elements were developed in coordination with area residents through a series of public open houses and ongoing meetings with the project’s Design Advisory Group.   The park’s development in... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsPavilions


Our response to the challenging architectural installation competition near one of the most important historic gardens “Afif Abad Garden” in Shiraz, Iran was PAUSE.PAUSE is the childish adventure feeling and inspiration that we have not experienced since so many years ago. PAUSE tries to revive the feelings that we have been ignored. Feeling of brick texture tactile; hearing the sound of our steps on the metal sheets, looking at the sky which we pass under of it every single day without any attention to it, not even trying to pause and enjoy watching it. Listening to the “water features located at the site”.PAUSE from the exterior is a cube that holds a suspended brick volume and this is adequate enough to incite the adventure and curiosity... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsPavilions

CD PAVILION ( A Few Drops Pavilion )

“A few drops” is an urban pavilion, focused on environmental issues. Our approach is a critical expression against the industrial pollutions produced by humankind. We called people on social networks, to bring their wasted CDs for us. Thereby the intention was to raise public awareness about the issue and also supplying the main materials of our project with no budget. The pavilion construction is all done by people corporation. The pavilion structure was built with scaffolds which is 4m X 4m X 4m. The CDs were woven in fishing threads and they were hung to the net on the roof. The CDs are the metaphorical expression of raindrops to incite the human senses. More

Project • By Andrea Jasci CiminiCommunity Centres

pavilion of transhumance

 A highway to sheep and shepherds. The cattle tracks were routes that annually herds traveling to move from the sea to the mountains and go back. The pavilion of transhumance is located close to the “tratturo del re”, a green path linking the Apulian plains to the mountains of Abruzzo in central Italy. The project has the aim of enhancement of rural traditions and enhance the local tourist routes and products, mainly related to the oil and wine production. The functional program is very simple: a single flexible space equipped with ensuite facilities.The project aims to symbolically interpret the path of sheep tracks opening and directing the large central room to the sea and to the opposite side towards the mountain. Conceptually a "s... More

Project • By MonotelloPavilions

JRN Pavillion

The client for this project wanted a multipurpose building to host events and activities as well as annual family observances that architects came up with an elegant open pavilion structure with a width of 14 meters to accommodate the needs of the client. The decision to use wood as the main material was due to its significance to the family. The joinery makes use of local techniques and know-how as much as possible in order to allow for wood movement. The architects wanted to create a tall, open space but found that typical timber structure needed to have a column every four to six meters or else required a large truss frame. In order to achieve a completely open 14 meters wide building, they came up with the idea of applying a steel str... More

Project • By Pratik JadhavPavilions

PNEUMA shell

Within a competitive pool, the PNEUMA Shell was selected to be showcased at the Brooklyn Museum as archived by BROOKLYN DESIGNS 2018 Exhibitions. The same project was also selected to be displayed at Pratt Shows 2018. The project is based on the concept of ANTHROPOCENE, where in non human centered structures are visualized. The pavilion thus designed, arrives at its form by using environmental forces such as water and air pressure, as against standard building materials of brick and stone.The process articulation for the Pavillion started with a series of experiments conducted on various frames, created with a copper wire. The material gave it enough flexibility to bend and twist but at the same time, provided strength. The idea is to... More


Pavilion of Humanity in Brno

Moravské Náměstí is a busy square in the centre of Brno, and a vibrant center of Brno’s social life. As it lies right on the Brno ring road boulevard, inspired by the Ringstraße in Vienna, thousands of people walk and drive through it every day. Few of them, however, realize the historical complexity of the spacious area, which used to be part of the city’s fortification system from 1243, a Nazi center during the war, and memorial sites . Last summer, the square gained another historical chapter when it was temporarily redesigned by the Brno architecture studio CHYBIK + KRISTOF, to hold the needs of the multigenre festival “Meeting Brno.” The festival’s theme was the notion of European unity, as it is currently greatly endang... More

Project • By ZPZ PartnersExhibitions

Children Park EXPO 2015

The Children’s Park, a linear garden with eight attractions on raised platforms, has giant bobbin- shaped elements in wooden lattice sheltering the exhibits and children’s activities from rain and sun. Fragments of domesticated nature where the natural and artificial coexist, the exhibits were designed to privilege the organic language of nature as opposed to a more formal architectural vocabulary. The project, essentially a nature walk with eight exhibits, offers children playful learning experiences as they interact with various aspects of Expo Milan 2015’s core theme, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. An hour long tour includes each of the eight exhibits, brief interactive games for groups of around 25 children (a typical school cla... More

Project • By bureau SLAPavilions

Fort Asperen Dome

The glass dome aims at preventing the rain from entering the fort, but also possesses unique chasacteristics; containing openings that allow bats to enter the fort and seek shelter during the winter. We partnered up with the glassworks of Leerdam to shape the glass dome and allowed Children (and adults) to make individual designs on these glass sheets, which were then placed on the dome. A black-painted wood construction on the outside of the glass dome ensures that the glass slates can be easily assembled and the view from below unbothered by construction; resulting in a spectacular 'only glass' view from bellow. More

Project • By 314ARCHITEKTAIPavilions

Lithuanian Pavilion EXPO '15 Milan

Pavilion concept for LIthunia in EXPO '15, Milan More

Project • By LIKEarchitectsParks/Gardens


Stack and Build is a temporary summer pavilion created for the gardens of the Serralves Museum, designed by combining multiple crates of beer. Taking advantage of the formal qualities of the original plastic grate, Stack and Build builds two laced curved walls with assembled lay down beer crates that create a new route within the existing space. Disposed in this unusual position, the beer crates are not identifiable as a single recognizable object and produce a dense tracery texture that works as a multi-layers visual filter. The red colour, characteristic of the beer brand and thus of the plastic crates that design the pavilion, points out the presence of this iconic element in the green gardens, taking advantage of the complementarity o... More

Project • By moloParks/Gardens

northern sky circle

molo collaborated with sound artist Ethan Rose to build an ephemeral outdoor room from snow; a place for contemplation, gathering and a heightened sensory experience of the northern sky.With temperature’s plummeting to -30 Celsius, construction began in the pitch dark of New Year’s morning. The main challenge was improvising a construction method to work with the variable consistencies of snow, mixed with gravel and sand and ploughed from parking lots. The snow was piled loosely into formwork where it sintered into a solid mass. Playing with the formwork, using our bodies to back off or lean in, we were able to create a geology of formations and textures.Entering the structure’s narrow opening, one felt the weight of its massive walls. The... More