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Project • By Studio ISATransports

Skywalk at The New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi Railway Station is a major transportation node with approximate average foot fall of 450,000 people daily. The Airport Express line and the Yellow line of the Delhi Metro also have a subterranean underground station at the Ajmeri Gate side in-between the railway station and the Parking building . On the surface there is the Bhav Bhuti Marg and the drop off Zone of the Railway station. ISA Project consulting Pvt LTD ( STUDIO ISA) won the competition for the design of the Bridge addressing all the requirements in a creative, unique and modular way. The highly creative architecture design firm used cutting edge technology using Grasshopper , Rhino , Unreal engine to provide a unique structure with a Zinc Fish skin roof and cover ove... More

Project • By Open AD architectsPrivate Houses

YEK Villas

The twin villas "levitate" amid the towering pines and birches of a secluded park in the Ural region of Russia. Their presence is felt, but subtle. Maxim Kanakin Ivanka Concrete panels, perforated metal and reflective glass combine in façades, which continue the patterns of the surrounding landscape. Beneath the exterior is a sturdy reinforced concrete frame. Maxim Kanakin Since the homes sit in a publicly accessible location, people walk freely in the area. Not only do the façade features perform well visually, but also give privacy to residents, so that they can see the landscape, but passers-by can’t see inside. The overhangs and screens also protect from the glare of the sun. Maxim Kanakin An enclos... More

NewsNews • 3 May 2021

Kulturbahnhof Aalen merges industrial history with 21st century architecture

The Kulturbahnhof Aalen brings together the city’s industrial history with 21st architecture by sensitively integrating historical building fragments with modern elements. The resulting civic hub now accommodates a cinema, theatre, and music school along with high-quality event halls. Brigida González The Kulturbahnhof is located in an area once known as the Aalen ‘Stadoval,’ which alongside other uses was a railway track area.  After a fire caused significant damage in 2014, only fragments of some historical groups of buildings and their beautiful sandstone facades remained. For a+r Architekten, the guiding principle of the project was to carefully preserve the remaining heritage while developing a cultu... More

NewsNews • 18 Nov 2020

Perforated façade of infill house enlivens an urban Sydney street

Designed by Atelier DAU, this unique architectural infill on an inner-city site in Sydney, Australia presents an ever-changing façade thanks to custom perforated bronze screens. Called the Chimney House, the changing nature of the exterior is on full display to the street, an urban area which until recently had one of the highest crime rates in the country.  Tom Ferguson In addition to a rear expansion and overall renovation of the existing terrace home, the infill at this property comprises a new single garage with a self-contained apartment above. Tom Ferguson Part artwork and part sculpture, the perforated metal screening allows natural light to enter the infill, whilst maintaining the privacy of the occupants.&nb... More

Project • By YODEZEENBars

Par Bar 3

Urban Jungle by YODEZEEN in a bedroom Kyiv suburb Lots of greenery, natural wood and lively air — Par Bar is a new restaurant and bar in a residential area of Kyiv, created according to the principle of genuineness Osokorky is the urban residential district of Kyiv — one of its youngest urban areas. It is located in the south-east of the city, in its left-bank part. Back in the early 1990s this area was a village with meadows where local residents ranged, and today the millions of square meters are represented with concrete and metal. Andrii Shurpenkov YODEZEEN architects were tasked with creating a unique concept for a residential area — a restaurant you can visit with... More

Project • By Estudio FloridaPrivate Houses

Zapiola House

ZAPIOLA HOUSE is a project located in Buenos Aires that begins with the request to build a new floor above an existing house and the consequent reorganazation of the rooms in the original building. The ground floor is freed from the existing walls in order to create a single open space where the kitchen, the dining and the living room are, facing the inner patio. The upper floor locates the bedrooms and, above them, a large rooftop is designed. Fernando Schapochnik Fernando Schapochnik The challenge in this Project was how to assemble the original building and the new expansion. The premise was not to replicate the existing construction but to find a new language that brings both parts to balance. In this search , the original br... More

Project • By toledano + architectsPrivate Houses

M Garden Duplex

This Duplex is located in the 2 first floors of a building from the 70’s and had never been renovated. It has aprivate 1000 sqm garden, which is such a rare thing inside Paris. The renovation was complete, from the floors to the stairs, windows etc. The idea was to remodel entirely the layout in order to fit the family with 3 young children needs but also to improve air ventilation and isolation for summer and winter comfort. In order to maximize natural daylight and still be protected against high heat during summer- something that has become today’s standard in Paris-, the windows were replacedby a very thin and highly efficient aluminium model. The glass has solar control properties and is also the source of heat of all the... More

