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Project • By Park AssociatiOffices

Brisa 5

Park Associati's retrofitting project concerns both blocks of a building by Pietro Portaluppi situated in the centre of Milan. The complex consists of two buildings of three and five floors respectively, completely different in style, having been designed almost twenty years apart. Portaluppi intervened for the first time in 1919, creating smooth facade with influences of the Viennese secession, and then a second time, in the mid-thirties, when he designed a volume, enlarged with two floors in the second post war period, decidedly modernist. The total refurbishment has enabled the redistribution of the volumes of the existing complex and all its interior spaces, which were made more fluid and functional and better suited for use by at leas... More

Project • By Batlle i Roig arquitectesOffices

Headquarters of Doctors Without Borders

The proposal for the Corporate Headquarters for Doctors Without Borders transforms an existing building in the 22@ district into a new functional and biophyllic space designed for people. The existing building was a ground floor plus four and rooftop industrial building that had undergone several transformations along its lifespan. The most relevant transformation took place in 2003 when the building experienced a total renovation shifting its use from industrial to office space. The communications and service cores were modified to fulfill the standing regulations disregarding the resulting conditions in the workspace. The building occupied almost all of the lot's surface generating very deep spaces with hardly any natural lightning nor v... More

Project • By line+Watch Towers

Guizhou Longtang Targeted Poverty

For traditional villages, protection is for better development, and development can realize its real protection. In the background of changes in the building system and building materials, we hope to provide exemplary renovation strategies for Miao Village dwellings while maintaining a good relationship between the new life needs and the traditional context. In addition, we take the opportunity to revitalize its culture and handicrafts, and establish a good commercial system. In the future, it will grow up organically at its own pace, thus realizing a real poverty alleviation.  -MengFanhao   Longtang village is located in Leishan County, southeast Guizhou Province, where the tea terraces are shrouded in clouds and mist, and the... More

Project • By Bertola architectureHousing

65 Degree Group Housing

Context Following the development of West Bussigny in the suburbanity of Lausanne is planned for 3,000 inhabitants by 2030, the project is developing an alternative to densification and to the individual house by "grouped" type housing while avoiding a morphology of housing segmented only on the verticality. A mix of simplex and duplex typology while keeping a clearly distinct identity of housing units.   Concept Ten volumes of 3 levels are deliberately oriented at 65° in order to optimize the orientation of the facade to the southwest. This volumetric play also makes it possible to create a privatization of each exterior space of the dwellings. This offset means that the corners of these volumes are home to independent winter... More
Mobile Hut

Project • By ARTIKUL ArchitectsHousing

Mobile Hut

Mobile hut is the result of the search for a new form of mobile living. It is a designer house providing complete comfort for living with one difference – it is possible to “pack” and transport it anywhere you want. The aim of this product which is halfway between architecture and design is to open new ways of temporary living in exorbitantly expensive cities and in places where it is usually not possible to build. The dwelling is in harmony with the current trend of nomad lifestyle trend and offers its users the possibility to escape from stereotypical habits of the consumer society and get closer to the nature. The form of the house follows the shape of archetypal house with gable roof. Glossy aluminium covering is a pe... More

Project • By Ramos Castellano ArquitectosHotels

Aquiles Eco Hotel

Located in the main square of a small fishermen village, Aquiles Eco Hotel aims to be integrated in the architecture and in the social structure of the surroundings. The architecture is simple, raw and flexible, and it talks with the other houses and the small buildings all around. The structure is composed by 13 wooden container sized rooms, set in a beton brut structure and painted with lime putty. The tropical dry climate and the strong Aliseum winds make the island of Sao Vicente very fragile concerning its avaliable material. Only stones and sand can be found on the island, but still they are protected by local laws and not renewable in the short term. For this reason we chose the certified wood to build the rooms, choosing renewabil... More

Project • By COMA ArquitecturaPrivate Houses


This single-family house is located in the north side of Argentona, and in line with initial premises from the clients, who work in the field of forestry; the house had to be built mostly from wood. Therefore a prefabricated modular wooden house with low energy consumption was designed. Caption With 260m2 divided into 3 floors, the house is built between party walls, with a sloping roof and a street facade finished with plastered cement for visual consistency with the old town. On the other hand, the property’s interior façade is covered by vertical slats of Larch wood, treated with white lasur that protects them against the elements and gives them a pale hue which provides light and visually integrates them into the set... More

