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Project • By SpectrumPrivate Houses

Private house - Lisi

The house perfectly blends with the given context, is tailored to the terrain and aims to create a comfortable environment taking into account the needs of a modern family and their lifestyle. Caption The large, stained glass windows and open staircase provide maximum inflow of natural light into the interior and at the same time allow to enjoy the views of Lisi Lake. Wide terraces are designed to make staying in the fresh air more comfortable. Caption Strict, straight lines and geometrical shapes of the architecture create a modern ambience, that in combination with natural decorative materials sets the ground for cosy, comfortable living. Caption The house takes advantage of the basement where are distributed different... More

Project • By ZDA | Zupelli Design ArchitetturaPrivate Houses

Casa Bona

From the shell of an old barn comes "Casa Bona". The renovation project emphasises the contrast between the aesthetic lines of the existing building and the new construction elements included in the project.  Caption While on the street side the perspective and material continuity of the existing curtain wall has been preserved, in the inner courtyard, between the vertical structures of the original pillars, special windows have been created with essential painted aluminium profiles. Caption Inside, the room is characterised by the presence of double height in the living area, which allows a glimpse of the light-painted wooden roof.All the walls of the home are painted in a soft colour contrasting with the iron staircase, w... More

Project • By KARMAN SrlPrivate Houses

Private Home Bare

In a decorative lighting project for the home, it is necessary to select the most suitable creative designer lamps for the furnishing context. That is because creating a balanced synergy between furnishings and lighting design solutions is fundamental to achieve a final result with a great visual impact.For this design, studied ad hoc for a refined private home in Tel Aviv, some of the Karman lamps with greater aesthetic appeal and technical performance have been chosen. Caption   An airy, spacious and naturally bright home enriched by the unmistakable presence of Karman lamps: solutions with unparalleled charm, extremely versatile and capable of interacting with their surroundings, integrated perfectly with the furnishing scena... More

Project • By BAUMITPrivate Houses

The Small House Goerzer Str

The oak windows carry the natural materials of the rooms to the outside, where they break up the rough finishing plaster façade with mica in the brick walls. Beautiful contrast: The rough surface of the sgraffito and the finer surface of the protruding window edging and felted base surfaces. Caption Caption More

Project • By Wizhevsky ArchitectPrivate Houses


An individual residential building designed in a modern style on an individual order, with a total area of 300 m2. The project uses modern construction technologies and design solutions using a metal frame and monolithic reinforced concrete; multilevel operated flat roofs and terraces are used. The exterior is finished with a remote ventilated façade cladding with large slabs of natural stone, façade wood panels and composite metal sheets. More

Project • By Modern House Architecture & DesignPrivate Houses


Luxury high-tech country house House with a flat roof of variable number of floors with a total area of 750 m2.U-shaped structure forms a courtyard space with a swimming pool.In the exterior decoration used: clinker tiles, facade plaster and wood panels. More

Project • By MosaPrivate Houses

Private house in Vught

Project Private house Vught, published by Mosa. Location: Vught, Netherlands Category: Private House Connect with Mosa for more information More

Project • By KettalPrivate Houses

Santa Anita Private House

Santa Anita is a project developed by Paula Gutierrez Studio. Pink-toned Mesh deckchairs and side tables have been chosen for this pool terrace in Santiago de Chile, with a simple and elegant design, which subtly stand out from the stone wall. The Mesh sofa and four Basket club chairs and are the starring elements in the chill side of the terrace. More

Project • By mode:lina™Private Houses

Slab House

Slab House project came into existence in the suburbs of Poznań on one of many hills surrounding the city. It was not an easy task - architects from mode:lina™ had to inscribe the building’s form into all too steep hill’s slope. As it turned out, the solution was, unexpectedly, childishly easy - recreate LEGO, it’s idea and turn it into reality. Three storeys of the building were separated from one another with even slabs that resemble childrens’ favourite blocks’ construction panels. On the base floor there's a more technical part of the house, along with a garage. This level was covered with constructive slab, allowing for flexibility of upper level planning. The 1st floor has been divided into 5 cubi... More

Project • By zeropixel architectsPrivate Houses

The Feng Shui Stone House

In the area of ​​Apokoronas and more specifically at the village of Gavalochori, in an area outside the settlement with a slight slope, we designed and built a two-level house with a basement and a swimming pool. The house is 511m2 and the construction time is 2019-2020.  The central idea of ​​the house is based on the philosophy and principles of feng shui, as well as bioclimatic design. The central design is by four stone walls of different lengths which divide the house into three areas. Starting from the east ground floor, between the first two stone walls, we have the living room and the dining room and the office upstairs, looking at the double height of the living room. Three orthogonal frames of different shape and size made... More

Project • By MAS arquitecturaHousing

Casa Ciruelo

Ciruelo House is a project developed in an 1184 sqft on a private residential area. It was planned with the idea of having large spaces as well as privacy. A double-height was planned for the living and dining room, which also has a relation with the backyard and pool. Besides, it possesses an inner patio directly related to the master bedroom, which seeks to bring the exterior and interior together, amplifies space and creates peaceful and calming sensations. More

Project • By Sanders Pace ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Calloway Ridge House

The transformation of a 1950’s suburban ranch house began by searching for a property without stylistically based covenants or restrictions common to many of the residential neighborhoods located within the clients targeted area.  After completing an exhaustive search for properties without these limitations an intriguing property with an existing ranch house on an 8-acre ridge-top overlooking the Smoky Mountains became available. Early design studies focused on preserving the shell of the existing building and new spaces were added above and outside of the existing footprint. The additional spaces include a double height public zone overlooking a new pool and courtyard framed by single story pavilions - one for the new master su... More