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NewsNews • 12 May 2022

BXB studio spreads Farmhouse program over five barns with each their own function and distinct wood texture

Taking five farm buildings due for demolition, the concept for this Polish farmhouse by BXB studio sees five interconnected barns that create a highly dynamic space. Future development could include creative reconstruction of the historic house due for demolition per the client’s wishes. Piotr Krajewski The seemingly scattered arrangement of the barns is informed by the surrounding landscape, sun angles, and building function. Driven by principles of sustainable development, the architecture ensures the preservation of a valuable tree stand and large expanses of sunlit glazing are shaded by terrace roofs or dense greenery to ensure that the house does not receive excessive sun exposure.  Piotr Krajewski And to better... More

Project • By Piotr Hardecki ArchitectPrimary Schools

Educational complex in Gdynia

A senior primary and secondary school for approximately 650 students attending 26 classes and an eight-room kindergarten for approximately 200 children. Photo: Bartek Makowski Photo: Bartek Makowski The concept of the building was selected in a nationwide architectural competition.The school was designed in the form of two separate wings with separate entrance halls and cloakroom complexes. An irregular "street" connects the two entrance halls on the ground floor and the common functions, i.e. library, assembly hall, administration, teachers' room and sports area. The kitchen facilities serve both the school and the kindergarten. The sports section includes a gymnasium with a 20x40m pitch (which can be divided into three sma... More

NewsNews • 8 Dec 2021

Brick and concrete Mlawa House maximizes the potential of a small site

In the small town of Mlawa, Poland, this budget-conscious one-storey house by James & Mau was constructed mainly of brick and concrete.   Jakub Certowicz Locating the house to the west of the site frees up as much of the existing garden to the east as possible. With substantial 4m side setbacks, perimeter brick walls  - which by law can only reach a height of 2.2 m -  divide the long green setbacks into a series of small garden patios. The walls further function as thermo-clay loading-bearing walls, supporting a concrete shell that supports the upper height of the house at 3.3 m.   Jakub Certowicz To the east and west ends of the south façade, two towers at 5.5 meters in height give an ur... More

NewsNews • 4 Aug 2021

Pilecki Family Museum balances a historic house, new pavilion, and garden with a compelling museum design narrative

Balancing three elements – a historic house, a new pavilion, and a garden – the Pilecki Family Museum by BDR Architekci is dedicated to famous World War II hero Witold Pilecki and his family. It is one of the last places to commemorate him, as the family home near Lida was demolished after the war.  Konrad Basan The house component of the museum is the former family home of Pilecki’s wife. A central element of the museum, the house was thoroughly restored and reconstructed from archival photos. Cellars were deepened and the attic rebuilt while original details, cornices and window frames were reconstructed. So as not to interfere with the external structure, wall insulation was added from the inside. The house i... More

NewsNews • 26 Jul 2021

Mausoleum of the Martyrdom of Polish Village offers a power architectural experience in remembrance of the country’s WWII pacification

Commissioned by the Museum of Kielce Region Countryside, the ‘Mausoleum of the Martyrdom of Polish Villages’ in Michniów is a remembrance of the casualties in rural Polish communities during the German occupation of WWII. The segmented structure of the Mausoleum, designed by Nizio Design International, reflects the process of destruction and annihilation through the structural form. The concrete structure, which resembles the ruins of traditional wooden huts in the region,  is marked with fractures, cuts, and tears which generate emotions and tension and form both open and closed parts. Courtesy of Nizio Design International The total area of the Museum is 16,200 m2 with core exhibition functions taking up appr... More

NewsNews • 1 Apr 2021

Villa Reden: A unified apartment concept within an irregular form

Appearing as one coherent apartment building with impressively expansive terraces and views, Villa Reden by Franta Group is divided into four independently functioning parts, in which there are a total of eight apartments on the upper level and a mostly open ground floor that serves as common space for social interaction. Each of the four divisions part has an independent entrance on the ground floor in the form of a staircase leading to two apartments. TOMASZ ZAKRZEWSKI ARCHIFOLIO With a limited budget, yet high developer expectations, the concept and shape of the building results directly from the irregular polygonal shape of the site with the goal of leaving the largest possible number of trees standing on the plot.   TOMAS... More

Project • By PORTNurseries

Kindergarten in Opole / Malina

We aimed to create inspiring and stimulating kindergarten’s space, to foster kids growth and development. Building acts as a „vassel” for young human beings, where its form casts user’s behavior, sense of security and self-esteem. It offers incentives for joy and exploration. To be a window into their future, to understand the world and build their own identity. While working on the project we focused on maintaining existing buildings layout with a yard in between. That is to expose different building’s proportions and historical changes with its specific details. We introduce new functions that connect all, while keeping them autonomous. Following program requirements, the main existing block has been extend... More

