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NewsMaterialization • 24 Jul 2020

Federico Delrosso places Glass House inspired home on top of Italian ruins

Inspired by Philip Johnson’s Glass House as well as a minimal-naturalist approach, Teca House is a contemporary building born from the ruins of a rustic house on the Biellese hills of Italy. Designed by Federico Delrosso Architects, the existing rural wall systems become the base, connecting the house with the surrounding territory. Above is a new intervention, light and transparent: a structure in concrete that opens towards the landscape with two large horizontal wings and a completely openable glass layer that contains the volume. Credit: Matteo Piazza The building has an area of approximately 80 square meters which extends by another 50 square meters by opening the sliding glass walls that surround the volume. The flexibilit... More

Project • By Kengo Kuma and AssociatesPrivate Houses

Glass / Wood House

This is a project in Connecticut (US) to repair a residence designed by Joe Black Leigh, and add a new house to the site. New Canaan is known as a town where many houses from the 1950s by such architects as Philip Johnson and Marcel Breuer still remain, and the one we worked on was the residence for Joe Black Leigh (built in 1956), also a friend of Philip Johnson. Our aim was to inherit the spirit of its beautiful glass architecture, or in other words, the spirit of New Canaan.     The existing building was a symmetric glass box of Palladian villa architecture, standing solitarily in a forest. We built a new house to make this glass box orthogonal and formed an L-shaped terrain, as an attempt to create a kind of “inti... More

Project • By Federico Delrosso ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Teca House

Inspired by Philip Johnson's Glass House, the building was born from the ruins of a rustic house on the Biellese hills Conceived with a minimal-naturalist approach, Teca House is a contemporary building born from a professional friendship between Federico Delrosso, Milanese architect and designer of Biellese origins, and the client, Alberto Savio, textile entrepreneur of the area.   The project, which consists of the recovery of a small rustic building in a splendid setting of the hills of Biella, is based on a compositional inversion intervention, which leads to the outside, dematerializing it, a small pre-existing rustic volume giving life to a new function in the area. From the "roots" of an agricultural past, now in disuse, sign... More

Project • By Co.lab Design StudioPrivate Houses


The house being sited in between a busy neighborhood, the owners of this home felt the common dilemma of a requirement of private living spaces surrounded by gardens. In order to create a luxurious and spacious home where the owner feels constantly connected to the outdoors, the design inverts the concept of a bungalow set in a garden by infusing gardens into the bungalow and encapsulating the natural green space within the house. © Photographix | Sebastian Zachariah © Photographix | Sebastian Zachariah The private residence is designed to flow with how the family functions in their routine life, breaking down to a simple formula _ Private v/s Public. Hence the arrangement has been divided into two wings connected by th... More

Project • By Specht ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Preston Hollow home

The design of Specht’s Preston Hollow Dallas house was driven by the desire to blur the lines between inside and outside while providing a sense of privacy and seclusion from the street and surrounding neighborhood, at the homeowners request. Its design is influenced by strategies common to classic Dallas modern homes of the 1950’s and ‘60’s. The home is 8,826 Square feet.   More details below. Casey Dunn Casey Dunn Casey Dunn Heavy cast-concrete walls extend from the interior of the house out into the landscape, breaking the “modern box” and creating courtyards that allow for a bright, nature-filled view from every room.  This effect is complemented by the hu... More

Project • By Maurice Martel ArchitectePavilions

Pavilion A

Inspired by Philip Johnson's Glass House and the Ben Rose House from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pavilion A is a tribute to modern architecture. Welcoming a four-season swimming pool, this glass pavilion was designed as a veritable oasis in the heart of a garden. During the long Quebec winters, the space allows to breaststrokes in the swimming pool, relax in the spa, read under a tropical plant, or do yoga while contemplating the snowy nature. In summer, the pavilion opens onto a long wooden terrace thanks to the large picture windows on one of the facades.   Located outside the glass pavilion, the metal structure gives the roof the impression of floating. The black exterior structure contrasts with the clear and bright inter... More

Product • By Barovier&TosoLincoln


Inspired by Philip Johnson’s interiors, the sophisticated Lincoln collection is elegant but discreetly playful. It includes a wall lamp, a floor lamp and four suspensions which si particularly suitable to the contract world. The blown glass spheres, applied alternately on either side of the central structure, are worked with the balotòn technique which gives the glass a crossover effect in relief: a texture that filters the light of the internal LED (included) in a unique and captivating way. The anodized aluminum main body is preciously finished in pink gold and in the suspension hides a traditional or LED lamp (not included) that projects a downward beam of light.  More