Project • By Letellier ArchitectesApartments

Côté Garonne, construction de 68 logements

The Côté Garonne project is ideally located on avenue de Muret, along the river of the same name in the heart of Toulouse. From the beginnings of the project, the Letellier Architects agency aspires to "re" structure the avenue with a construction adapted to the environment, aesthetic and quality both by its organization in plan and by the durability of the materials used. Objectives achieved. Composed of two buildings of 68 housing units, this architectural project energizes this essential Toulouse thoroughfare and combines with existing constructions. Between access to the Tramway line and to the dike, these city-center gateways have the specific characteristics of making all their envelopes visible and offer a promenade alo... More

Project • By MTMDESIGNRestaurants

Italo Social Eatery

Italo Social Eatery is a restaurant and lounge by Funkadeli group in Shanghai. The aim was to create a higher level concept without losing the “funky Italian” spirit of their of the other group venues. As a multipurpose concept, it had to accommodate guests for lunch/brunch and morph into a dining/aperitivo/cocktail venue that goes till late at night. We took inspiration from the mid-century Milan and Rome. Those were the Italian golden years, with its innovative and optimistic design, Cinnecitta’s movie stars glamour and hedonistic spirit …  We wanted to take this ambiance  as starting point and reformulate it in a contemporary way. The Italo experience starts at the cinematographic staircase, wrapped b... More

Project • By Qarta architekturaOffices


"History meets future", declares the fitting motto chosen for the project Five, located in Prague 5 – Smíchov. A tram depot building occupied the project site, but that could have been called a relic even when it was built. While forming an important endpoint in the city transport system, complicated access had been its disadvantage right from the beginning. The depot building still looked almost exactly like when it was closed, years later when current renovations began. Previously it had proved too difficult to adapt for a new use, so it remained in a sort of permanent provisional state. It became impossible to keep the original curious technical program. The necessary connection to the city’s tram network was lost and... More

Project • By CO ArchitectsUniversities

The Student Services Building at Cal Poly Pomona

CO Architects designed the 140,000-square-foot Student Services Building (SSB) as a new gateway to the California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly) campus in Pomona, roughly 30 miles east of Los Angeles.  As the gateway building, SSB welcomes matriculating students who register for classes and apply for financial aid, prospective students and their families who meet at the site for campus tours, and alumni actively involved in the campus community.  CO Architects topped the SSB with an undulating, standing-seam aluminum roof that spans over two separate structures.  The shape and orientation of this distinguishing feature is driven purely by performance and function with the aims to optimize energy management, maximize... More

Project • By Kostas Chatzigiannis ArchitectureShops


Anji, a picturesque town near Hangzhou, houses the flagship DIY store of a young Chinese brand.The design of the store is a composition of clear geometries in colorful and textured materials.The exterior of the store features back-lit blue, perforated metal surfaces, which make the facade stand out from its surroundings.In the store’s interior, the bar, service counters and display areas are organized in seemingly scattered terrazzo blocks of various heights and sizes.   The centerpiece is a large sculptural staircase in blue terrazzo that occupies a significantpart of the floorplan, giving the illusion of an interior atrium. This staircase seems to be growing out of a base of terrazzo blocks,which serve as a seating area. The... More

Project • By Plus tongtongHotels

Drake Commissary

The Drake Commissary, opened in June 2017, fuses the food production facility for Toronto’s Drake Hotel and the brand’s other hospitality properties with a 140-seat early-morning to late-night eatery, bakery, larder and bar. Located in an emerging neighbourhoodin Toronto’s west end, the Commissary creates a social hub for foodies and culture seekers alike. Throughout, a tongue-and-cheek mash-up of art and design exemplify the Drake style and establish a completely unique and animated environment.   Working with a historic brick-and-beam building (a former condiments factory), and drawing inspiration from the Commissary’s adherence to local and seasonal ingredients and made-from-scratch artisanal products, the... More

Project • By Dyer BrownOffices

Winn Residential

Industry leader in residential property management WinnResidential (a division of WinnCompanies) needed new headquarters that would better support their workflow and team-based collaborative process while presenting a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for both employees and guests. When the CEO told Dyer Brown‘s workplace strategy and design experts that the new offices should remind them of his favorite hotels, the architects responded simply, “Which ones?”   This was the start of a conversation that led to the recently completed 27,000-square-foot, three-story office interior for WinnCompanies at 1 Washington Mall in Boston, a modern, open, sunlit design that represents a significant change in venue from the ma... More

Project • By Tectoniques / Architecture & Engineering /Cultural Centres

La Maison des Arts à Charbonnières-les-Bains

A coiffured young ladyThe Maison des Arts arts centre is a new public facility in Charbonnières-les-Bains, a residential town to the west of Lyon. It is situated in the valley of a small river which runs through the town, along the railway line. The setting is green and leafy, with just a few sparse buildings surrounded by gardens.   The building blends into the site harmoniously. It is a generous project with careful attention paid to all four sides. It is also a solitary object which dialogues with its setting on all sides and through its overall silhouette. A hybrid structureThe project’s architecture is characterised by the tandem structure. The base, massive and mineral, which follows and absorbs the slope; and... More