Project • By TOYA DESIGNCultural Centres

Grand Hall Complex at The ZAMEK

In 2007, when we set out with the competition for a design to modernise the castle we had one goal: to create a space where its recipient becomes its subject. So that those who find themselves within that space may feel it has been made bespoke for them. Functional and open. Thus far, the castle had been different – it intimidated people with the labyrinth of rooms and the vastness of dark halls. With its immense programme and the appetite for even more activity, the Culture Centre suffocated in the heavy body of the neo-Romanesque edifice.  Hence the need for a change – uncompromising, bold and comprehensive.   obefore the Grand Hall to the rank of central ATRIUM, where all the functions are focused and where the pa... More

NewsNews • 3 Dec 2020

Built form merges with landscape and wharf in a dynamic lakeside proposal

In Tychy, Poland, a wharf on the edge of a popular recreational lake has been transformed with the addition of a new sailing and marina building by RS + Robert Skitek for the local Municipal Youth Sports Centre (MOSM). The first part of the marina was realized for canoe sport. Tomasz Zakrzewski The architects saw the project of an extension of a wharf itself. On the main path of the promenade and right next to the water, the walls of the new building are hidden by raised wooden seats for watching canoe sport. The building is divided into two functional parts – training and storage. These uses are separated yet connected via a common roof and covered with plants.  Other sides of the building are surrounded by green slopes.... More

NewsNews • 29 Oct 2020

Twin apartment concept pays homage to the material heritage of its mountainous context

In Karpacz, Poland, twin apartment structures are located on a 3670 square meter plot in the Wolf clearing district, a popular tourist destination in the mountains. The first apartment building is 336 square meters and contains eight independent apartments while the second volume is 565 square meters and contains seven apartments as well as an underground garage. Designed by Studio de materia, a key design concept was the use of high-quality, low-maintenance materials. Credit: ONI Studio Drawing from the historic architecture of regional wooden mountain shelters and houses from the 19th and early 20th century, the scheme is respectful to its material heritage. A stone plinth forms the base of each apartment and the modern volumes abov... More
Ground floor plan

Project • By PORTHousing


Designer: PORT (http://www.portinfo.pl)Investor: privateFunction: single-family housingArea: 239 m2Project location: WrocławYear: 2018 More

Project • By PORTOffices


The most valuable ideas are created not in the office desk, but far from it. They need inspiration, air and coincidence. The purpose of project was to make friendly space. Good quality of working space is one of the factors which cause that the life is well spend. If we are happy at work, then it’s effects would be better and more useful for everyone. We don’t want to use the term “free time” as that time after work as we do not agree that time spent at work is the one without freedom. We all should work with satisfaction and pleasure from what we are doing.   ProcessDiffernece of levels up to 4 m, heavy trafiic road nearby, parking lot of the biggest shopping mall in the city, cementary on the next parcel and... More

Project • By PORTNurseries

"Little explorers" kindergarten

Children have a drive to be independent and do things on their own. This is a healthy part of normal child development. As children grow, they are able to do more and more tasks. Kids use their 5 senses to discover the world and shape their personality. They absorb surrounding, which affects concentration and harmonious development. Surrounding creates children’s reality, affect knowledge and encourage to develop certain skills. And through all of above makes them happy.   Orange roomUse colors of the earth for the youngest children. Inviting to discover through sense of touch, balance and weight. Help to understand the matter. Green roomReflect the natural environment for the older group. Openings to the garden provides conta... More

Project • By PORTPrimary Schools


Designer: PORT (http://www.portinfo.pl)Investor: KOM FoundationFunction: primary schoolArea: 2 280m2Project location: Milicz, PolandYear: 2017 More

Project • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciPrivate Houses

Flamingo House

2.1 Plot The house was designed on a plot of land located only ~ 1km from the historic center of Żory. From the east it borders with ul. Nice, on the other side of which begins the recreational and park area arranged in the historic area of ​​the former brickyard and stretching to the very center.The plot has a unique terrain. It is very diverse in terms of height. Its highest part runs along the southern border of the plot and drops significantly north along the road and north-west creating a depression there. The height difference on the whole plot is about 5m. 2.2 PLOT LOCATION The building was located in the north-eastern part of the plot in such a way as to obtain a maximum large partition on the southern side of the house. It was p... More