Project • By CRAFT ArchitectureExhibition Centres


The new CARHARTT WIP complex is a multi-purpose site made up of sales space as well as storage, a catering area and adaptable surfaces for exhibitions and other versatile events. The project is presented as a succession of 4 elongated halls, arranged two by two and connected visually by an openwork metal structure. Each hall is built identically, from a simple but contemporary architectural creed echoing the traditional Landes longères, whilst also reflecting the industrial architecture to be found throughout the surrounding industrial estate.   Each building is finished with the same matte black metal facade which lends the project its homogeneity. This ribbed metal cladding joins seamlessly at the roof and is perforated spor... More

Project • By Terry & Terry ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Edgewood House

The dwelling is designed for a young Deaf family, who desired an expanded open plan that incorporates Deaf-Space, creating ample transparency throughout the home, where vision and touch are a primary means of spatial awareness and orientation. The design also provides a visual connection to the existing garden and pool. The project consists of transforming a 1950’s existing Joseph Eichler home. Using a similar material palette, the design utilizes the primary floor plan of the existing layout. Folding out the horizontal and vertical planes of the first story to form an extruded ribbon where a large central area and second floor bedroom wing inhabit.   The main living space is situated on the ground floor connecting the front ga... More

Project • By LMN ArchitectsPassenger Terminals

Mukilteo Multimodal Ferry Terminal

LMN architects celebrates the opening of the new mukilteo multimodal ferry terminal in washington Inspired by the form of a tribal longhouse built and used by the region’s coast salish tribes, the ferry terminal building is a composition of glass, concrete, and timber, and provides critical safety and efficiency improvements to the west coast’s busiest ferry route for vehicles. The development is the state’s first new ferry terminal in 40 years and is part of a larger $187 million replacement project that improves regional mobility, incorporates the cultural influence of the pacific northwest’s native people, and includes sustainable elements that demonstrate the state’s commitment to environmental stewardshi... More

Project • By Balet Roselló ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Ra House

In this low-density residencial area in Zaragoza, we find this particular single family house. The feature of the plot, between two others already built by brothers from the client, was crucial and the main conditioning of the project, beyond the estrictly normative and climatics characteristics from this area. The project was tainted from the beginning with the need of a continuity involving the three plots, as a single space keeping the three buildings pretty much as they share one single exterior field, but with a never lose sight of the so necessary privacy and respect for the already built. Sorrounded in the north by a sports equipment zone with a pool, also shared by the three single family houses, seek to achieve a whole idea of &nbs... More

Project • By VMDO ArchitectsUniversities

Greer Environmental Sciences Center

The Greer Environmental Sciences Center elevates Virginia Wesleyan University’s commitment to environmental sustainability and advocacy for a thriving, cross-disciplinary sciences program. Occupying the last building location on the university’s main quad, the Center acts as a portal for students traversing campus—connecting them to the building’s dynamic program and natural context through a series of transparent layers and pathways brimming with native flora and fauna. Designed to honor former President Greer’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the building creates an inspiring sense of place that sets a new standard for how the built environment can facilitate hands-on learning opportunities, catal... More

Project • By Loader MonteithPrivate Houses

The Rower's House

Daisy and Pete wanted a home with four bedrooms, space to entertain, and an accessible garden – with plenty of space to live and work, as well as a divisible section for a relative to use autonomously. Despite a questionable original design, the couple found the perfect potential property in a quiet corner of London.    As rowers, Pete and Daisy are tall – so height and space were essential. This hadn’t been considered in the original layout. A warren of corridors led to dark rooms with small windows, leaving an enclosed feeling inside.   We began by dividing the ground floor into two halves – one spacious, self-contained living area and bedroom, the other a main family area with a generous open pl... More

Project • By Dream & Real ArchitectureHousing

Kiribati Floating House • Main Cases / Climate Change / Sustainability: * Because of climate change, there is a lack of food, drinkable water and environmental conditions (i.e tides and increasing coastal storms, the rise in sea level) becoming harsher than before in Kiribati. Actually, the inhabitants want to find a way to survive in their country, in these beautiful islands despite the climate change. * Considering these problems, we propose a floating house able to float and maintain its functional floor height above the water surface. Besides, like amphibious houses, this house can also rise to a needed height (approximately max. 5 or 6 meters) with it... More

Project • By Grove ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Gallery House

To display the client’s extensive art collection, an existing Paddington terrace house was completely reworked to create an elegant, light filled house. Courteous and considerate, it is a house that respects its context, the client’s needs, and the art collection it accommodates. Refined and elegant in its spaces, forms, palette and detailing, it’s a house that embraces quality of space and light, over hero architecture.   Strikingly contemporary in expression, a delicate glazed infill to the street, hints to the house beyond. Sandwiched between its restored original façade and its heritage neighbours, the contemporary insertion is respectfully recessed from the heritage street context. A filigree of slender... More