Project • By Drake/AndersonPrivate Houses

Columbia County

Designed by Drake/Anderson's co-founders, Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson, this unique glass house in Columbia County New York was inspired by significant mid-century modern architecture such as Philip Johnson’s Glass House and Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth house. The home was built in 2007, and the new owners enlisted Jamie and Caleb to give it a top to bottom redo.Jamie and Caleb’s goal for the interior design was to embrace the textures and palette of the exterior surroundings in the colors and furnishings. The home is designed to experience and focus on the surrounding nature though the glass. Custom furnishings are combined with mid-century and contemporary pieces creating a livable and appropriate style to the house. The decoration in... More

Project • By MQ Architecture (Miguel Quismondo)Pavilions

Small Wooden Pavilion

This project entitled a surgical demolition of an existing shed and the erection of a small ancillary building. The old structure housed the electrical and communications utilities of a large compound, and the new project had to preserve the location and function of all this equipment, therefore some walls and floor levels are set from the beginning.The program required two different type of users, therefore we decided to split the building in two, allowing for a separate circulation for each group. The upper piece houses the electrical room and the team quarters, while the lower portion holds two individual restrooms for visitors.The project sits in the middle of the forest therefore we chose charred wood to make it blend with the surround... More

Project • By Project ElevenPavilions

Temporary pavilion at picnic «Afisha»

This pavilion is a part of a project “Open-Air Flat” organized by PIK Group – a leading real estate developer in Russia – for Picnic “Afisha”music festival.Pop-up structures that symbolized the rooms of an abstract flat were situated in different areas of Kolomenskoye park where the festival has been taking place since 2007. The object is a reinterpretation ofa living room which is a common space for communication and activity in any flat. Not by chance it was situated in one of the most crowded areas of the festival just between food court and main music stage.This specific location implied the pavilion to be an art object as well as having a clearpractical purpose.With its semi-transparent walls constructed out of rainbow-colored plastic... More

Project • By Anna & Eugeni Bach, architectsPavilions

Mies Missing Materiality

Dressing the Mies van derRohe Pavilion to strip it of its materiality.This simple act turns the Pavilion into a representation of itself that opens the door to multiple interpretations about aspects like the value of the original, the role of the white surface as an image of modernity and the importance of materiality in the perception of space.The Pavilion in Barcelona upon which we act is a reconstruction, a replica so faithful to the original that it is often difficult to remember its true nature. A building that should have been temporary was immortalised first by the written account of the modern movement and later by its own reconstruction.Turning the Pavilion into the image of itself, with all the surfaces restricted to the same mate... More

Project • By Sarah Waller ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Sarah Waller - Glasshouse

The Architect Sarah Waller has carved a career designing and building houses for other people, yet a move from the UK to Australia offered her the opportunity to design and build something unique for herself and her family - their own iconic home. With her extensive design background and expertise as a licensed builder Sarah embraced the creative freedom to create a home inspired by the simplicity and sophistication of mid-century modern architecture. Intrinsically involved in every step of the process from the design and build, through to the final styling and decorative touches, Sarah's home pairs beautiful form and function. "To manage the entire process and bring it all together is incredibly satisfying and now we're living an... More

Project • By SnøhettaOffices

550 Madison

The redesign nearly doubles the amount of public space while transforming the base of the 1980s tower into a lively, transparent street front Snøhetta has been commissioned to reimagine the 1980’s postmodern tower located at 550 Madison Avenue. The renovation is the first major project to be announced for New York City’s East Midtown since its revitalization plan was approved earlier this year. While the recognizable top of the tower will remain a fixture of the New York City skyline as it has since its completion in 1984, the new design will transform the base into an inviting street front, extending the lively activity of Madison Avenue further south to 55th Street. Moreover, the adjacent public space will nearly double in size to create... More

Project • By assistant co., ltd.Private Houses

House of 33 Years

The House of 33 Years is a residence located next to the world heritage Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan. The house was designed for an elderly couple who decided to move to a new house thirty three years after living in their first house. The House of 33 Years is a house for a collector who collects memories, whose memory and future exist simultaneously in the same space. By framing views across different areas, images are continuously produced by the inhabitants' movement. Every image is given its own space of possibility, then overlaps as multiple additions to the home to update the family’s memories. In 2012, during the construction process, the fabrication of the house was partly supported by Aomori Contemporary Art Centre [LINK> http:... More

Project • By Olson KundigHousing

Glass Farmhouse

Surrounded by wheat fields on a high-altitude plateau stand a small glass house and a solid, traditional barn. The owners, inspired by Philip Johnson’s Glass House, wanted a refuge that opens up to the prairie and mountains. The structures are conveniently close to each other and enjoy a sense of isolation at the end of a long country road. The roof of the wood-frame barn, which houses farm equipment below and guest rooms above, was inspired by the local vernacular and is echoed in the shed roof of the glass house. Three sides of the house consist of high-efficiency glass framed with steel; on the north is a solid exterior wall. Inside the transparent shell, living, eating, and sleeping areas surround an enclosure that contains the bathr... More